Can restraints ever unlock during ride?

Wondered if anyone's ever heard of restraints flying open?
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I havent heard of any restraints opening but IMO i think it could happen. If the restraints aren't maintnenced the latch could eventually wear down enough that they could seem locked and they can dispatch the train but negitive g's could force the restraint open. that's just what i think.

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I've heard many, many horror stories about people's lapbars flying up on the first drop of the American Eagle at SFGAm. I don't know if they are true or not.
I believe last year on GTTP someone had their OTSR pop open at the top of Mantis's hill. It may have been two years ago...anyone else from GTTP remember that?
that happened at cedar point when i went memorial day on the mantis. A person's restraint came of and the train jerked back and stopped.
I think B&M standups had a problem with that. They (including Mantis) have seatbelts now.

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Yes, Mantis and Raptor have opened up before (I hope Senator Markey is not listening). PT couldn't do such a thing because the car must be touching something at the bottom to open.
If Millennium Force doesn't go upside-down, then how could Mantis?
PT? What's that?

I don't think it'd be a pretty site if my lap bar opened anywhere on the ride... but if it happened on the lift... like half-way up... do you think that if you screamed bloody-murder, the ride-ops could hear you and stop the ride before it goes?

With just a seat-belt, could you survive the ride successfully w/no injuries?

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When I went on Boomerang the year it opened at Knotts, on the final inversion on the way back the restraints flew open on ME! I just remember pressing against it (this was before I put my hands up everytime) and snapped forward three positions, then opened entirely! The RO's completely flipped out when the train came back! They asked me when it happened, and the ride was shut down for most of the day. When it did start up there was tape over that seat! It always makes me think twice everytime I see a seat taped off on a ride since!
PT is the Power Tower. I always get scared thinking that it will open during the ride.
Anyway what is IMO?
Man that really freaks me out. That is why though most rides are starting to have seat belts with the ride.
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You could successfully ride, without any injuries.

yeah, I survived, I didn't even feel that scared since it happened near the end. I really didn't feel like I was going to come out. If it happened on say, a zero-g roll or heartline roll on a B&M there could be problems, since you usually fly right into the restraints on some of those. But yeah the seatbelts seem to be a good backup. Hey, I noticed on Medusa (West) there are two seatbelts on certain seats, while most have one. Is it like that on any other B&M floorlesses?
Yeah, someone PLEASe tell us why there are two seat belts on one particular seat on mots B&M inverters. Dueling Dragons, is a ride i have particularly noticed as well as others. There must be a reason
The reason there are two seatbelts is that they are designed for the larger riders. Having the seatbelts closer to the side of the restraint and not directly in the center gives the riders that little bit to allow them to fit on the ride.
YES! you figured it out, I even noticed them switch bigger riders into those seats sometimes. Makes more sense now.
On Alpie @ BGW someone said that the OTSR restraint poped open, but the seatbelt kept it close to the rider. They said the censors caught the train on the mid-course brake. I highly doubt this happened.

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on Shockwave @ sfgam my otser popped open on the turn before the chain i was sh*ting in my pantz but the rideops saw it and stopped the ride i was relieved they saw that because it wasnt locking and i probally would have died!!!!!!
my top 5 coasrers @ sfgam:
1)v2(probally DEJAVU ifit would ever open)
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djansi said:
"Hey, I noticed on Medusa (West) there are two seatbelts on certain seats, while most have one. Is it like that on any other B&M floorlesses?"

On BKF at SFWoA there is.

"Welcome back Raptor riders. How was your flight?"
at SFNE, on Mind Earser, the restraint opened durng the ride and the kid was freakin out

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