What's the next CF removal

We all know the Demon Drop, HyperSonic, Chaos, and other rides are be taken out. What are some other rides being taken out, or rides you think should.
Can we sell you?
All of MiA is being moved to MiA -- there are you happy now Coasterkid?
Geauga Lake will absorb MiA completely, including X-Flight after it's set up at MiA.

What are you talking about.
MiA will be burned and the ashes will be sold to Six Flags!!!;)

Top Three Parks: 1) Islands of Adventure 2) Bucsh Gardens Europe 3) Six Flags Magic Mountain
Dang you guys really give coasterkid a hard time.
HAHAHHA!!!!!! omg....i think i just pissed myself:)

i love coasterbuzz, seriously:D

wait deamon drop is being removed? last time i heard it was still for sale ;) *** Edited 12/18/2006 11:57:35 PM UTC by rider85***
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I heard that thanks to coasterkid everyone in Michigan is moving to Puerto Rico and changing their names to Juan.
HAHA but isn't Juan and Asian name.
Sweet. It's warmer there.

More seriously, I think coasterkid is getting an unfairly hard time on this thread. It's a better-than-average offseason question. What's the next CF ride to be removed, at any park?

Heck, maybe Lloyds of London will offer a betting line!

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OMG! I think coasterkid actually did change his name. Say "Timbersman," perhaps a suggestion. Next time you may not want to link into "Coasterkid's" webpage and instant messaging. :)
Dear Timbersman/Coasterkid:

You need a better ploy.

I will agree that Mr Kid is a noob, and this post is pure crap. However he is just a kid, a 21 year old kid at that. However why do some get such joy from putting down others? Just ignore him and this thread. I will now take my own advice and ignore those who need to make up for their own short comings.
You guys really are merciless. At the risk of being suspected as yet another of Coasterkid's alter egos, I think I'll weigh in. Of the CF parks I've been to (CP, KI, GL, CW, DP, KBF), I think the major rides most in need of replacement are KI's Flight of Fear and CW's Tomb Raider. The latter is ungodly uncomfortable. As I've put it before, it has all the worst characteristics of a wild mouse and a frat hazing.

I don't want it to, but I wouldn't be surprised to see CF yank Steel Venom from Geauga Lake. I'm guessing next year will be make-or-break time for the ex-man of steel. If it's down 30% of the time or worse, it'll be gone before 2008. Even good service next year might not be enough to save it.

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PGA Grizzly.
...Will be replaced with Stealth?

"Would you like to buy a photo of you boys enjoying the Line Ride?"

Brian Noble said: It's a better-than-average offseason question.

Look just because there isn't a park near you that is open doesn't mean we are ALL in the off-season. We coast until the end of the year here in Missouri.

As far as Mr. Coasterkid/Timbersman/(Insert coaster name here)dude69/etc. I think that you need to just be quiet for awhile or else you will find yourself eating pancakes... which brings up the question! HOW do YOU like your pancakes? :)

Ensign Smith said:
...and CW's Tomb Raider. The latter is ungodly uncomfortable. As I've put it before, it has all the worst characteristics of a wild mouse and a frat hazing.

Out of curiosity, what do you find uncomfortable about the car?

I know there are many complaints about the transitions on the ride, but I've never had a problem with the actual cars.

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