Which Cedar Point Entrance?

I've been to Cedar Point a few times, but only ever used the main entrance.

Which is the best entrance for Gatekeeper? I have a platinum pass and intend on getting there for early entry.

Looking at the map I can see there is an entrance by Windseeker. How do I get to this entrance? Where do I park my car to use that entrance? Or should I just use the main entrance?

The main entrance is crowdy and unconfortable.

You would park in the Challenge Park/Soak City Parking lot (take the far left lane when at the toll booth, and tell them where you are going to Challenge Park or Soak City, than take the left path all the way around the park)...unless you have a pass to get you to the Hotel's parking lot...from their you would walk to the hotel property, take the boardwalk all the way down the beach (or walk on the beach), that would take you to that gate.

That gate is MUCH smaller though and will probably have an even bigger line from all the resort guests this year.

I haven't tried it yet this year.

I would assume though, that one is still better going through the main gate than over there (if there is a huge line from all the resort guests.) The front gate can get you through quicker.

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Thanks, sounds like it will be easier just to go through the main entrance.

Do they open the gates before 9am?

No, they open at 9 like everybody else.

Allow plenty of time to do this, the drive around and your walk from Soak City parking lot to Windseeker will be long. Most resort guests use the Challenge Park/Magnum gate, but this year I dunno.

Remember too you'll be competing with platinum pass guests who came in the front gate and their walk will be slightly shorter than yours. You'll enter the park at Windseeker and they will start at Johnny Rockets. You might want to sprint.

Edit to add: Sorry, you meant the front gates. I've heard the gates open around 830 maybe, but platinum entry is no til 9.

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It's a long drive and a long walk. The drive alone is about two miles from the parking gate. I'm guessing that the walk is about a half a mile.

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Pedestrian traffic is not permitted on Perimeter Rd.

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And the speed limit is 23MPH, so it will take over 5 minutes just to drive to the Soak City parking lot.

Tyler Boes said:

The main entrance is crowdy and unconfortable.

Quoted this for 2 reasons:

1. Saving it for posterity before it gets edited.

2. This should be the official description for the symptoms you feel after reading one of his nonsensical posts.

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You've never heard the word crowdy? It is a funny replacement for crowded. It's like when someone says slippy instead of slippery.

I like Tyler's posts.

Thanks for the map, love those annotations.

Think the main entrance looks like the safest bet. I will just run with the bulls to Gate Keeper.

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Never heard "crowdy" before, but it gives me hives almost as much as "melty," which is often used in Taco Bell commercials with regards to cheese.

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My gosh Travis, what a great map! Someone is honing their photoshop skills! Very nice. There could be a future in that, ya know.

If you want an entrance with the smallest lines, try the marina entrance. It's not as close as the beach entrance, but will be less "crowdy"

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It's not photoshop, and it's not very good. I threw it together using a web-based photo editor in about five minutes. Like Gonch said about my Banshee dream picture, it looks like a five-year-old did it with a crayon. lol Thanks though.

I did use a little bit of the really expensive Photoshop software when I worked at the newspaper, but it was just basic stuff, like contrast and cropping, and reducing red eye. I always wanted to learn the real ins and outs of Photoshop. I'm still contemplating taking some classes for it.

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LostKause said:

I'm guessing that the walk is about a half a mile.

The walk as you mapped it is between 2500 and 2600 feet. You're pretty much dead on.

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Thanks Travis! Now i have that damn Aerosmith song playing in my head! :)

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LostKause said:

I always wanted to learn the real ins and outs of Photoshop. I'm still contemplating taking some classes for it.

You'd probably be better off just getting a copy and playing around with it. The second you run into something you can't do, look it up online.

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Can you park your car by the Marina Entrance? Or do you have to park in the main lot and walk there?I always wondered about that. And, where exactly is the Marina entrance located? Is it over by the Cinema? I have never really seen any of the other park entrances, except the main entrance, and the one to soak city.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

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