Where will you close out the 2009 season?

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While I know that there are several areas that are open year round, many of us live where it gets COLD and the parks close down for the winter.

With just 2 weekends left for most parks, where will you go for you last ride of 2009?

For us it will be KI and Diamondback. My daughter loves DB and even though I have found that many of the KI fans finish the season on Beast, we will be riding a certain snake.

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I'm thinking I might try to hit Canobie and have the Cannonball bookend my season.

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Disney World. They don't have seasons. :)

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Universal, IOA next weekend and Disney sometime in early December.

Dollywood in November for ACE Southeast Coasterfest.

I've already closed out my year with my trip to the Point this last weekend. I think the last coaster I rode was Magnum...I think.

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"They don't just close Florida" - National Lampoon's "Vacation" :)

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I already closed my season out in May at Valleyfair! Been unemployed all summer, so no theme parks. We had several trips planned, too. Oh well. Maybe next year if the economy gets better.

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I will close out 2009 that same way I've closed out 2006, 7 & 8. I will be at Dollywood for Smokey Mountain Coasterfest the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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I'll finish my season down with a Coaster Christmas at Silver Dollar City. Should be a good time. Nothing quite like cresting Powder Keg's tophat while looking out over a beautiful view of the Ozarks.

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Unless I win the lottery, I already closed out 2009 at Six Flags Great America, with a funnel cake and spin on the upper deck of the carousel.

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Traveling costs too much. I already closed my amusement park season a few months ago.


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I went to Cedar Point for the last time last Sunday. Hopefully Ill make it to Valleyfair closing weekend and most likely I will make a trip to Nick U at the MOA sometime in November (however I will not consider that my last trip of the season as it open all year and thus in its own category.)

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In my living room, where it started.

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Closed this year out at Cedar Point with some friends in a Lighthouse Point cabin. Great weekend.

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I will close my season at Canada's Wonderland and Behemoth as last coaster of the year on Sunday, November 1st.

My opener for 2010 will be at Carowinds for Intimidator.

Probably Dorney on Sunday November 1st. I might go to Hershey sometime in December but with no coasters running it is more like an offseason diversion than a real park visit since it is mostly all kiddie and family rides open.

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Boomers! in Fort Lauderdale.

I'm taking a trip to South Florida during Christmas break. How is the Hurricane?


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It will probably be at Dollywood sometime in December, depending on the weather. In past years it's been mild for the most part, with the exception of riding the coasters in 45 degree weather. :) Thunderhead is the best in the cold!

The park is always crowded but the coasters are usually walk-on. Plus the park is absolutely beautiful with all the Christmas lights. Best of all it's the only park remotely close to me that's open around my birthday. ;)

I am finishing out October with KI and CP. I haven't been to the Point all year! ;)

I will be closing out the year at Canada's Wonderland.

Dan.... the Hurricane at Boomers is great. Some good back seat air and the price is right for it. Also, crowds are usually non existant! I go there every year during my annual trip to visit my buddy in Hollywood. My next trip there is in January.

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