What park haven't you visited due to lack of new or exciting additions?

Sunday, June 19, 2005 12:49 AM
Last time at PKI 01,GL 02, MA 02. (For me) until these parks build something that interest me; I probably will go to my home park Cp or venture to parks that I've never been to.
Sunday, June 19, 2005 1:05 AM
Yes I want parks to build as many coasters as possible. However Parks seem to be building less and less (for many different reasons)and that is OK by me. I will visit many different parks this year and very few added anything new. So what I am trying to say is that wether a park builds a new ride or not, I will be there. Yes I might make a special visit to a park offering something new but if parks don't add anything they are still worth going too. Yes all of thoese parks that you listed haven't added any new coasters (except PKI) but that doesn't mean that there not good parks. If you wind up only attending parks that add new coasters than you are really only cheating yourself. There is so much more to these parks than what they added over the off season. PKI doesen't have to build a new coaster, they still have one of the best wooden coasters around (The Beast).
Sunday, June 19, 2005 1:05 AM
Uh, none. I don't skip parks because they don't get something new. I guess not having any big parks that close to me make it hard for me to get tired of going to a park even when they don't get something exciting.

I don't get burnt out on a park because it didn't get anything new or interesting, because I don't go to them so much that I get burnt out...

Sunday, June 19, 2005 1:21 AM
Ditto. Never skipped a park because of lack of new additions.

Sure and new ride/coaster may pull us to a park we might have otherwise not made it to, but I've never skipped a park because of the lack of a new attraction.

With us, it doesn't hurt if you don't expand, but it may help if you do.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 2:28 AM
I *am* more likely to put off visiting for a year if I've *heard* of something BIG going on in the immediate future. Other than that, nothing...

Some parks, they'd have to get *at least* a RoS to make me RETURN to, though...I'm considerably pickier if I've been, the first visit is on me...;)

Sunday, June 19, 2005 2:48 AM
Heck, even with a new addition, I haven't returned to PGA since 2000, even though I had a chance to last year. If Stealth and Tidal Wave were still there, I'd find a way to make a visit. But a new (to me) mouse is not enough to pull me away from return visits to SFMW, BG, SCBB, or a day running around SF.
I visit San Jose often, having been born there and with tons of family in the area. I've spent more time at GA than can remember, from Marriott's to Paramount. I rode Demon back before the 2 loops when it was called Turn of the Century, and I miss Willard's Whizzer. I haven't ridden their flyers or delirium either, but it'll take something special before I return, for now. It's been 5 yrs since my last visit, and I still feel burnt out. Their waterpark doesn't come close to Sunsplash, IMO, which I would happily drive 2 and a half hrs away to for a better time.

I'm not bashing PGA, but until a really good thrill ride arrives, I can't foresee justifying a return. There's no special atmosphere to the park, unlike HW, IB, or KW, any of which I would happily make a return trek to with or without something new.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 3:07 AM
Robo, that IS a shame....ALL the other Paramount parks have the *charm* that was SO lacking on my one and only visit to PGA, in '00. Not sure what was up with that place, nobody seemed to be having a good time there...

I'm headed back to NorCal next year...doubt I'll find a spare day to go back...but that IS an Arrow Mad Mousie, isn't it? ;) LOL, talk about your exciting additions! They ARE some of the best of the mice coasters, IMO.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 3:12 AM
As long as it is ran like the one at MBP...
Sunday, June 19, 2005 4:07 AM
There are parks I will not go out of my way to visit again (unless I am nearby) unless they get something new. Michigan's Adventure is the first that came to mind.

Then there are some that I WOULD drive to again just because I loved them so much...Miracle Strip being one of them (if it were still around). Seabreeze is another.

Then there are the parks I will go to anyway.....CP, PKI, Dollywood, HW, Kennywood, and Hershey. :-)


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Sunday, June 19, 2005 7:26 AM
I have to say SFDL they haven't put in a major ride since SROS and that was in 1999. I don't count water rides. Yesterday we went to Martin's Fantasy Island and we had a ball. The Silver Comet is a great coaster with alot of air time and it's smoth as glass. It beats the Preditor hands down. There wasn't any sign of there new coaster slated to open on July 4th
Sunday, June 19, 2005 8:17 AM
Excuse me for being a wise ass , but I didn't know that an all new Wildwater Kingdom wasn't something new at GL. gee, I guess a whole new park is nothing. maybe your not into waterparks? I gotta tell ya, this waterpark has BIG ****. Those body slides are over 10 stories high! So if you like that stuff, that is something very new, and very freakin cool. Opened yesterday.
Sunday, June 19, 2005 8:45 AM
Yeah, and in the last two years PKI has added Delerium, Boomerang Bay (which I believe is larger than WWK), and IJST.
Sunday, June 19, 2005 8:54 AM
Geauga Lake/Worlds of Adventure hasn't really added any major rides since the Sea World/X-Flight addition in 2001... but that hasn't stopped me from visiting.

