Warning to anyone planning a trip to Indiana Beach

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That pricing scheme sounds ridiculous. Coming from someone who is a fan of both upcharge attractions, and VQ, I'd say that's a bit too confusing.

Wait a minute...

You're dismissing a pricing plan at Indiana Beach as "too confusing"?

This is the park where traditionally you used *half* tickets for rides, where one day I was visiting the park and at any given time of day the ride would accept three different kinds of tickets, or fourteen different wristbands, all of them valid at once.

No, I am not exaggerating.

I'd say it wouldn't be Indiana Beach if the pricing plan weren't confusing!

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Okay, send IB crow a facebook message because I was confused.

If you have:

*season pass with Adventure Point pass (79.95)
*combination pass with Adventure Point pass (49.95)
*ride pop band and then add Adventure Point pass (29.95 plus AP pass)

The zip line is free and unlimited runs

If you just want to ride the zip line with no Adventure Point pass, it is 25 dollars for 2 runs.

I guess people didn't like the fact that you had to buy the zip line extra and not many rode it since opening. I don't know how many said things on facebook or emailed them, but it worked for who did. This is the way it should have been in the beginning.

So far the only ride to not be up and running from the moves and additions is the Falling Star. I still find it amazing that they are two months (roughly) away from closing for the season and they don't have everything done.

There is also a 250 pound weight limit on the zip line (if I want to do it, I got to lose some weight (about 5-10 pounds).

Also, August 12th is going to be the last daily day of operations for the water park and it will only be open Saturday and Sunday. This seems really early to me.

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Me and my friends were at IB yesterday, and this mini-report isn't as good as usual :( Lost Coaster was finally open (was closed the first 2 times we went this year) but with only one train on the track - a 45 minute wait. Steel Hawg also seems to run with only 1/2 capacity - 2 out of the 4 cars. I didn't ride either one of those.

Cornball seems a little smoother, however the entire front car and 2 other seats were roped off. Burnt out solenoids. So that was 1/3 of train roped off.

Den of Lost Theives was closed the entire time I was there (6pm until 10:30pm).

Zip line looks GREAT and people seemed to be really loving it. I didn't stick around to check out the prices etc. Left early as I was very tired - had to drive mom to Indy at the start of the day.

I went to guest relations and filled out a form, front and back, and let the staff know we were disappointed about the above stuff, and that there is no way to contact the park directly (before you visit - the old "phone first" thing). In a very nice, non-emotional sort of way. Also gave some compliments where due.

Still a pretty darn good time, I really love IB. I'll be back this year.

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Reports like yours leave me with zero desire to visit. Ever.

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^You have never been to IB, Jeff?

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"the entire front car and 2 other seats were roped off. Burnt out solenoids."

That's a $75 part available next day from Grainger. They don't have any spares? And they wait for half of a train to fail before they order them?

It always seemed like a cool little park, but I'm with Jeff. No way I'm going there and risking half the stuff being broken and half assed operations. If I wanted that, I'd use my time machine to go to Six Flags in 1998.


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No, I haven't been there, and honestly if that's the kind of neglect they allow, how am I supposed to feel about the potential for more serious neglect?

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^Yup, I agree. Have you ever been to a Six Flags park? Joking aside, it's a pretty nice place, most of the time. More fun per buck...

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When the Spackmans owned IB, it was one of the most fabulous parks in the entire country. I had the place rated with SCBB and Morey's among the best "beachside" parks around.

I've been back once since the change in ownership (with Moosh post-HWN), and things were going downhill - not like Billy is reporting though. I prefer to remember the IB that I once knew...and LOVED.

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Our first visit to IB was spectacular. We never made it back until after the ownership change. It was fine, but even though we're just 3 hours away, we haven't been back since.

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Shame that such a great park is going down hill. I loved it but visited just after the sell. I'm not rushing to go back.

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My only trip to the park was last year. Operations flat out sucked, but the only ride that was closed was Lost Coaster. I loved the park its self though, being built right on the lake was really unique. I'd like to go back just to get Lost Coaster, but I guess I'll be waiting to (hopefully) hear they get their crap together first.

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This is sad to hear. We have not been to park this year. But Visited the previous 2 yrs with no problems. Last year was there in May for entire weekend and everything was running and had a great time.

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Operations have (in the past) been fairly consistent at IB, however the employees were all over the place, when it came to service/efficiency, etc.

Even though my above report noted many issues and some of the employees sucked, it's heads and tails above any time I've ever been to Mt. Olympus. Now there is a place that was horrible operations and employees - consistently.


I hit IB ~ 5 years ago for the one and only time. I loved it, and if I had any criticism to level against it, it would've been that in a dead park (no lines for Cornball, Tig'rr, <15 for LoCoSuMo), somehow there was a 30-45 minute wait for Hoosier Hurricane (miserable operations if you ask me). Once I finally made it to the station, it became apparent that not only was it one-train op, but two of the rows were roped off. I also wasn't struck by an overabundance of stuff to do, but I was only there for half a day, so I didn't mind. It just felt... lazy? For a small park that could've positively exuded charm and character, it felt very lifeless.

As it was, I wouldn't have called it a destination park, and my desire to go back even if in the area, all else being equal, would've been directly related to the presence of a new ride. Hearing all the reviews of late though... it's not even an if-I'm-in-the-area park anymore. Shame really, I do hope they can get their act together...


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The second load/unload station is iffy at best, so it is most efficient to operate two cars, and most of the time, a third car would be stacked somewhere anyways. Lost Coaster has, at many times this season, operated two trains.

Mt. Olympus is the worst operated park I have ever been to. If it weren't for the Big Wave pool and Hades/Cyclops, I would have no reason to ever go there.

Let's hope for a cool, POP ride next year at IB!

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^For years, I've never seen Lost Coaster operate with less than 2 of it's 2 trains. So was a bit surprised to see only 1 train in operation. The line is long (when it's full) with 2 trains, let alone 1.

It's too bad about Mt. Olympus. Cyclops is worth it - if you can put up with the slower than a snail, snotty employees. Hades is borderline obnoxious - one (short, 5 car train) on a 5 minute ride; quite rough these days, to boot.

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Slow, snotty employees?

Maybe they just need a hug. :)

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^You got that right, Josh!


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