Cedar Point dropping hints for 2010

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Thanks, Jason. I have a photo taken from the lift, looking down at the station and part of the ride...I just can't remember what site I found it at, lol.

I believe this is taken from the top of the first drop.


That would be the one!

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Thanks Andrew...that's the photo! :)

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OnPoint blog update

So we know it's for 2010, and involves MilF Island (not that surprising really, considering the blog photo of the island that mysteriously disappeared earlier this year [edit: the blog photo disappeared, not the island. ha!]).

And since they specifically say to check facebook and twitter... I'm guessing it's going to be an Aquatrax.

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I really hope it is something like that with a touch of Snoopy fun. It makes sense for it to be a family ride that will fit in with Camp Snoopy which is right across the water.

^^Milf Island? And I thought Millenium Force was the best attraction at CP! ;)

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^Dirty California mind! ;)

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Well yeah, if it's a family attraction, they've gotta include the moms too. :)

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How about a GCI called Cougar? ;)

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Okay, that wouldn't be a bad name for a coaster. Heck, why not call it "El Tigre," "The Jaguar," or if it's for the kids, "Kitty Cat!"

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Moosh and others, I see what you are talking about now. Not midway view, but coaster view. That makes more sense. Ravine Flyer II has a nice view of the Erie beaches for a few moments like this.

Anyways, I still like the Bobsled style coaster. I would like it restored to Avlanace Run, but that is not fidscally or marketing logical. Not to mention the issues with the cars not banking well enough with the double seats. Thus one of the main reasons to make it dark. Anyone, correct me if I am wrong here though... And please, do not say it was Kinzel's wife because when it was open it made to much noise for her. :)

With apologies to whomever I stole this from:

Remember: Cedar Point is a Family Park, not a Park For Making Families.

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Wow, that's a throwback to GTTP from 1999 or something!

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Bill2 said:
Not to mention the issues with the cars not banking well enough with the double seats. Thus one of the main reasons to make it dark.)

What do you mean by this, Bill?


I have not ridden any of the single-width Intamin bobsleds, so I can't compare.

But I always thought much of the rationale for enclosing Avalanche Run had to do with improving the ride's reliability by getting it out of the rain. I don't know how many times I was up there when an early morning shower had the ride cycling empty cars for hours on end trying to get it back to normal, dried out enough for the brakes and kicker wheels to function properly.

Not that the problem was solved, given that roof leaks now cause the same problem. But seriously, it doesn't get nearly as wet now as it did, and it takes a lot more rain to shut it down, and a lot less empty cycling to get it back up again.

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About the Twitter page, I don't understand why the photo is of maverick, but the caption says "Aquatrax". Why would the park label Maverick as Aquatrax? What am I missing?

I wouldn't find a Aquatrax a suitable replacement for Wight Water Landing, by the way. While it is a water ride, Aquatrax is not a log flume.

"Cedar Point is a family park, not a park for making families!" I remember that being a popular thing for ride operators to say over the loudspeaker as early as my first years working there, 1999.

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Dude, that's just the background for their Twitter page.

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Now I know this will make me sound like a coaster tool but....

Yesterday morning on the way to CP my hubby and I passed a huge flat bed truck on 71N that appeared to be hauling things that looked like coaster supports and some more steel parts. I even commented to my hubby it looked like coaster supports and how funny that would be if it was. The color of the stuff was real dark blue - like the (sorry Buckeye fans) Wolverines blue.
Didn't think anything about it until on the way home from CP last night, we passed another flat bed truck carrying the same looking stuff heading on 250W.

I had mentioned that on Facebook all that with the reply "hmmmmm" after.
This morning noticed that CP (T.C?) replied back to that post:
"hmmmm is right"

If that was coaster parts I am so pissed I was driving and didn't get pictures! :(
Or it could be CP doing their usual teasing us???

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No camera? Jo, I don't even know you any more. ;)

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