BooBuzz 2009: September 19

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Saturday, September 19... BooBuzz 2009 at Cedar Point. Save the date! Details to follow...

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Is that the first day of Haloweekends?

You picked a great time to have it. Last year we went on the first day and it was so cool. Great weather that evening and we were able to do all of the Hallowe'en stuff. Not like in October when there was 2 + hour lines for everything. Do you think maybe we could get a behind the scenes tour of one of the haunted areas? Looking forward to BooBuzz 2009... thanks for putting this together Jeff.

But isn't this going to be too close to HW's Fall Affair?? ;)

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I am new to this club! Could you fill me in about Boo Buzz?

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There is no Fall Affair this year. (EDIT: Actually there is... but this is a very old post.)

I'll ask about the haunted houses... that's a good idea. After posting the video last year on PointBuzz showing CornStalkers and Club Blood, there seems to be a lot of interest.

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Or even if you could arrange an ERT on Cornstalkers or one of the indoor houses before they opened for the night would be pretty sweet.

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I'm intrigued by the earlier date.

It was announced that September 19th is the date of PointFest which I guess is a Christian music festival.

The one that this group does at KI is insanely busy. So much for having a cool day at the opening of HW and BooBuzz :(

^^Jeffy's changed the BB dates before!

But I think the bottom line is expecting a non-busy Saturday during HW is just unrealistic anymore. The moderate crowds of Saturday, Sept., 15th 07 are over! :(

Sept 12th 2008 the park was empty. That evening we walked on every ride and waited for only one haunted area (Corn Stalkers 20 minutes queue).

^ That was the best day at Cedar Point we've ever had! We got to the park right at 5. They were letting everyone including GP in (which should have been a sign the park would be quiet!). Raptor was a walk-on and the line for both Millennium Force and Maverick were five minutes or less for non-front row seats! However, that was on a Friday, so that almost makes this point moot, but it was a great day at the Point :-)

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I think having BooBuzz on the 19th is better than any weekend in October despite any music festival. October has been so ridiculously crowded in recent years.

Remember too that KI has most of their big music events during July and August instead of September after school has started.

oops I mis-spoke, it was September 13th (Saturday) that we were there.

I have never been to Cedar Point. However, I first experienced Holliday World last fall during the Fall Affair and had a blast! Is this a good time to attend? The reason I ask is that I looked back in the forum and noticed last year that it was insanely crazy. If my wife and I go we would want to experience most of the rides and not have 2+ waits, because we have never been there before. Also is there going to be ERT on multiple rides, because I know when we attended Holiday World we had ERT on all 3 coasters? Thanks for the information.

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BooBuzz has been different every year. We've had crazy attendance some years and light other years. But every year, the ERT has been pretty insane. Diana and I did 12 laps on Maverick in the morning, and half of those were without getting up.

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BooBuzz has always been a blast! I got my 1st rollback on TTD during our morning ERT. Never will forget that-everyone had winter coats, gloves and hats on!

Something came up last year (horse show I think or maybe PBR in town) and we couldn't make it. Not going to be like that this year! :)


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Out of pure curiousity,

Do you guys pay Cedar Point for ERT and what not? Or how does that all happen?

How does putting an event like this happen money wise? Do you make profit? Maybe I shoulda done a seperate thread


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This particular event is promoted by us but run entirely by Cedar Point. Typically with events that I have to collect money for, there's a little extra to pay for the credit card discount fees, name tags, etc.

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Jeff, is BooBuzz a CoasterBuzz event, or a general coaster entuziast event like CoasterMania?

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It is a CoasterBuzz event. Typically we've had a one guest per member arrangement, but we haven't settled on that yet. Once Coastermania is out of the way, we'll likely firm things up then.

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