Any Michigan's Adventure news?

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I just paid a visit to the Michigan's Adventure website, and the only new thing I noticed is that admission, parking, and locker rental have gone up by $2.00.

Admission is now $28.00, Parking is $10.00, and locker rental has increased to $12.00. (with the $6.00 beagle buck, which still ends up with $12.00 spent, or more depending on what you use the beagle buck for.) Makes me wonder what other prices in the park have gone up, as if food there isn't already expensive enough.

So. Does anyone know if there is going to be anything new in the park this year? To justify the price hikes? I thought the whole Beach Party thing last year, was another let down. The park does not need any more water themed attractions. What the park needs is thrill rides, which it greatly lacks. I didn't go to the park last year, because it has not offered any new reasons to visit.

I hope they don't do the dinosaur thing. I heard that is a seperate attraction, and I will not be paying $30.00 extra to see it. No thanks.

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Well I think part of it is the new Cedar Fair CEO. I know there was rumors he was going to raise admission and season passes (I'm not sure if that ever happened though). Also if they did get Dinosaurs Alive!, it would only be an extra $5 to see it.

Cedar Point will always be The Roller Coaster Capital of the World, regardless of the number of coasters they have.

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Shivering Timbers was in top form last June. You missed out!

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Timber-Rider said: rental has increased to $12.00. (with the $6.00 beagle buck, which still ends up with $12.00 spent, or more depending on what you use the beagle buck for.)

Unless MIA is radically different than other CF parks, they should give you change when you pay with Beagle Bucks. I've used a $5 beagle buck strip to buy a 50 cent sucker. I was given $4.50 cash in change.

If you're a season pass holder, you could put the six beagle bucks towards a locker rental on your next visit. If you're a Platinum Pass holder you can use the beagle bucks from MIA at any other CF park (within the same season).

Most CF parks charge $10 before deposit for an all day locker (Dorney is $15 before deposit). SF waterparks charge $12 and give nothing back. Schlitterbahn KC charges $6 before deposit. With that in mind I think MIA's locker rates are pretty reasonable espciallys if one takes into consideration that most seem to visit to enjoy the waterpark.

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Thanks for the heads up o the Dinosaurs alive. I don't think Michigan's Adventure would ever add anything like that, but I heard somewhere that $30.00 was the upcharge fee for the Dinosaurs at Kings Island, but, I could be wrong. $5.00 sounds a lot better, but, I think it would be a lot better if it were included with your park admission.

As for WOF guy, your comment about getting a 50 cent sucker in the park is amazing, since a smoothie is over $9.00. how did you find such a deal? I'm just being sarcastic of course, as candy is probably the only thing edible in the park that doesn't come with a huge sticker price.

Also, I still think Cedar Fair should seriously look at the vast difference between MA and it's other parks. just because it is a chain park, doesn't mean it has to be chain priced. Especially considering that their parks that have similar fees to MA have tripple the entertainment value, where MA is a small park in the middle of nowhere.

Every time I visit the park I see more jaws drop than at any other park I have been to. I know I have made this argument before, but, with MA it just seems to keep getting worse, with little or nothing new to get that excited about. I used to love my home park, but, now I can no longer afford to go there.

I would rather save my money and go to Cedar Point or Great America. They are high priced, but they are worth it.

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Shivering Timbers was in top form last June. You missed out!

New for the 2012 season.... ummm well nothing , but! Timbers is bringing it this year.

Thunderhawk was a pretty big addition to the park and its actually an SLC that is enjoyable to ride (at least when it was at GL).

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

If MiA got a Dinobore attaraction, it would have to be located out in a field. There are very few mature trees at MiA to hide an attraction like this.

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I have been talking with friends on facebook, and they agree with me that Michigan's Adventure is pricing itself out of a lot of their guests reach. A good majority of local people, who pretty much made the park what it is today, are saying they would rather save their money and go somewhere else. But, I don't think the park cares.

I don't see how they are going to attract more families to a park, when it costs a family of five over $130 just get in. Not to mention the cost of food, locker rentals, and the other endless fees they keep adding year after year. I'm kind of lucky, because I don't have kids, so I don't have to pay the huge amounts of money that families have to dish out just for one day the park, which can be very disappointing if it is busy.

