Another Hersheypark story on local NBC news

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Did anyone else download RIT's Propulsion Dynamics study?

It alludes to Storm Rummer, particularly it's launch system. I think we may be looking at an Intamin launch coaster.

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It also mentions 2004 which is the year that SR was put in.

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They also mention "creek bed" several times. They're not going to be able to actually do anything in/under the existing channel or accumulate material like they show in the sketch (unless they find natural gas there, but that's another topic).

Any significance to the white dwarf particle mentioned? First thing I thought of was a grain of salt.

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Have they shown any pictures of a certain red fish yet? ;)

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What's with the significance of the picture (the dots...some light grey some dark grey) on the cover of the study? Bottom right cover.

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You made me go back and look at that again. What the heck is that? Connect the dots?

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The dark grey ones look like they form the Big Dipper.... also known as the Great Bear.

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YES! I subconsciously knew that, but it took you to point it out for me to realize that.

Is anyone here more familiar with the lesser-known constellations? The lighter gray dots could be another one. I've been staring for a few minutes now. I can't figure it out.

LK, lucky for you I have a Miller Planisphere, which lets you see all the constellations that show on a given night and time. It looks like the dots on the report correspond to the entire constellation called Ursa Major. The part we know as the Big Dipper is just a portion of the overall constellation.

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So an obscure reference to a B & M invert on the front cover of the first study.

I've been guessing a 4-d B & M...let's see what the next one reveals.

And why is clay so significant? Hmm.

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Thanks RGB.

I still suspect that it will be a B&M, just because it seems logical with the layout of the park somehow. Two GCI's on one end, two Intamin's in the middle, and two B&M's on the other end. Just a prediction and observation.

However the layout says Intamin to me, because of the supports that hold up the lift hill; that is if we can assume that the plans we have seen are not fake. I wouldn't be surprised if they were fake, except that it follows all of the rumors of ride placement we have heard so far.

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The only thing that caught my eye in that letter were:

Fly hundreds of feet through the trees?

Haley's Comet?

I get launched coaster from previous clues, so could we be looking at the worlds first launched B&M flying coaster? That sounds too far fetched to me.

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Just skimmed this (and admittedly didn't look at any of the material, just posts in this thread) and you guys know how I hate these kind of marketing campaigns, but I think you're reading way too much into it. Usually the clues are a lot dumber than anyone here is giving credit for.

My guess is that the Ursa Major constellation on the cover and the mention of Haley's are just referencing the new coaster's proximity to Great Bear and Comet - as Ursa Major is the Great Bear and Haley's Comet is, well, you know, a comet.

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Yeah. I'm starting to not want to pay attention too. It's a lot of effort for such a little payout, and seems like a waste of time. I could just read what Lance says about the new coaster on Screamscape.

I personally think the marketing is somewhat brilliant. The purpose of marketing is to create buzz and awareness. It seems to me that they have been somewhat successful, since they have made the local news with the story, which is touching the GP (besides us enthusiasts).

I read through the site and the study and agree that much is still speculation at this point. Gonch's point is probably spot-on with the location comment.

Here is what I am wondering; if it were a B&M and it was going to open next year, would the B&M track plant outside of Cincy be making track by now? If so, I don't think there have been any of those 'unknown track' reports that surface on the web yet.

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God save SooperDooperLooper. The world won't be the same with out you, Revolution's smaller but stronger younger brother!

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I did hear somewhere that SooperDooperLooper is in danger of being removed soon. I hope it's just a rumor though.

LostKause said:
I did hear somewhere that SooperDooperLooper is in danger of being removed soon. I hope it's just a rumor though.

I hope it stays. It was my first inversion, on a school class trip in 1977. I'll never skip it when I'm there.

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Good gosh, that's my favorite coaster at the park (though I haven't visited since before Fahrenheit opened).

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