What has happened to Coasterbuzz?

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I can't remember how the whole M:TR joke got started and to be honest there have been moments where I wished it would just go away, especially when a "less skilled" jokester tries to be funny.

The whole practice of "hijacking" - especially by the CPG - began in threads we knew would be closed. Rarely would we make fun of someone we didn't know. Rather the 5 of us [Bass, chris, Nasai, 'Gator, and me] would insult each other, but we do it with a wink and a smile because we know underneath it there is love and friendship.

I admit we do hijack legit threads at times, and sometimes its completely unintentional. However were we not contributing our thoughts and opinions on-topic as well I can see how someone could argue we make C-buzz a worse place to be.

What it boils down to is this: it's Jeff's site. He doesn't seem to mind, so why should anyone else? Its understood among the five CPGers that if Jeff were to say "stop it!" we would. None of us would intentionally do anything to hurt this site.

Now, about those pancakes....?

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2Hostyl said:

But the threads are replete with double entendre. Risque, yes, but not overt, IMO

He said "replete", hehe....seriously, once we get some announcements and get back towards the coaster season, things will definitely take an upturn...I don't know about anyone else, but for me CB is as good now as it has been since I've been here....there's always going to be a few *immature* posters (not necessarily younger folks), and there's always going to be troublemakers like the CPG. I think by and large it adds a little *zest* to the conversation and hopefully makes it more FUN for most everyone....YMMV....

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'Moosh brings up the very thing that annoys me the most. If people aren't calling you a Nazi for your moderation techniques, they're saying the forum is filled with nonsense and garbage. You can never win, you know?

People keep coming back (more every year), so I suppose something is going well around here.

Now if I could just get that annoying Nasai guy to stop sending me nudies...

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Hey Jeff, how about a new area called "Bottom Feeders"? You could even move threads there from the general forum with a little note that says "sent to Bottom Feeders".

Or in keeping with the site theme, "Log Ride Scum".

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Jeff said:

Now if I could just get that annoying Nasai guy to stop sending me nudies...

Jeff - Webmaster/Admin - CoasterBuzz.com - Sillynonsense.com

Are they male or female nudies Jeff? I'm curious about that...

Mike Miller

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Seriously, I think the mix of honest discussion and tomfoolery is just about perfect on this site. I think people can sense when a discussion needs focus and when it doesn't. And I haven't seen a whole lot of people get flamed who didn't deserve it.

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Why oh why does Rob not send those pics to everyone, lol....

And why does anyone feel the need to stop our fun...if it wasn't *working* to make C-buzz more popular, Jeff probably would have nixed the fun a long time ago...;)

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Yah! What's up with that?! What would a rollercoaster be like without both highs and lows?

"Know thyself!"

this thread makes me feel like I have a horrible hangover...what happened yesterday?
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Nothing that doesn't happen every day....thankfully...:)

Quoting my all-time fav, Willy Wonka: " A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men"....(and women)...;)

If its Nasai sending the pics it is most definitely some hot asian women. :)

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What do I do to improve the quality of the community? That's a good question. First of all, I don't waste bandwidth with stupid threads like "Six Flags Admits It!", or "How long will the wait for TTD be?". I try to offer positive responses in forums, when people are making blanket statements such as, "All Vekomas Suck", or "All Six Flags are Crap". The double entendres were hilarious on Three's Company, so maybe I shouldn't be so harsh. But, no one on here is Mr. Furley now are they?

Intamin Fan: Snoooooooooorrrre.

Sorry. I really couldn't help it. It was right there beckoning to me. What? What? Oh come on--you know the rest of you wanted to.


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I totally agree with you Intamin Fan and alot of other enthusiasts I have talked to think the same thing. I know a few people who have deleted there accounts or won't even post on here anymore because every topic seems to turn into a inside joke.

I find it harder and harder to post on these forums everyday due to the fact that theres so many inside jokes going around, one is sure to take over every topic. I can't remember Coasterbuzz ever being like this in the offseason and I don't know if it can ever be fixed, because everytime it is brought up the person either gets flamed or ignored. Maybe its just something everyones been drinking during the offseason (most likely it contains alcohol ) Im just hoping when the season comes around that things get back to normal.

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Just re-edit your account, and the cookies will be refreshed, er, um, eaten...;)

Very good well-being lark this...
PLEASE do not have any fun with this post, there is SERIOUS coaster discussion going on here...;)

DawnMarie: Nice plug! Nothing like good old-fashioned shameless self-promotion. BTW, nice TR too.

CD316: Somehow, I don't think you'd complain so much if you were the author of some casual joke that took off and had a life of its own. I really and truly doubt it. The best posts come from those who don't 'try' to do anything but just say what they gotta say. Okay--being cute like Dawnmarie doesn't hurt either. Nobody's complained about a post from her yet. Hmmmm....



"But, no one on here is Mr. Furley now are they"?

Well, I am looking for a new screenname...;)

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Don Knotts was MUCH funnier before 3's Company...and 3's Company was MUCH funnier when the Ropers lived at the complex instead of moving to a new neighborhood with their own show....

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