The first Hurricane Harbor in 2003 got my attention even though it was only half-finished when I visited. The tiger exhibit in 2002 was also sweet... 2004, nothing & 2005 is basically just the waterpark relocated with a few new goodies... but ya know what? It's still worth visiting year after year because there's always a whole lot to do there. I don't know why attendance at Geauga Lake has been low this year so far... because it's definately a park that should advertise beyond the regional area.

The only park that I am honestly visiting due to lack of new exciting additions is Six Flags Darien Lake. It's the first year in nearly 8yrs that I haven't renewed my season pass because the park year after year is the same old thing & has progressively gotten worse than better since 2000. So they lost my business & I did provide them with some good $$ over my years attending there!

Most other parks... even small ones... are worth a look at, if I only visit them once a year. If you don't visit them 10x per year, you don't grow tired of them as quickly.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 9:22 AM
I still go to SFDL because honestly, for the money, it's the cheapest way to go and there aren't many other parks in the area. It's only $54.99 p/person for a season pass.

Back in third grade, 1997, I went to Busch Gardens the at the opening of Alpengiest and loved it.

After that we started a little CP/Busch Gardens thing, alternating every year.

97' BG
98' CP
99' BG
00' CP
01' BG
02' CP
03' CP
04' CP
05' CP

Do you see where I'm getting at here? The past few years we have just gone to CP because BG hasn't had any new rides, and rides like TTD and MF are much more exciting to me than that Curse of Darkkastle or whatever.

I'd like to go back in the future if theres a new coaster or something. But for the same drive time, about 7-8 hours, and for about the same price, it's more worth it to go to the Po!nt.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 9:33 AM
Honestly, To me parks aren't about building the biggest, Best or latest. Sure I think it's necessary in some cases to introduce and keep things refreshing.

Parks only responsiblity is to provide the opertunity to have fun and get thrills.

If it's a old park that has Fun and thrills and nothing new. I enjoy it as much as the next big thing.

Chuck, who prefers quality over quantity any day.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 9:54 AM
I think your all taking a more politically correct route to your answers. Of course we are going to visit our favorite or local parks even if there is no new ride, but are we going to re-visit a lousy park that had a cool ride three years ago?

I am not going to visit SFA, SFGAdv, GL, Waldameer, I went to SFDL just to purchase a season pass and ride Superman, if it weren't for the pass I wouldn't have gone near the dump. Hydra doesn't interest me enough for me to go to Dorney. If there was something new I was interested in I would probably travel to these parks if I could.

On the other hand I have visited Kennywood twice now, will stop by Coneaut Lake sometime, going to Knoebels, been to Cedar Point because they are parks I love going to.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 1:05 PM
Politically correct? Maybe....

Maybe it's just in the phrasing. SFDL was a *pit* when I was there. Supes was down (and was noted as such outside). Viper was also down all day, with another week *at least* before it could be repaired....no notice of THAT outside the gates. Then, with BOTH big steelies down, the *incredible* brain-trust at the park decided that single-training the sole remaining full-circuit steelie was a good move...

That's not politically correct....but it IS accurate. Even with free admission, I was tempted to ask for our parking fee back....yes, it was THAT bad.

PGA, MiA, SFAW are three other parks I'm going to have to be *persuaded* to set foot in again....these are AMUSEMENT parks, and the one thing I found entirely *unamusing* was the way they treated their captiv...er, guests. The ONLY reason I have to go back to SFDL is because Supes at their park will still be "new to me", and I am absolutely *obsessed* with the RoSs...

It's NOT about me, or their *additions*, it's about how they treat THEIR locals...and if what *I* experienced is what the locals TYPICALLY experience (as is apparently the case based on the SFDL locals)....then their complaints ARE justified.

