Any Michigan's Adventure news?

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~BRIAN~ said:

"The four elements
Only one will master
Summer, please come soon"

Windseeker with fire and water effects.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

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Maybe something like the Adventure mountain ropes course at Dollywood. That would be cool.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Ride! lol

^^Doesn't that actually exist?

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Well, it did. It was rethemed to Snoopy something something a few years ago, (dammit).

But if you know anything about the show, which I don't expect anyone to know, my comment was quite clever. The Avatar is the only one who can master the four elements, and bring peace to the world. It was really a great show, and skimmed over some pretty dark material for a kid's cartoon.

Only ever saw a few episodes, but I loved the ones I saw.

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Maybe it's a Master Blaster water coaster.

Dinsosaurs Alive or Planet Snoopy? ;-)

Well the announcement's tomorrow. Any last guesses? I'm gonna say some kind of waterpark attraction or hopefully some kind of path behind wolverine wildcat.

Great news and a great fit for the park.

Now can we talk location?

Is it too much to hope the Sea Dragon is relocated so the scooters can fly out over the water?

BTW, Michigan has been without a Flying Scooter since 1981 - when Detroit's Edgewater Park was auctioned off.

[Edit: Ooops. Forgot that Boblo Island was open into the early 90s. That would be the last Flying Scooter in Michigan.]

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It's funny...I had a dream last night about Shivering Timbers. I have frequent dreams about coasters and parks. The one thing that's always struck me odd about them (when I can remember any details) is that the park and rides NEVER look as I know them to look in real life. But this may be the first time I had a dream I remember a little that took place in a park/on a ride I've never been to/on.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Yep. I occasionally have coaster dreams as well, and the layout of the park and/or ride is never remotely close to reality. In one of my MF dreams, the ride had something like 6 different stations.

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I had one where Volcano sat out in the median on I-95.

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That's funny, I had a dream a long time ago where parts of King Kobra and Rebel Yell protruded from the woods alongside, nowhere near KD.

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