Largest Pirate Ship Ride

Could someone please point me the direction of a picture of the largest pirate ship ride in the world? Years ago, I knew of a picture of a pirate ship ride at an amusement park in Japan. The picture was amazing - in part, because you had this typical size pirate ship, then next to it, this behemouth pirate ship that was completely insane.

Anyone know where this pic is located?
Much thanks for the help!


Here you go. It's at Nagashima Spaland.

That is huge!

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Pirate ships are the best rides ever...
Their motion is exactly right to give you all pleasure, no pain.
Nothing but smiling and happy people...
Pirate ships should be everywhere... they make life better.

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It seems to be very white in Japanese amusement parks.

Do they have issues with a little color for some variety?

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How does one of these compare to the big Viking Fury at PKI? That's much bigger than the standard Huss or Chance swinging ship.

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Viking Fury isn't near that tall. But that is one of my all time favorite rides (nostalgia!), I've always wondered why more parks didn't get a big version like that.
Well this is the one at KI, and this is the one at Japan.

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The one at sfgam is pretty tiny, I'm not gonna lie...

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I've always found this picture to bring a laugh. Just because of the placement of the smaller ship next to the Giagantic one, or vice versa which ever ride was built first, I would guess the smaller ship.

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Has anyone actually ridden one of the big ones? I'm just wondering if the ride experience is as impressive as it looks.


It looks like the same sensation as a screamin swing, just a lot more safer feeling since you are in the boat, and also not being thrown against your restraint into the air like the screamin swing.
For some reason this reminded me of when I was playing Super Mario Sunshine, and first stumbled onto Pinata Park lol (the 2 giant swinging ships)
Here at adventureland on Long Island we have one of the bigger huss pirate ships. Its a pretty good ride. The park also has a pretty good huss frisbee also.
I'm pretty sure the Biggest Pirate Ship holds up to 320 passengers! I think Intiman made it.
Thank you very much for the link! That's exactly the picture I was thinking of.

I'm wondering - how many passengers can this ride hold?; Could both sides run at the same time?; are there any pictures of it in operation??; what kind(s) of restraints are on the viking fury (nagashima) ships if any?; who manufactured it?

And has anyone been on it?

I have some researching to do! Anyone have thoughts on this?

I've ridden it. Honestly, it felt exactly the same as a smaller one. I did estimate the capacity at six thousand people per hour, though :)

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