Batman & Robin: The Chiller - SFGADv Deconstruction??

Well, after browsing some fan sites I stumbled across these pics of B&R:TC being deconstructed or possibly getting some work done on it? What's going on? Someone care to fill me in on this as I cant find any topic regarding this.


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Rumor is they are just removing the heartline roll, but it was also rumored the whole ride was being removed at one time. Apparently the lighter lap bar-only trains tend to get stuck in the heartline rolls when a roll-back occurs. Hopefully they'll just make slight modifications and get that thing open. I will actually go back to SFGAdv if it means I finally get to ride this interesting coaster.

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Damn.. I was hopeing to make a visit down to NJ this summer JUST for The Chiller(if it was open) not for Kingda Ka, El Toro or anything else(Well yeah them too, but B&R:TC have ALWAYS facinated me even though I've never ridden them and THAT would be my reason for visiting SFGADv.. that coasters a legend in my books)

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Perhaps this is an attempt to fix the ride so it can actually open and give rides this year?

Seems like a weird place to start a removal and makes sense as both a fix or a track replacement as that seems to be the main problem area.

Either way seems a better choice than leaving it sit there to rust like it has in some capacity so many of the previous seasons.

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Fixing and re-fixing and re-fixing the ride(s)'s like SF's version of Sonny....LOL!

The difference? For awhile there, GAdv had the most exciting *moment* in steel coasterdom. Once those OTSR's came off, hell broke loose in those heartlines...and it was gooooood. Scary? Most DEFINITELY!

Can't even imagine what this is going to would they "tweak" the heartlines to make them negotiable by the trains? Wondering if it just wasn't the best place to begin complete deconstruction....kinda afraid that might prove to be the case... :-/

Since no one else said it yet...

If they remove the heartline, does it count as another credit? 2? :) ;)

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Well considering it's almost always closed, I'd assume you couldn't get another credit unless you're one of the few who got the first credit
Well, you could count two credits for the original coaster, two more for the coaster without the OTSR's and two more for the ones without the rolls. Six credsits WHOOOHOOOOO!
I think they are just modifying the rolls. IF you look at the picture only half the heartline rolls are gone. I think they might be making them an easier transition.

Those rolls can get quite rough on that coasster (yes I have ridden it)

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When Chiller actually was fully functional, did they ever launch both sides simultaneously on a regular basis? That would be a really cool visual.

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I believe I remember both sides launching at the same time during the first season it operated.

Rumor (local legend) has it that it caused many a power problem when they did, so they went to alternating sides. Not saying it's true just what has been floating around about why they don't launch both sides at the same time.

Watch the tram car please....
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Here is my queston. Do you think Six Flags is spending more money for all the maintenance it has required in previous years or is it making more of a positive contribution to the parks success? It's only a question. ;)

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Well I don't have the OTSR credits, but I do have both sides with lapbars. As for launching both.. I never saw them both launch at the same time, but I've seen them have both sides open, and basically launch one while they're loading the other. It wasn't too long ago, either... maybe 2003 - 2004. I heard the same murmorings from a friend in college who worked there in games - if they launch both at the same time, it'll cause power issues elsewhere in the park and e-stop some other rides.

It's a really fun ride, and I always like hearing comments like "That looks like the track just ends. Are they finished building it?" or "why don't they put a second train on to make the line go faster" (spoken seriously)

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^^Nahh,I think SF is just finding creative ways to spend the remaining cap ex budget on something other than new rides for the parks that need them.

Rather than spending more money on rides other than the two spinners & the three expansions they want to spend the rest on paintjobs or retracking seems like SF under Shapiro is really not gonna be any different than SF was under Burke's control IMO.

You mean like SFA, right? Because you know, years of experience have taught us that roller coasters, not flat rides, improved operations and a better atmosphere are the thing that REALLY pulls in the crowds.


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They DID indeed both launch simultaneously as evidenced in the promo commercial for the ride that I saw with my own two eyes. I also heard that they did it only for the commercial as it did for a fact wreak havoc with the power grid in Jackson County.
From what ive heard is that actually there was a part taken from the chiller that was put on one of the mr freeze rides early on and that is why they cant launch together anymore.

But that is just a rumour.

Anyway. A lot of people are interested in this coaster. I am glad they are trying to save it.

I would rather this one get saved then a new one get built wich we dont need.

Why weren't the trains able to negotiate the track?

I think you're close majortom, I think it's that Batman's upper LIMs were raided to keep Robin running. Am I completely off on that one?

If they really do take out the heartlines, I'm sure not waiting in the crazy lines for an unimpressive ride at that point. The heartlines are what made Chiller an amazing ride. Other than that, the launch is relatively weak (especially compared to other in-park launches), the height is nothing special, the inversion is done on another coaster in the park (assuming they'll still only run Robin) ... why keep it standing? There's a lot more you can do with that land and the operating budget that I'm sure is out of control.

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Impulse-ive said:I think you're close majortom, I think it's that Batman's upper LIMs were raided to keep Robin running. Am I completely off on that one?

That's the same song I heard...the lyrics, anyway.... ;)

Hopefully, they'll be replacing the heartlines with ones that WON'T valley the train....I have to hope! :)

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