Worst Puke Stories at an amusement park

What are your worst puke stories at an amusement park?
Riding Blue Streak at CP. It was the last set of bunny hills and someone spewed. Luckily, (for us) we had a big guy in front of us that took the blows. The car smelled like year -old Pepsi when we got off.
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Sometime in the early 90's my family and I went to SFGAm and were waiting in line for Sky Whirl. Someone puked on the ride and it landed right beside where we were waiting.

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Well, here's one that involves another bodily fluid...

The year the Wave Swinger premiered at Kennywood, a woman in the swing in front of me had an incontinence problem, and peed herself, trickling on my brand new Rebok Pump high tops.

I swear, it's true!

I have a story with yet another bodily fluid involved. One guy sitting in front of me on The Big One at Blackpool had really bad hay fever...
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Well, hmmm....hmmmm.. This is a gross one. I used to operate the Super Round-up at The Enchanted Forest Amusement Park when it was open in Chesterton, IN. If you are all familiar with where the controls are on this ride, then you know where the puke lands when someone blows their cookies. Anyway, this big woman was on my machine and my load person was sitting right beside me when all of a sudden I felt something wet hit the right side of my face and I turned to see where it had come from and as soon as I turned, we got hit with spew face on. It was really disgusting.

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My Grandmother was riding a Ferris Wheel when a woman above puked on her head.

My girlfriend puked on my foot on a Wipeout

I have lots of puke stories. One of my most frustrating was when I was a new ride supervisor and was working the night shifts, everyone and their mother seemed to be puking in my area. I finished cleaning a couple "puddles" at the Flying Coaster and I get a call for Mind Eraser. I made it past the photo booth, when I see a girl puking a big pile on the path. So not knowing what to say, I told her that first aid was right around the corner. I then put the spilltrol on it and headed toward the ride and found another big pile. I was sad that night.

The worst I had was with another supervisor and some managers. It was at the teacups and the mess was huge, the saucer of the cup had a fluidy mess at least 1.5" deep. It took all of us awhile to tackle that one.

My most recent worst was at the Round Em Up, or tilt a whirl as most know it. The pile was a thick orange-red liquid that smelled very strong, I think it included chicken. I had to stop halfway through to get more supplies and after I cleaned the car, I had more to clean when we turned its brakes off and moved it up. It took me a good 30-45 minutes on that one.

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Well, here's my most recent one, which is the one that disgusted me the most since it actually got on me.


I saw my fair share of it working at Raptor. Funniest was when the guy retched all over himself waiting on the runway. He was laughing so hard about it after, I'm still not sure why.

I think even worse than Puke Stories are AFR stories (Accidental Fecal Release). I remember having a pool of it all over the platform on AARC day one year. It just started to run down the leg as the disabled woman was being helped out of the car. Gross stuff. Deck brushes and lots of disinfectant that day.

1.. Many years ago I actually saw someone hurl on the upsidedown part of the corkscrew on the Corkscrew.

2. After riding Magnum this kid ran for the can in the station exit and as he thrust his head into the side of the can to spew, he totally smashed the bridge of his nose on the opening..........I felt bad, but I laughed the whole way down the exit ramp.

The funniest one I ever saw was when we were on Cajun Cliffhanger at SFGam. For those that don't know this is a old rotor ride where you spin while standing and you stick to the wall and the floor drops down.

Well this girl about ten or so with long hair is across from me. She turns her head sideways and just lets it loose. It sticks to the wall and in her hair. The op didn't even notice till everone starts yelling at him to stop the ride.

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This one's gross...

I was at Unload 3 on Mantis (rows 6, 7, and 8) and this guys pulled into the station covered covered in vomit. As he was unfastening his seatbelt, a guest in row 1 ran out of the station. Apparently, the guest in row 1 thew up sometime during the ride (i'm guess at the top of the loop) and it all splattered all over the guy in row 8 at the bottom of the loop. It was sick...looked kinda like watered down scrambled eggs.

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I was on the Wipeout at Kennywood. It was the first time I ever rode it and I didn't know that those spin-and-puke rides would actually make me puke. Well, I got off the ride and wasn't feeling good. I got to the area by the West View Pizza Plaza in Lost Kennywood and spewed into the lagoon. My puke just floated there and my friends and I got a real good laugh out of it.

Then, my friends and I were wainting in line for the bumper cars at Kennywood. There was about 16 of us. My buddies Jimmy, Brandon and I were at the front of our group and there was a little girl, no more than about 5, and her mother in front of us. All of a sudden, the girl starts pulling at her mom's pant leg and screams "Pee pee mommy!" The next thing we know, the little girl peed herself. Then, the mother picks her up and flings her over the railing to her dad that was on the other side. The pee that was dripping down her legs flew off her leg and hit Brandon in the face. Everybody cracked up. The sad thing is Brandon was like, what just happened. I still don't think he knew that was pee that hit his face.

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i was at dorney park in june 2 years ago. we had paused before going on talon again by the top spin. as we were watching the ride cycle through, it got to the part where the gondola is held upside-down at the top of the arc. well, this girl decided to puke then. the puke fell like a waterfall to the ground... but she wasnt done yet. as the ride began flipping over and over, she puke again. she let it go in the upside down part and by the time the gondola was right side up, the puke hit her right in the face, and the faces of other riders in her area. very disgusting but hilarious to watch. a small child exited the ride crying and it was quite a mess for the ops.

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WheelBarrow - you have no idea. That was a pain to clean up. I was operating Hang Time when that happened. As I was reading your post, I just started getting flashbacks!

While on the topic of disgusting ones I've cleaned up personally.. in prior days, I operated the Skyscraper. There were these 2 kids, each barely making the height requirement, pretty slim. Strap them in, start the ride. No big deal. Next 2 people, strap in - start the ride. This kid shouts "STOP THE RIDE! I THREW UP." So I do my best to stop the ride, which was almost full speed already at that point. Now, when he said he threw up - he didn't. He regugitated about 3 times his body weight. There was a pile of puke all over his chest, with a nice 3" thick pile on his lap. The worst part was that we had to reach INTO that mound of half-digested food to unclip the straps. Between the 3 of us that were there at the time leaving to take breaths off the platform, it took us about 10 minutes to get him out. Then, we had to close the straps empty so we could [slowly] bring the other side around and get the people off. In the end, it took us about an hour and 45 minutes to properly clean the ride, including those wonderful cloth straps. *** Edited 12/16/2004 5:23:18 AM UTC by dannerman***

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o i apologize then. :) i can only imagine

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Hey, you weren't the one who spewed all over my ride, no worries.

Besides, I look at it as training for future fatherhood. After what I've cleaned up, there is *NOTHING* that can come out of a child that I wouldn't be able to handle.

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Ah yes, something you want to read right after breakfast. ;-)

The one that comes to mind is my first time on Raging Bull. We went directly to the back seat. Right as the train was entering the station some kid just hurled.......ugh

Anyway, they spent about 15 minutes cleaning it up, and let the train "dry run" for about 3 or 4 times.

Luckily we got the 2nd train anyway.

It was just nasty, and the smell.................

And I remember some dude hurling right as we were exiting Flight of Fear at PKI. He barely missed my shoes.

Wussies. lol.


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