Waldameer post major revision of Ravine flyer layout.

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Ten moments of air time highlight the major revisions to the rides design. Article appears in goerie.com asRavine flyer II coasts to finish. *** Edited 5/12/2007 11:52:10 AM UTC by rsscbell***

ROLLER COASTER RD rose twp. jeff co. T843
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Interesting. I would love to read the article but its asking me to create an account.

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Accounts are free. just like many online newspapers.

Also direct links to the page do not seem to work with that particulr site. Hence the general info. I'll add the layout it to http://new.photos.yahoo.com/rsscbell@verizon.net

ROLLER COASTER RD rose twp. jeff co. T843
http://www.bugmenot.com/view/goerie.com for those who want to sidestep creating an account, and http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/2580/93211411ml4.jpg is a direct link to the image.

Awesome. I heart the Gravity Group.


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Wow, that's a lot different from the original layout, but looks even better.

AV Matt
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Go go Gadget Gravity Group!

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

Actually the park uses more of the "slope" than the original drawings. I guess they really want to stick it to the campground (sarcastically). Anyways the new design looks great. *** Edited 5/15/2007 12:03:43 AM UTC by AJFelice***
Looks great. That turnaround reminds me of Hades.
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^LOL, my first thought was "it's an above-ground Hades"...mostly due to the turnaround. ;)
The only part of the ride I am questioning right now is the hill over the roadway (which is, ironically, the most controversial part of the ride). Maybe it's just the rendering but to me it looks very rampy and stretched-out, making me wonder what- if any- airtime it will provide.
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The roadway is 3 to 4 lanes under it, the rendering shows a thin / narrow road. Truthfully, I can see good airtime on it.

All the foundation work should be done by July, and all the track support work should be done by December / January, leaving only the trackwork to be done over the brunt of next winter, which is bad off of Lake Erie and right on the bluff.

Can't wait until next spring. :)

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Wow, those bunny hops after the second road crossover look like they'll force everyone out of their seats with a vengeance. The drops look quite steep; anyone know the degree of the first drop?

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60 degrees is the first drop.

Shaun Rajewski
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Anyone else going to Waldameer during the next 2 weekends?

Last year they had free admission for Moms, as well as 2 for $25 admissions, but I think with the PA State minimum wage increasing to $7.50/hour, and the millions of dollars going into RF2, they aren't having any Mothers' Day specials this year.

Still an affordable park that is worthy of the 1-hour 45-minute drive for us! :)

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It looks like they drastically changed the layout, moving the first hill from the bluff, maybe to reduce some of the noise?

It looks like that second hill will be taken with a lot of speed and into the turn around which looks like will be a slower point going up, but coming down looks to be furious with a really fast return to the station. Looks awesome. I can't wait, I have a feeling I will be making a lot more trips home to Erie than I normally do in a summer.

The ride looks great and I'm glad they are taking advantage of some of the terrain. This ride will really put Waldameer on the map.

The hill over Peninsula Drive does look rather stretched out but if there is enough speed, and seeing how the turnaround is designed, it could end up being sustained airtime over the road, like that camelback after the first turnaround on SFMM's Goliath.


I'm glad the turn around is a reverse of Hades - not that there's anything wrong with Hades' turn around, just something a little different.

I was figuring buzz bars would be out of the question, but you never know! Indiana Beach ethic, you know ;) Whatever happens, it looks like it will be a great ride, can't wait!

Sorry to say this but I think buzz bars are definitely out of the question!

Rob Ascough said:
Sorry to say this but I think buzz bars are definitely out of the question!

Why's that?

That would really stink... After riding GCI Mellenium Flyer trains, I think buzz bars are the best thing PTC has to offer. Well - that may be a bit much, but buzz bars are great for airtime, as we all know. True airtime, that is.

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For legal reasons (lawsuits), I seriously doubt you'll see another ride built with what are traditionally called buzzbars.

If you do, it'll likely be a ride in Wisconsin... ;)

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