A lot of my friends are like me, and they don't understand why the prices at Michigan's Adventure are so ungodly high? A lot of them don't know that MA is part of the Cedar Fair chain, so when I explain it to them they go...OH! That sucks! So we are basically funding the entire Cedar fair chain, and not just the park. And, probably all the huge amounts of money that Michigan's Adventure is making is going into a pool to pump up the other parks, instead of reinvesting that money locally. Which is probably true.

The biggest complaints from people I know, is having to pay to park the car, and the sticker shock on food, which is very high priced. Someone suggested going to the buffet. That was a complete joke. All they had was hot dogs, burgers, and different kinds of salads. For $14.00 not including the drink. We went in there to look, and there was little or no food choice at all, and a sunday bar that was out of order. I asked the girl who was working there, and she said we usually have a larger selection during peak season. So, basically you charge the same price for less, depending on what time of year it is? That's crazy, so we skipped that. You can't get any regular full meal in the park for under $12.00, and a glass of pop with no lid is $3.95 or higher. So, I got the refill souvinir cup for 5.95 with my beagle buck from the $10.00 locker.

But, they tried to sell me an all day drink wristband for $9.95, but you can't use the souvinir cup for the drink. how stupid is that. I went with a couple groups of people in 2010, and even though they thought the park was fun, they said they wouldn't go back with me again, because it costs too much.And in 2012, it's going to cost even more, with nothing at all new to justify it. Sad.

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I have been on Shivering Timbers hundreds of times since it opened, unless, it has smoothed to brand new condition, without the teeth rattling in the swoop turn and Helix, I don't think I am missing that much. But, I did enjoy the Wildcat for the first time in years, after they smoothed out some of the roughness. Now if they would add a second train, and end the 2 hour waits, it might be worth getting in line. But, just so you know, I never wait for the widcat if the line is long. I'll just ride Shivering Timbers all day.

But, the park must know that they can't bank on a handful of major attractions to keep them going forever. Shivering Timbers, Thunderhawk, and the Wildcat is about all there is. The rest of the coasters are tame at best. No form of entertainment, and zero thrill rides, I just don't see the logic behind the pricing. If I was in management there. I would cut prices drastically, and give people a reason to go there again.

Well one thrill ride. the Funnel of Fear. But seriously nothing else, that you don't have to pay extra for.

Acoustic Viscosity said:

Shivering Timbers was in top form last June. You missed out!

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Timber-Rider said:
I have been talking with friends on facebook, and they agree with me that Michigan's Adventure is pricing itself out of a lot of their guests reach.

And yet it has a higher profit margin than any park in the chain.

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They should add a petting zoo, since Michigan's Adventure orignally began as one.

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Knative07 said:
They should add a petting zoo, since Michigan's Adventure orignally began as one.

I have a feeling that this may happen as early as 2013. It would be with mechanical dinosaurs instead of animals, and I'm not sure anyone gets to pet them, but it's close enough to the original suggestion.


Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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How in God's name is 28 dollar admission pricing itself out of anything?

That's barely a dinner at a good restaurant.

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I paid almost that much for a burger last week :-/.

That's barely a dinner at a good restaurant.

It's not even close to a dinner at a good restaurant. But, the original comment comes from the same person who thought the Olive Garden and Panda Express were world class, so YMMV.

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You got ripped off, Josh. I can get a really good burger and fries, and a drink, at Steak 'n' Shake for less than 10$ ;)

Edited. took out an "a" and a "d".

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Geez LK, you got ripped off too. You can get a burger, fries, and a drink from MickeyDee's for $3, plus tax on the drink.


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Lol. I said "really good" burger, but I totally get your point.

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I was far from ripped off. First, it wasn't on the menu so I had no idea it was a $20 burger. Second, it was almost 1lb of Waygu beef. With how thin the crappy Steak and Sh** burgers are, it'd take quite a few of them to reach that weight. Third, it was at a local establishment where my money stays in the city and actually goes into crafting more quality food.

It's all in what you like. :)

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