What the heck?

This looks like a train wreck!?
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Looks more exciting than "another B&M". ;) *** Edited 12/5/2007 4:54:04 AM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

cool picture. I have heard negative things about the ride in that going upside down maneuvers is not very fun, I like how it is not just vertical but has turns. Has anyone been on these and are they fun.
More exciting than B&M? Well so is pitching for the Sox ;) Anyway, I love IB, but hope it ain't this... IB is one of the most fun parks out there. Always dreamed they'd get an old Anton Shuttle loop... along the lake... keep droolin....
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This is the Screamin' Squirel, same this as the ride at Gardaland. The third one is in China. http://www.rcdb.com/ig3465.htm?picture=1

The El Loco is a different layout...*seems* like a better ride (not from experience, LOL). Certainly "better looking"....the Squirrel is one fugly ride. ;)

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I give you, the new Boomerang!
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Actually it's not the same as the one at Gardaland. This is the second generation Screaming Squirrel, the precurson to the El Loco (which would be the third-gen Squirrel, I suppose). The Squirrel at Gardaland has no horizontal turns.
I'm having bad dreams... "z-force" dreams... it was bad in Gurnee. It was worse in Atlanta... but it was good in Valencia! I dunno?! Good meds I guess?
So that's what "far beyond 90 degrees" vertical drops are called these days...

airtime for everyone
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Scary! :)


I heard it opened a year after it was built.
The unbanked lateral movements look like neck-snappers to me. I wonder if this another 'bat'?
Wow... Lift Hill: The Ride.
I've seen pics of the Squirrels before, but not that one. On another note, call me a dirty old man but how many girls/women have gone to, or have you been with, that go to an amusement park wearing a mini-skirt and heels as seen to the left in the first picture? Not that I'm complaining but I can't see someone trolling around a park for 6-10 hours with those shoes! :)


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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^Dirty old man.
I've seen girls dressed like that on the Wildwood boardwalk. Why someone would chose to walk a wooden boardwalk in high heels is completely beyond me. Not that it isn't fascinating to watch... ;)
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^Trimper's remains the only park where I've actually seen a bikini considered appropriate riding attire.

Back to topic, thanks Moosh, I had NO idea that S&S had actually tried to make a Squirrel v2. Wonder if it's a significant improvement....and why there were none at Celebration Centre? ;)

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To be honest its not much of a coaster as both of the S-shaped drops are negotiated slowly. You can see the brake fin that regulates the speed in the photos.
It looks like S&S is getting their inspiration from the K'nex micro-scale sets: http://www.knex.com/Thrill_Rides/Renegade_Run_Coaster.php

(If we see them trying to create this one http://www.knex.com/Thrill_Rides/Ferris-Coaster_Wheel.php we'll know for sure.)

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I wonder what "Screaming Squirrel" sounds like in Russian

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