Getting new rides is WAYYY less than half the battle. How you treat the people who come through your gates, and your employees, that's what really tells the tale. That's why parks like Knoebels, and HW, and PCW, and IB, and Dollywood, and Kennywood, and Hershey, and SDC, etc., don't HAVE to build something new for me to go back...and I suspect strongly that the same is true of the locals.

A BIG new ride, like KK, could very well give you *another shot* at impressing those who matter most. But you have to MAKE the most of it... ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2005 2:43 PM
So......wanna go Darien Lake again with me, Bill? ;-)

I knew I should of took you to Seabreeze. :-P Actually, maybe it was an OFF day. I had a MUCH better experience with Darien last fall. But it's not a park I want to get back to in a hurry.

A park doesn't HAVE to have something new for me to go out of my way to visit again, it just makes the trip planning more selective.

I would not drive out of my way to go to Michigan's Adventure UNLESS they had something that I could not resist. However, if it's within "stopping distance" of a multi-park trip then sure, why not.

I guess it depends on what you like. Like I said, I could go to HW, KW, CP, Hershey, and Dollywood anytime and feel like I am visiting the first time, whether they have something new or not. Then again ALL those parks not only have awesome rides but has EVERYTHING that attracts me to go "out of my way".....great atmosphere, service, etc.

Knoebels and BGW are some more that are a little more "out of the way" for me than the others but you always feel like you are visiting for the first time.

But there are parks like SFKK, even though it's about as close to me as the others, I don't care for making a special trip JUST for that unless it gets something new, or if I feel like hitting it on my way to Holiday World. If I am with friends and they want to stop by, then sure.

It doesn't matter anyway. Being in Southern WV I don't have any "nearby" parks except Camden Park (which is about 35 minutes away). However, I am within 3-5 hours of A LOT of parks in this region, with PKI and Kennywood being the closest. They COULD be day trips, but being that I am old and get tired of driving they usually end up being overnight trips. ;-)

So no matter what I do I have to go out of my way anyway. :-P

Hydra was an easy one to get to, since it was "on the way" to Great Adventure. A nice "fly-by" visit and I was in and out of the park in 30 minutes. On the other hand if it wasn't pouring I would of stayed longer. ;-) Great Adventure was a park I went to especially for Kingda Ka. I got one ride. But once I got there I remembed how AWESOME Chiller, Nitro, and Medusa was (it had been 3 years) and we ended up have a great day anyway. VERY awesome day!

Six Flags America was an "on the way home" park that I really didn't care THAT much about visiting but did and am GLAD I did it. I visited the park last year and Supes was down, and didn't really care for the others.

However, THIS time I went nuts. Roar and the Wild One were running MUCH MUCH better, and I had a blast even though I was there about 3 hours. They have some excellent coasters there and would almost go "out of my way" to go back just to visit that park alone. Actually, I think I will soon. ;-) The park employees and atmosphere was A LOT better.

And yes, I got my second SROS. :-P


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Sunday, June 19, 2005 3:14 PM

coasterqueenTRN said:
So......wanna go Darien Lake again with me, Bill? ;-)

I won't go back to that park without calling first to confirm that Supes is up and running...without it, I'd rather go back to PCW (even without a Paramount SP).

Six Flags America(snip)...They have some excellent coasters there and would almost go "out of my way" to go back just to visit that park alone. Actually, I think I will soon. ;-) The park employees and atmosphere was A LOT better.

That park has *always* had the rides IMO. A Vekoma flyer, RoS, Invertigo (love those), a classic old O-n-B woodie, and a classic new twister. Wood is just hit-and-miss sometimes, like the "Crunk in the Trunk CV Tour" found out on their stops at SFoG.

...that being said, a better attitude/atomsphere IS something that WILL make me go back to SFA, it was the *missing piece* at that park on a FEW prior visits...so I guerss you don't have to ALWAYS add a ride, sometimes the rides are already in place...;)

Sunday, June 19, 2005 3:55 PM
Cedar Point. I haven't visited since 2000.

Wicked Twister? Blah. Dragster? Meh, does nothing for me and I have Xcelerator here in LA. maXair looks fun but I'm not going to travel 2,000 miles to ride it. When they build a new coaster that is a continuous circuit and does something more than launch-top hat-brakes I might consider returning to the park.

In the meantime I'm concentrating on getting out to parks I have not visited in a long time or have never been to before.

edit - let me add that I, too, don't skip parks if they don't add anything new.

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