What has happened to Coasterbuzz?

In the last couple of months, I've seen this site go way downhill in terms of being a fun place to surf. It seems like there are too many threads that just become nonsense after the first couple of post. There's a lot of graphic sexual talk that's been going on also. Am I prudish? No, but I think this site is supposed to be a family site. I hate to say it, but there are few people that are ruining it for me. It's like some kind of clique that has inside jokes that no one else gets. An enthusiast friend of mine has said the same thing.
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Well, i think a lot of it has to do with the pace of coaster development. There's simply not enough news to support constant discussion, especially during the offseason. Repeat topics are TOSed to death, so all you have left is the community, in all their M:TR loving glory. Oh, and several of us are slowly making LIM models.

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Sorry, you don't get the joke, but that's the point. It is "inside" as they say.... I agree that lately some topics have been taken more off-topic than before, but hey... it's off season.... No excuses here...

... and yes, it is a clique. ;)

Whoa wait, Im wondering how this site ever got up a hill to go down. And whats with all this surfing talk? I have yet to see any form of waves on here. Too many threads becoming nonsense? Whats up with that? Too many threads are nonsense to begin with. Hey does anyone know what brand of paint was used on Scream? Is it oil or acrylic? Personally I like oil paints. Anywho, Six Flags rocks!! They have a cool logo. I like flags. Oh yeah theres always plenty to talk about if you really have something interesting to say. But seeing as though Ive said nothing much to contribute, Ill end it now.

I do want an answer on Scream though.

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Guide to the Point is no different. It is amazing how many new members it has gotten because the announcement of Top Thrill Dragster, but it happens everytime a new roller coaster is announced. People who aren't members of CPlace end up posting stuff here.

Also, when people are new, they don't understand some of the rules that go on here. I mean when I joined Guide to the Point and CPlace 50 billion years ago I didn't read the rules and whatnot and got kicked off a few times. It seems like they are going to have to go through the same thing.

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I do agree, and I've been trying to think back to last year to see if I could remember it being like this during the last off season. I am completely tired of all the TTD topics. They went from informative, to overwhelming, to downright stupid (i.e. Will TTD even work?) Now, I understand that there is a chance it may not, there's always that chance on every coaster, but how are we to know? To the best of our knowledge, it better darn work!

I'm kind of getting tired of the sarcastic posts that are making fun of the people with absolutely horrible grammar and wasting space with pointless responses.

"H3Y! THTA SUONDS SOOOOO COOOOLLLL!!!!11!!!!111!!!!! gO six FLASG!!!111!!!!111!!!!"

As I would assume, I think this is some inside joke between Chris and somebody else, but it's kind of getting annoying and, IMO, is no longer funny.

Its the off-season... when most enthusiasts have nothing but pictures and videos to keep their enthusiasm alive instead of actual trips to amusement parks, the conversation is bound to get stale, and "silly" topics are destined to thrive.


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Welcome to the off-season. The quality of conversation is always low this time of year. Has been since the site started in 2000.

Maybe I just don't read enough, but I don't see anything "graphically sexual" going on. And as for inside jokes, I've seen a couple of times some of those West Coast idiots (you know who you are ;)) got a little out of control, but so what? I either ignore them and move on or delete the nonsense. Cliques are part of any large group.

Just out of curiosity, Intamin Fan, and this is not meant to cut on you or hurt your feelings, but what are you doing to improve the quality of the community?

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The really funny thing is...just a few days ago we were told by a troll to "relax and get a sense of humor". Now someone else tells us that we joke around too much.

That old cliche comes true yet again, "You can't please all of the people all of the time..."

Random Thought: Is it really a cliche if it is actually true?

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SFGAMDie HARD: I'm the "somebody else" to which you refer. It doesn't happen very often - I still think it's hilarious. ;) Besides, I don't really get the pancake joke and the M:TR joke is just not funny to me, but oh well, what are you going to do?

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Hay im new ive posted 2 THINGS and no warm welcome? WHY WHY WHY followd by geting on the ground and banging his head

What im saying is peaple should be welcomd not just oh hi bye So lets do that

Here's a suggestion: if you don't find the M:TR stuff funny (which I don't) and you don't like the multiple TTD threads, etc....DON'T READ THEM. I see nothing that obligates you to click on every thread.

Jeff's got a point-if you don't like the "quality" of the board, by all means, enlighten us with your intellect. If you aren't willing to participate in a meaningful way, then I don't really see where you have the right to complain.

I'm not part of the "clique" (thank God) or even the MOJ, but there's enough content here to keep me checking in occasionally. There's enough CPNut stuff to keep me entertained, even in the off season.


Personally, I think things would be much more *interesting* if TTD was renamed DDR:TR. Then all the humor you could ask for, would be in one thread. Unless, of course, it was hijacked. Then we'd see thousands of posts to the same old topic.

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But here's the thing about the M:TR thing, something that I'm just as guilty of contributing to:

You never know when it is going to show up!

Sure you can avoid the TTD threads by reading the topic lines. But you can *never* tell which thread is going to be "hijacked". We can start out with an annoucement that Knott's is continuing there tradition of Winter Coaster Solace, but before we even get twenty replies in, there is the ubiquitous M:TR reference. I'll give Moosh, chris, nasai, RGW, and boblogone credit, they are *quite* creative at "inserting" themseleves into the threads.

And I-fan, there has not been anything that I have seen that was overtly sexual (other than somebody suggesting that the former CPnut was gay). But the threads are replete with double entendre. Risque, yes, but not overt, IMO

lata, jeremy

--not in the CPG, MOJ, JV, or angry mob :)

Jeremy said "inserting."


Well someone linked a hideous photo the other day in a thread that was deleted. I will regret clicking on that one for the rest of my life...

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I'm curious Den, what was in it?

Say--what do you have against pancakes anyway? What have they ever done to you? Were you attacked by a waffle iron as a child? Double-dog-dared to touch your tongue to a hot skillet? They've been nothing but good to you! How very, very ungrateful...

Oops. That's right--rollycoasters only. There's really nothing to talk about but TTD (which gets the haters all whiny), the flying Superman twins (ditto for haters, but don't forget the cloner droners) and the coaster going up in my local park. See? When you look at it that way, flapjacks don't seem so bad.


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Antuan - you seriously don't want to know. And I don't want to describe it.

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Mark W. Baruth said:
Jeremy said "inserting."

Better yet, he said "double entendre". I heard from the Lemon Chill guy that he had experience with this once. I think he was lying though, who'd want to double up on him? ;)

(You'd think Playa' had a 'dic' tionary or some 'thing')

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