World's Largest Loop?

I was trying to find out the largest loop on a roller coaster and I got really confused really fast. Most searches say that SOB is the worlds fastest loop. Others say that Viper of SFMM is the highestest. I can't seem top find the largest diameter, like Chang or Medusa. Does anybody know what it is? I just wanted to know what loop has the largest diameter, not counting how high it is off of the ground.
I don't know if it's the largest, but the one on Superman Krypton at Fiesta Texas is pretty big, something around the 120ft mark?

I just found out that Dominator at Geauga Lake is 135 feet. Is that the largest?
I would guess Hulk, but thats just off of sheer remeberance of my trip there, I've got no stats to prove it.


I'm pretty sure that hulk doesn't have the worlds largest loop. I do know that it has the world's tallest cobra roll. I think its 110 ft high ar somewhere close to that.
I'm almost positive that it's B:KF/Dominator.
That's what I thought. Looks like Dominator is it then. Thanks for the help. :) *** Edited 12/17/2004 2:05:10 PM UTC by dr_pepper_PhD***
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Yeah... Batman-Knight-Flight-Dominator has the largest at 137' Unless There have been others built recently with larger ones.
Dominator holds the record? Huh. No wonder it tops my list of the best vertical loop! I'm suprised they didn't try to market that fact; they boasted about it being the longest floorless (at opening), why not the largest loop?

Impulse-ive said:
I'm almost positive that it's B:KF/Dominator.

And I'm almost positive it's Superman Krypton-- somewhere in the 140-150 foot range. BTW RCDB has it at 114 feet--definately wrong.

I thought S:KC's was in the same category as Viper SFMM - the loop's not the widest "diameter", but it's higher off the ground.

Um, last time I looked, RCDB is rarely wrong, except on new installations. Perhaps for once in your life, it's you that's wrong, hmm? Nah, couldn't be that.

You can see pretty distinctly how far S:KC's loop is off the ground in this picture, as opposed to B:KF's, in this picture.

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Acording to RCDB, Krypton is 168 ft tall, and Dominator is 157. Both have a first drop into a loop. You do the math.

Having worked for SFWoA, while Batman was under construction it had the largest loop, and we probably would have used that fact in our advertising, if it weren't for the fact that Superman: Krypton Coaster was going to open before our's in 2000. *** Edited 12/17/2004 4:17:25 PM UTC by Fun***

Actually, I have debated this topic many times before, back when I first rode SKC.

It is my honest opinion that RCDB is indeed incorrect and SKC holds the record, with a loop somewhere in the 140-150 ft range. I have come to this conclusion after riding both, and observing them complete the inversion many times.

SKC falls from a height of 168 ft, while Dominator falls from 148 Ft. The loop is the first inversion on both rides, so both are at their fastest speed before entering the element. Dominator definitely has a higher speed through the loop, and is more intense. The only way I can explain this is if Dominators loop is indeed smaller, especially since it is 20 ft. shorter.

The only thing I never understood is if SKCs loop is actually the tallest loop in the world, why not use that? Seems to me that it could be a great marketing tool.

Anybody actually know for sure?

I thought that the turnaround before the actual dive on S:KC dropped it down to about the height of B:KFs drop? At least, that's the way it appears in pictures. Plus, if you take a look at those two pictures I presented, you can see that there's a significant height under the loop of S:KC while B:KF's is about "ground level", although it is sitting a few feet above the water.
This picture shows a perfect shot of the loop on Superman Krypton Coaster, the cliffs around the park are around 100 feet tall.

This is a photo of Dominator/Batman Knight Flight loop from around the same place the Superman photo was taken, click it to make it larger.

It's close but I say that it is Superman at SFFT.

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From my recollection of B:KF (yeah, it was a WHILE ago, LOL), I'd say that S:KC had *considerably* more hangtime IN the loop....S:KC is my guess, and I could swear reading somewhere *quasi-official* that it had the largest diameter loop....

Also, S:KC is in a better park...;)

Don't let surroundings decieve you. Dominator does have the largest loop. Yes Superman does have a grade at the top of the lift that dips around the corner, and the drop ends up being only a few feet difference between the two. Dominator's loop is 137 feet tall, and while close, supermans is 120 ft tall. The surroundings make a difference in how it looks, and the way the rides are designed is what makes the difference in how the train rides through the loop.

Superman is just a regular straight drop, while Dominator is a diving drop. both coasters move at the same speed, but hit top speed at different points. Dominator holds the record, and it is still the longest floorless out there. I know, hard to believe but its true. But who cares? they are both great, and Dominator is a great ride. why *****? *** Edited 12/17/2004 4:51:55 PM UTC by lakecrystal***

SOB at PKI for wood...
had to say it...

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By the way, What makes you think RCDB is wrong? They knew hershey was taking out turbulence before any of you nay sayers. I think they Know more than all of us.
here's an interesting twist on this .. what is the widest loop cause it could be the largest?

Watch the tram car please....

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