Cedar Point announces Maverick for 2007

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Cedar Point's new Intamin coaster will combine speed and low curves with a western theme. The lift is powered by LSM motors to 105 feet with a beyond-vertical 95-degree drop. An LSM launch sends the three-car trains out to 70 mph over 4,450 feet of track.

Read more from PointBuzz and Cedar Point.

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6 trains with OTSR....


A good thing for big guys.


Point Cast!!, CP's video pod cast. nice . :)


All of the very nice videos and info. Did Bad Nitros do the POV and other videos?


Answers every question we have been asking for close to a year now.

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Looks like Storm Runner on Steroids, so it should be really fun.

Now we know why they started so early, looks like some extensive themeing.

Kinda looks like something I'd design in RCT with lots of landscape interaction and such. Not that that's a bad thing, I'm always way impressed with myself when I design those rides just right ... which is what this thing seems to be! Should be a good '07 season ... as long as we get past the first 3 months of downtime that is! ;)
The ride looks great, but I just wanted to add that those animations are absolutely incredible. The sound is perfect, and I like the added touch of having some other rides near Maverick being part of the renderings (Skyhawk, Wave Swinger).

My hat's off to whoever did the animation work.


95 degree drop sounds painful when you are thrown against the restraints. Other than that, it sounds like a great ride. Climb and launch like California Screamin'. Horrible unoriginal naming, which is to be expected at Cedar Point.
I think the promo video was very well done. It's so awesome how it approaches the ride with those subtitles. I also really like the page with the stats. It's so cool how when it loads, the track is laid out. This ride will be a very good addition to CP. I'm already looking into making a trip back to my homepark next spring! Nicely done Cedar Point.
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IntaRide is the same thing as Intamin, right? They keep saying the ride was manufactures/developed by IntaRide LLC.

One thing that I am just a WEE little slightly disappointed in, is the lack of theming on the trains. They did the entire coaster with their best theming to date... but only changed colors for each train. Other Intamins in similar style have themed trains to classic cars & such... it would have been cool to see these trains look a little like a horse head on the front, or even a pair with racing legs along the side.

Yea, you gotta tak into account physics & wind resistance/aerodynamics... but it woulda looked cooler, you gotta admit*** This post was edited by DawgByte II 9/7/2006 8:49:55 AM ***

Another great job by Keith on the animation. This ride looks like a ton of fun. Nothing big, nothing earth shattering, just plain, pure simple fun. That is what this hobby is about right? Fun.
Man, this thing looks sweet! And I noticed the manufacturer is based in Glen Burnie, MD, where I live!
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Looks really great, I love the themeing job they are doing on it. Not over the top, but it should fit in great with the rest of the area. Love it, can't wait until next year!
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I absolutely love the water elements. Looks like I'll be returning to CP at some point. Neat-O!

Interesting brake configuration by the way.

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Looks like a blast! I was already planning a CP trip next spring/early summer, and this just clinches it. AND it'll shrink the lines for TTD/MF. A win win.
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Dawgbite, are you forgetting what happened last time Cedar Point added crap on to a coaster train?
Looks like a fun ride. This is the first time I've been excited about a new CP coaster in a long time.
Finally, a terrain coaster at the point that is a bit more thrilling than Iron Dragon and Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

I hope they follow through with their theming. Cedar Point has disappointed me in the past with the lack of maintenance on DT's theming, and Cedar Creek Mine Ride's theme seems to end at the station.

I find the Intamin snug lap bar with roomy OTSR quite comfortable on hills, so I do not share Super7*'s concerns in that respect. However, because of all the tight, high-speed curves, I suspect Maverick will be an arms-down coaster. Trying to ride Maverick with arms up might be more bruising than Storm Runner. (After my last Hersheypark visit, my shoulders looked like I was punch-buggied into submission.)

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What's wrong with the name? I think it's great! Unoriginal? Whatever...

Three car trains...made me think of Avalanch. So what do ya think the chances are of them actually operating this thing to capacity? ;)

Looks like a great ride; possibly the best coaster ever at Cedar Point, until they build a great woodie of course. :)

Too bad no one will know it's there though since they can't see it! ;)

What's disappointing is the color scheme. Yay, more RED INTAMIN TRACK!

Ok Moosh, let me have it ;)

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I was about to say the same thing. Now that we know what it's themed like, I have to ask: why red? Why not brown? Or some sort of rusty gray color? I just don't get it.

It looks like the train almost comes to a stop in the tunnel. I think it will have sort of the same effect that Hulk has on unsuspecting riders. While it is obvious if you pay attention to the ride, you can see it will launch, but if someone is just there with a bunch of friends, they'll never see it coming.

And, 48" height restriction on a coaster with OTSR's? Never heard of another ride that does this.

I think the ride looks great and it should be very fun. I think the theming is very nice, and it's the kind that should not require a ton of maintenance, so hopefully it will last for a while. A few questions:

- What is that structure right after the first drop? Is that a coal chute?

- What's the deal with the second "canyon"? It almost looks unfinished with the metal arches sticking out. Is it supposed to be something else?

- Is anyone else concerned about the quick direction changes and the OTSRs? I really enjoyed Storm Runner, but that last hill before the brake run that suddenly goes right to left gave me a little jolt. Maverick has one of those hills, plus the Stengel dive, I'm just a little worried there could be some head (or neck) banging there. (I'm not too concerned about the inversions, they were all very smooth on SR.)

All in all, definitely not what I expected but looks like a great addition to the park. I know I can't wait to try it!

- Aaron K

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