What will be the next coaster to break the tallest and fastest in the world?

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Breaking records is easy, all you need is enough qualifiers. In fact this post holds the world record for being the longest post ever typed by me at 1:12pm PDT in Los Angeles while sitting at my desk on Olympic Blvd and wearing a brown t-shirt and jeans.

And that means what? Yup...diddly-squat.

I'd bet money that both the giga at KD and the Beemer at Carowinds will break qualified records such as "...in the east" or "...in the Carolinas" or "...in the South."

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^LK said: "Then Cedar Point is announcing something soon, and they are well known to break records."

Cedar Point is potentially breaking the record for most coasters....that *should* be enough record for them for one year, no? One can always hope.... ;)

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Cedar Point isn't adding a coaster in 2010.

^ BLASPHAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CP WILL be adding A coaster of some sort in 2010!

Somebody hit Moosh before i do. ;)

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Yea cedar point is adding a new coaster in 2010 im pretty sure...

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Ah, but "pretty sure" is not 100% sure.

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Yet you seem 100% sure from your statement, Moosh.


I don't see what the hang up is with not building the tallest and fastest. Seriously, it only affects a few rides and if that is not your thing, go ride something else. It is not like others are posting how parks should stop building Boring & Mundane coasters. And they really should. I like tall rides. Send one to Valleyfair if you all don't want one. And yes, I know, the airport...

I'll take a ride on Top Thrill Dragster over Nitro anyday and twice on Sunday............Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

Not that Nitro is a bad ride. It's not a bad ride. It's just not that good. ;)

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Dragster is visually interesting for spectators, but I finally got on it this year after skipping it for years. My last lap was in 2005, I think. And you know what? It's kind of cool to do once in awhile, but I remember now how multiple rides exponentially makes it less interesting. I'm glad they've got it running well, finally, but it just seems like a colossal, ego driven mistake. A smaller ride like Maverick is infinitely more fun and re-rideable to me.

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I worked Paddlewheel in '60, for the entire season. I rode TTD only about 4 times all year. In comparison, I rode the other coasters many, many times throughout the same year.

Moosh says that it definitely will not be a coaster, and Ryan9658 is saying that he is "pretty sure" that it is. I say that they are both right. ;)

Even after it is built, we'll still be arguing whether it is or isn't a coaster, if it's a watercoaster hybrid thingy.

TTD wouldn't even make my top ten coasters at Cedar Point (if I were to construct such a thing).

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TTD is unique though and thats what makes it so popular. and i do not think it was a mistake to build it because that is one of the most popular rides at cedar point. Now i dont know if they could do this, but it would be really cool if they could add on to TTD. I have to say though millenium force is still my favorite ride....

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LostKause said:
I worked Paddlewheel in '60, for the entire season.

Even with a blue cast, you look good for someone that must be pushing 60 years old. :)

Or did you mean '06

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

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Yeah, I loved TTD and would put it in my top 10, but that is probably because I've only ever ridden it twice.

I imagine the rush wouldn't be the same after lap 100.

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I never used the word definitely.

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'06, Dvae. lol ;)

Mamoosh said:
I never used the word definitely.

Is that definite that you never used the word definitely?

D_vo said:
^Agreed! I wonder what went on in the original meeting for TTD...

"Okay boss, here's my proposition. We're going to launch a train 120 miles per hour, and shoot it straight up a 420-foot hill. Then it plummets vertically back down!"

"Wow, that sounds great. Then what happens?!"

"Umm, nothing. That's it."

"Uhh... okay..."

Probably went more like this:

"Okay boss, here's my proposition. We're going to launch a train 120 miles per hour, and shoot it straight up a 420-foot hill. Then it plummets vertically back down. Then it'll do a few hills, spirals...maybe even a few inversions before it's over."

"Wow, that sounds great. What's the projected cost of this project?"

"In the ballpark of $35 million."

"Oh. Geez. Okay...now how much would it be if we scrapped that extra stuff you mentioned at the end?"

"Approximately $25 million?"

"Okay, done."

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Give me a coaster that tells a good story. One that has a good beginning, middle, and end. Dragster? Well that isn't even a short story. It's like the first sentence of a story that just seems unfin

TTD is a gimmick, but I consider 120 mph a darn good one. Then again I've never really waited long for TTD. Speed records have been held by a ride for a decent time period recently. I guess Kingda Ka will get 4 years for the record. I believe Steel Phantom held it for about 5 years in the 90s.

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