Viking Ships disguised as Fireballs

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Six Flags parks have recently added the Fireball ride to their list of attractions. Is it just me, but to these rides have the same concept as Viking Ships? The motion is nearly the same. One might say Fireballs go upside down and Viking Ships do not, but some ships like the Looping Starship at Valleyfair do make a full 360 degree rotation. Are the new Fireball attractions cheaper than the Viking Ship, explaining why Six Flags decided to add them? It bugs me that this so called new attraction is not really new. Let me know your thoughts.

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There are a crap ton of different rides from different manufacturers that essentially offer the same or similar experience. There are only so many ways you can travel in a circle.

Technically, there are two ways you can travel in a circle. Back. Forth. One or the other.

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To be more precise: Clockwise or Counter-clockwise.

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Lack of a winky-face isn't necessarily an indication that no off-the-cuff joke was made. This is especially true with my posts.

However, I should know by now that any slight exaggeration or hyperbole voiced in a CoasterBuzz thread, whether intended or not, will be immediately corrected. I'm a little disappointed there are no bullet-points and charts.

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You should have said, "There are only so many methods of propulsion for moving a subject in a roughly circular pattern."

Shessh. You'd think you'd be familiar with the CoasterBuzz guidebook by now.

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Momentary lapse of website location awareness.

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I was very, very confused for a few minutes. I thought this is what you were referring to:

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That's not a very good disguise. You can totally tell it's a Viking ship.

It was intended to be a joke.

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As was mine! 🙂

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Wait, so do Viking ships count as credits now?

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Only if you're a Viking ship enthusiast.

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As a bit of an aside, I've always referred to swinging ship rides generically as "Pirate Ships" not "Viking Ships"

Is there a difference or is it a regional thing like pop vs soda or personal preference or am I just weird?

Amusingly, under the wikipedia entry for Pirate Ship (ride) there are images of both Pirate and Viking themed rides

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Let's see, there's Viking ships, pirate ships, space shuttles, canoes, ram's heads, dragon's heads, pharaoh's heads, flying carpets, flying saucers, rafts, frisbees, giant arrows, fireworks rockets, and bananas all swinging back and forth (and occasionally looping all the way around) for the thrill seeker's enjoyment.
Oh, not to mention the humble little ride that started it all, the Loop O Plane.

Proving, oh young O.P., that seldom are things new, but more often just re-imagined.

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Or, in short, a crap ton of different rides that go in circle.

Anyone ever seen pictures of the gigantic pirate ship ride in Japan?

But then again, what do I know?

Here's a Macback for you.
(Sorry, Gonch...)

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