Viking Ships disguised as Fireballs

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This op's going to be so mad when he finds out flying carpets and 1001 nachts are like the exact same ride pretty much.

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Lord Gonchar said:

As a bit of an aside, I've always referred to swinging ship rides generically as "Pirate Ships" not "Viking Ships"

Is there a difference or is it a regional thing like pop vs soda or personal preference or am I just weird?

I think that in general, the Huss models are Pirates, the Intamins are Vikings (click on pic 4), and the Chance ones are Sea Dragons (new ones being Pharoah's Fury, apparently). The Huss rides are the most ubiquitous, so I think most people refer to them as Pirate Ships. I imagine if your home park has one of the other models, that'd be your reference, though.


I always liked the name Pirat. Which we always pronounce "pie-rat".

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Is it too late in the thread to mention that I find Swinging Ship rides to be a totally different experience than a Looping Fireball rides. Or whatever we are calling them. :D The Swinging Ship rides, well, they *swing* back and forth. The Looping Fireball rides loop around on a track. They move in the same directions and motions, but the sensation is very different.

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Agreed. On a "Pirate Ship" type ride (as I refer to them) you only feel the spinning tires at the bottom of the arc, the rest is free movement, made possible by physics. The Looping Fireballs (I refer to them as "Superloop Two" ever since the days of the Awful Show podcast) have a distinct feel of riding on a surface. As in, you feel the roughness of the track it rides on and the push/pull of the shuttle that propels it. I've not ridden a new 6F model, only carnival rides.

However, repetitive back and forth, or up and down motions cause me to get nauseous. I haven't ridden one of these in a very long time. If I'm going to risk getting queasy it's going to be on a Huss Giant Frisbee, and it's about 50/50 depending on how I feel that day. Those are so freaking fun that they are worth doing as a "last ride of the day."

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My amateurism is asking what "O.P" stands for? I understand everybody here likely knows.

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The difference between a Pirate ship and a Viking ship is one "tastes great" while the other is "less filling", for all you who remember that.

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cmingdayton said:

It bugs me

This line juxtaposes SOOOO well with your avatar.

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I just took this video today, which strangely shows a fireball and a swinging ship an close proximity to each other. LOL

Carnival porn. Mmmmm...

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This thread is a trainwreck.

Disk-os and super loops are my favorite coasters.

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Is that a new Zamperla ride?

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Too soon?

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Swinging Ship 1 looks any name.

Only in Mall of America or ValleyFair! should they be called Viking Ships.

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I think swinging ships can be fun and I've known a few people that freaked out during a ride on one. It is a strange sensation.
I remember years ago James Strates Shows traveled with a Huss Pie-rat that swung really, really high, almost past vertical. It was definitely a butt lifter and they ran a long cycle. After about 3 minutes of that I was done.

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I don't think it has been mentioned yet that one must sit on one of the ends in order to have the best experience in a swinging ship ride. I get a little disappointed when I end up somewhere in the middle. LOL

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