What coaster is more rough than..

Friday, August 19, 2005 4:49 PM
Viper at SFMM? WHY do folks still enjoy this ride?

It hasn't had a line in years...seems most people don't enjoy it anymore. ;)

Friday, August 19, 2005 7:11 PM
Friday, August 19, 2005 8:38 PM
vekoma slc's tend to be pretty rough
Friday, August 19, 2005 8:51 PM
I have been on a few of the coasters named. The Boss, SOB, mean Streak to name a few. While I agree they are rough I can go better than that. Cheetah at Wild Adventures is painful. It is the only coaster that I have rode that when I got off I saw someone actually crying from the pain. Before you say if the ride scared them, I can tell you it wasn't the ride scaring them. The ride op asked what was wrong and the guy who about 14 said "It hurt like hell" Anyone who has rode it will probably agree with me and if you haven't rode it yet, if you get the chance watch out for the bottom of the first hill it might bust a few ribs. *** Edited 8/20/2005 12:54:38 AM UTC by Dopeshowdeath***
Friday, August 19, 2005 9:12 PM
I personally liked Viper at SFMM. But, then, I loved Shockwave (R.I.P.), and am looking forward to GASM @ SFGAdv when I finally go more than any other coaster there.

I personally feel that most people do confuse 'rough' with 'intense'. Everyone says HC5 @ MBP is 'rough', when the only 'rough' spot is at the bottom of the first hill. Granted, the coaster needs some maintainance work done on it, but it is far more intense. The Helices are uncomfortable because of Intensity+Gerst. Trains.-No Padding. I still like it, even though I skipped it this week (as well as Swamp Fox, my #2 coaster, shame on me).

The only overly 'Rough' coasters that I have found were Manhattan Express, though if it were in a park and not PPE I'd still ride it more than once if for nothing more than the twist and dive, SoB, and I actually kinda like the coaster, but it is jackhammer rough, Psyclone & Colossus were both rough, but not overly rough. Well, maybe Psyclone. And parts of Raging Wolf Bobs.

Those coasters rank low in my book, even if I do like some of them.

Friday, August 19, 2005 9:33 PM
Son Of Beast

Mean Streak

Hurler @ PKD

Ragin' Wolf Bob's @ GL (I've heard it's better since they retracked parts though.)

Canadian Minebuster @ PCW

...more recently at PKD though, Hurler gave me the worst beating I've had in forvever! Rebel Yell actually wasn't too bad, (though I've heard differently more often).

Friday, August 19, 2005 11:36 PM

Dopeshowdeath said:
Cheetah at Wild Adventures is painful... Anyone who has rode it will probably agree with me and if you haven't rode it yet, if you get the chance watch out for the bottom of the first hill it might bust a few ribs.

See, that's such a shame. My only experience with Cheetah was about a month after it opened and it was great. We rode at least 6 times that day. Certainly not an amazing ride, but very good and it was anything but rough.

I always feel weird when I do Mitch's wood coaster poll, because as far as first-hand experience goes I never really slam Cheetah. It was pretty solid when I rode it. So that's me screwing up the results. :)

Friday, August 19, 2005 11:49 PM
Which is why there should be results for only the past year as well as overall. If you haven't ridden it in at least the past year, the 'yearly' results will reflect it more.
Saturday, August 20, 2005 12:15 AM
That makes sense, I suppose. There is the one y/n column for "ridden this year", but I'm not sure if or how it affects results.
Saturday, August 20, 2005 12:27 AM
Gonch - I rode Cheetah this June and it was a total disaster. I rode it four times in different seats because I couldn't believe it was so bad.
Saturday, August 20, 2005 12:32 AM
Just because you flirt with him all the time, now he is supposed to just believe you? Man, you ask so much.
Saturday, August 20, 2005 12:40 AM
Oh, I believe it. I see it everywhere. Cheetah is generally considered a friggin' pain. I'm not questioning the validity.

Just pointing out how that sucks as it was a solid ride when it opened. (then turned that into Wood Poll discussion)


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