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Jeff, Carrie, Mike and Gonch review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Coasting For Kids at the Cedar Fair parks was a big success! We raised more than $62,000 this year.
  • Ouimet says all the right things, and Gonch is in "like" during this dating phase.
  • Jeff gives Windseeker a big thumbs up, really enjoyed the ride.
  • Ed Markey ups rhetoric as family of Darien Lake accident victim mourns. When will this guy go away?
  • Lawsuit delivered to Darien Lake over the fatality, not surprisingly.
  • Harry Potter bonus hours offered to people who see the midnight showing of the final film at Universal Orlando. Excellent marketing effort!
  • LA Times writer visits Kennywood, one of our favorites.
  • California Adventure rehab continues, the entrance is done. Mike was there last weekend, says there are a lot of workarounds to get to stuff. Little Mermaid is his favorite ride.
  • Geauga Lake Big Dipper: Yes, there are still interested parties.
  • Mother claims discrimination against her daughter with Down Syndrome at Dorney, who was prohibited riding.
  • Couple gets stuck on a slingshot ride in Dallas. Jeff wouldn't ride it. Mike wouldn't because he's cheap.
  • Bad Illinois cop gets busted at Michigan's Adventure for being a drunk idiot.
  • Six Flags posts excellent gains. So where is the bad economy? Carrie hit Six Flags America and Great Adventure.
  • "Marriage is so gay" shirt causes great controversy at Dollywood.
  • You can still donate to the Coasting For Kids 2011 effort! Help us raise money for Give Kids The World. Donate today!
  • The Fall Affair at Holiday World will be September 17, 2011. Also, BooBuzz is Friday, October 7. Get the details!
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