Walt Disney World reinstating indoor mask requirement

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Starting Friday, all Walt Disney World guests 2 and up will be required to wear masks while indoors and on Disney transportation including buses, the monorail, and the Disney Skyliner, regardless of vaccination status. The update in Disney's policy came after Orange County mayor Jerry Demings urged residents and visitors to wear masks when in an indoor space with others whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Read more from WESH/Orlando.

I think this is the right call. As much as wearing masks is an annoyance the unvaccinated weren't following CDC guidance. I wonder how compliant guests are going to be moving forward. No matter your stance on mask mandates this is definitely a step backwards.

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They don't screw around there. They'll comply or they'll kick them out. I've seen it happen.

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We need to hit people where it matters. No vaccine, no Starbucks. No vaccine, no NFL games. No vaccine, no Disney World admission.

On our first Covid visit to Disney we were at the exit gate with nobody around us for at least 30 yards Tried to do a family photo without masks and SE in the background and a cast member came out of nowhere to put the kibosh on it. Like the stealth folks that pick up garbage.

I believe it Jeff. I just feel bad for the CMs that have to deal with the entitled Karens of the world.

Wahoo, I agree with you but I think a better approach might be vaccine or negative test. Lollapalooza is kicking off today with that requirement. I'm curious to see how they pull it off. If they can make it work for a festival that attracts 400,000 people then Disney should be able to.

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Two things I'd like to see happen: Orange County sues the governor to insist on local rule making, and Disney plays hardball. I'm already shocked that the cruise line is not requiring vaccination for 12 and up, instead allowing people to endure a testing protocol. That's a crappy way to look out for their crew and passengers.

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If the majority of the BLM movement can break through the front door of a business, steal items, walk out and burn the place down with zero repercussion, why can’t we just not wear masks if we choose?

Non violent. Just say no. It’s actually in our freedoms.

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WTF are you talking about?

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When your first comparison to a mask mandate is untrue statements about a racial justice movement, you are telling me everything I need to know about you.

Some folks never miss a chance to throw in that non-comparison comparison.
The ignorance usually starts with phrases like “If the majority”…

Hanging n' Banging said:

...why can’t we just not wear masks if we choose?

We'd tell you the answer, but something tells me its not going to have any chance of changing your opinion.

Hanging n' Banging said:

Non violent. Just say no. It’s actually in our freedoms.

And the business has the right to remove you from the premises. I shouldn't expect Disney to be cool with me flaunting their mask requirements any more than Costco would be cool with me dropping my pants in the middle of the store.

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But… how do I try on the scrubs?

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some Trumpy anti-vaxx crap.


There is no question we are back in this situation again because of inconsiderate people that only care about themselves. This could have been over if selfish people had worn masks and distanced It could have been over if they had gotten the vaccine

I could clearly see in my first outing this year after mandates were lifted that the virus would make a comeback When only 50 to 60 % are vaccinated and 99% are massless

This time around, the theme park chains like CF, SF and Seas will end up bankrupt. They don’t have the cash to survive another year like last year.

The freedom argument is BS spurred by Republican brainwashing. You see Republicans Ihave nothing to offer people so they have to keep them angry

One is not permitted run around nude in public. A mask is another piece of clothing. And the Supreme Court decided that required vaccinations for public health are constitutional in 1905


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Meanwhile, at Busch Gardens Tampa today, indoor mask use is at best 1%. Simon's summer camp shut down early this week because of several new cases among kids. Things are going super here!

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Was at NASA today for testing and almost every person on base was wearing a mask I saw. It's not even mandatory yet, here. Two weeks ago, most people were not in masks (if vaccinated you didn't need to). But goes to show that people are being proactive at least. Smart people doing smart things! Too bad that same mentality wasn't shared everywhere else.

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Jeff said:

Things are going super here!

Your governor isn't really helping matters.

But he visited the border in Texas! To help with…something?

His chances in 2024.

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