Can restraints ever unlock during ride?

I always wanted to know if a harnets or bar ever opened up on a ride and you pulled it back down would it lock ornot lock and keep poping open? becuase i did a lil test i rode a jr coaster and left the bar really loss then on the ride tryed pulling it down but it would lock down tighter it just stood the same way. but on other coasters such as batman the ride, medusa etc if you leave the staion loss somhow during the ride the harnest locks down for mantis i had the same thing happen to me like what others. what happend was we where going up the lift hill and i moved to stand up a littel more straight and i pushed up with my shoulders on the harnest and the whole thin (bikeseat,harnest move the bike seat moved up some and the harnest click up on click then locked down two clicks and i just dident wanna move for the rest of the ride. i have a qestion about harnest thou somtimes they seem not to wanna lock down tight for instance this happens alot on the G.A.S.M at SFGAdv it locks but it keeps moving up and down alot leaving me loose but then on the ride it locks down tighter and i come into the staion with the harnest tighter then it was? anyone know why?
If the restraints click on B&M's, they can lock down tighter in the middle of the ride. Sometimes the restraint will lock down tighter because the g forces pushes ur body into the seat more and the restraints click down another notch.
on viper at sfga my friends lap bar popped up on the lift hill but it only took a split second reaction to pull it down
one more qestion if somthing where to happen with the lap bar or harnest opening on the lift would the ride stop? or would it keep going up the lift? and if it where to happen whats a person to do? scream to the top of there lungs pull it back down but what if it dont lock get off the ride? onestly at this point i dont know what i would do if it where to happen it would be a split second reaction on wich i could never think of now. mainly pray to god.
I know that Chance had problems with the first production CHAOS'restraints opening up mid cycle. There apparently was a glitch in the programing. Now it has overrides built into the system so if a restraint comes undone during the ride cycle it brings the ride down immediatly.
oh yea i seen that happen at SFGAdv the restrainet that holds ur legs poped open along with the harnest and then the ride just stoped in mid air then lowered to the ground.
Can restraints ever unlock during ride?

They sure can....When riding the Raven @ HW I take off the seatbelt during the tunnel. I live life in the fast lane;)
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Kong said:
"At Six Flags on Medusa A girls Restraint Flew Open (She was messing with the belt and unlocked it) So A guy in back hadto stand up and lock hers And sit down and Buckle His

Medusa is a floorless coaster. To my knowledge, there is nowhere a person could step on. ALso, if he unbuckled his restraint, wouldnt he have flown off?

Once I was on Medusa (east) and the OTSR opened at the top of the lift. I was so scared i herld my arms up and held it down on top. Fortunatly i only needed it on the zero g roll.
Heres one for everyone:
While I was on Raging Bull my lap bar did fly open thank god I was still in the station! We were about to leave the station and the ops gave the thumbs up and the whole row had the lap bars fly open. So they took us off the ride and they let the train go and when the next train came we went on instead of the people in line. FYI it was the blue train row 9 (back row!!!!!!!!;)
If the ride has a seatbelt, tighten it and enjoy the ride!
If the ride doesn't have a seatbelt...I don't know.

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If i was on a coaster and the lap bar or chest harnest flew open on the lift, i would just hop out except for floorless coasters and millennium force (it just goes up that lift too fast)

Seat belts do NOT make the ride safer. Seatbelts are just for measuring passengers to see if they are too big. My dad worked as a maintenance supervisor at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. He has taken apart all of the roller coaster trains more than once.

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CoasterMaster11 said:
Seat belts do NOT make the ride safer. Seatbelts are just for measuring passengers to see if they are too big. My dad worked as a maintenance supervisor at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. He has taken apart all of the roller coaster trains more than once.

I find it hard to believe that a secondary restraint (ie a seatbelt) doesn’t make a ride safer. Diamondback with the dual restraints has to be safer than Raging Bull with the single restraint. Though neither coaster goes into an inversion, so I don’t know if a seatbelt as a secondary restraint should primary fail on a ride like Demon would really help that much.

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