Warning to anyone planning a trip to Indiana Beach

When is the last time has anyone been to Kennywood?? That place has been run poorly since the new owners have taken over. I was there last weekend and the park smelled like trash. The park had not been washed down in awhile and when you have to wait over a hour for a corndog. One train op on all coasters while the park was way over crowded. The real thing that really got me was Noah Ark has been cut short.They totally cut out the end part .. I had this park in my top 5 but after the last 2 trips.. It's sad to see a park going down hill..

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

Uh, sorry to break it to you, but the flood room is broken in Noah's Ark. It's not like the owners make these things happen on purpose.

As for the park, maybe you caught it on a bad day, but I don't think anyone would know there were new owners if they weren't told. If anything, I think the park has gotten better since Parques took over. They've been putting a lot of money into improvements that enhance the guest experience. For example, they added air conditioning to the cafe this year, built brand new restrooms in Kiddieland and the cafe, and installed a laser show. It's obvious that they're committed to spending money improve the park rather than simply sitting back and watching the money roll in.

Oh, and to answer your question, I've been to the park just about every week this season (I have a season pass) and I never saw any cleanliness or operations issues.

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Is the flood room gone or just down till they fix it?

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Down indefinitely, but not gone.


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LostKause said:
Maybe they read CoasterBuzz... Naaaa. ;)

I know for a fact they read everything on facebook.

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I rode cornball express today 3 times in the last row. Boy, was it amazing! With recently finished trackwork making it incredibly smooth and recently greased wheels it was fast as could be. You should get out to the park to experience it this year!

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Is Lost Coaster up and running?

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Absolutely, yes, it is! And with 2 trains.

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Here is some new information I learned.

All rides on the Schafer Queen cost, no matter if you bought a pop band.

Short rides are 3.50 without and 2 with (used to be free before with pop band)
Long rides are 5.00 without and 3.50 with.

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Some new information about the zip line has been posted on their facebook page. The zip line towers are up, but.....

The Ziplines will be an additional charge due to the fact that we will only be able to accommodate a small amount of guests per day. However, we are offering special arrangements for our current Adventure Point Season Passholders - stand by for more details.

So if you buy a one day pass, then add on Adventure Point, then if you want to use the zip line across the lake, that is an additional charge. Talk about a rip off. The zip line should open up soon. I at least know what I won't be doing if I get back there this year....

Also, the rides that were moved are mostly all re opened except falling star, which is close.

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The more I think about it, the less distinction I see between upcharge attractions and upcharge VQing.

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Upcharge rides would have an incredibly long line if they were free with paid admission, due to the low capacity on them.

Which is not true for, say Diamondback at Kings Island. :p

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But at the end of the day, aren't you still trading "People who are willing to wait" for "People who are willing to pay"?

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

Since I know the cost for the AP crap now. Lets add up what it would cost to go to the park.

At least five dollars to park in a field (if they are charging)

29 dollars for the pop band (just rides)

I forget the exact AP pass cost, but I think it was around 30.

Then for one zip line ride across the lake, 25 dollars.

So 90 dollars for one person to do AP and get in. That does not include drinks (10 dollars easily), food (another 20), If you do the castle (5), if you do a boat ride (up to 5), then add in your gas to get to the park. When the sky coaster was 25 dollars per ride, there was hardly any riders. This will be the same way. I know you can't add in an upcharge event in the pop band, but at least make it affordable.

One of hte things I loved about IB is how it was so affordable. Now things are not there. The park was not up to date, but that is what I liked about the park.

I had planned to go to the park for an event Saturday, but due to money issues, that isn't happening and I will have an below average visit back in June that was free.

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Discounts are available for almost every day the park is open. Look locally, or call the park - they will tell you were to get the best discount.

The walk/maze/climb thing is included on POP on Fridays.

If you are an ACE member, you get in for 50% off (and up to 3 of your friends).

The castle is $3.50, not $5.

The field/grass (including the front row, I always get it) is still totally FREE of charge.

Me and my friend did the sky coaster for like $22 total (both our rides).


I know all about the discounts (not in ACE this year). I forgot the exact cost of the castle, still love just laughing at the stuff and when people actually get scared on it. As for parking, I figured they would have charged for parking by now, great if they are not, but they said would be. As for the maze being pop band on friday (which I can only go on weekends to the park anyway), I still wouldn't pay 25 dollars for one ride across the zip line.

EDIT: so apparently now the ropes course and everything but the zip line is included in the pop bands. This wasn't going to be the case before. Amazingly, they were selling season passes with AP passes on them. So people paid for AP pass and didn't need to. Wonder if they will get their money back?

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I'll be at the park this Friday. It will be my third visit this year - more than in many many years!

I was also horrified when I heard about changes, and all the upset former employees, etc. But for me, it's still one of the best deals around. Even if I wasn't an ACE member and had to pay $30 (or I would find one of the local deals) it's still a great deal. The distance from ride to ride is short, the lines are never long. I think I may have waited (at one time during the night) 5 mins for Tig'ger (my favorite there) and maybe 10 mins for Steel Hawg. Again, that was at one point during the night; I had ridden both earlier/later with an even less wait.

Plus, the coasters they do have are arguably better than most at many of the bigger parks. It's all about fun at Indiana Beach :)

PS - have you called the park to find out where you can get local discounts? They're pretty good at giving specific direction for that :)

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^ Just be warned that calling the park may take some patience and persistence. :)

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^You're totally right about that.

Good thing the PR/managers at the park are actually very nice and helpful. I'll have to let them know that, again.


My stance on Adventure might change next year, if pricing stays the same.

For some updates on the zip line issue. I wasn't the only one saying it was too high for one ride.

First off, you no longer have to buy an Adventure Point pass to ride the zip line. If you don't want to do AP, for 25 dollars, you can get two rides on the zip line. If you have a SP with AP on it or a combination pass that has AP on it, you get unlimited runs on the zip line for 25 (I believe). The combination pass is 49.95, but factor in a club membership, that is cut in half, then add in the zip line for 25. 50 dollars for the whole thing isn't bad.

If you have a rides pass, you have to add AP on it.

and technically, if you are from Benton County (or the one IB is in, it is a bit cheaper but not much), but I am far from local.

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