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So Im from New Jersey. Been on a decent amount of rides. Just curious....what compares to El Toro Rolling Thunder hill? Is it #1? I know there are some dead spots on El Toro but the few airtime moments are imo top notch. What can i find in that range?


Geez 2 days since last reply. What happened...

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Topics like "best" and "most" are generally frowned upon here. There are lots of places to get that information and it doesn't create interesting discussion.

If you really care, most RMC's, the Intamin S:RoS's, Phoenix, and some of the better CCI/GG's like Voyage and Boulder Dash.

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Sorry I thought discussing a best single airtime hill could be interesting. But I forgot this is Coasterbuzz.

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Yeah, we're boring.

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Maybe we had no idea what you were asking because it took you 50 words of horrific grammar to ask “what’s the best single airtime hill?”

Horrific grammar? Jesus christ man. Maybe an ellipses got you upset?

This ride had the most airtime I've ever experienced on a coaster. I actually had some pretty serious bruising on my legs from hitting the lap bar. It's fantastic.

Not boring, just mean. Always have been. Thats why you get like 2 comments a day now. Ill carry on somewhere else. Youll say good we dont need you and that will be that! :)

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^Well if you're going to be a dick about it and have terrible grammar, we probably will.

I rode Intimidator at Carowinds last week and it had quite a few spots of extended airtime. It was a real treat! I rode Nitro for the first this past Monday, and it didn't seem to be as good a ride (as Intimidator) despite it being practically worshipped by enthusiasts.

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please point out my terrible grammar. might have been shorthand and i did use an ellipses but give me terrible grammar

MrX said:

Not boring, just mean. Always have been. Thats why you get like 2 comments a day now. Ill carry on somewhere else. Youll say good we dont need you and that will be that! :)

Throwing an online tantrum is more important than actually responding to someone that genuinely posted on your stupid thread. Got it. At least appreciate the nourishment we've provided you with.

huh? not a tantrum. just thought id spark up conversation on a dead site. but jeff and some are so out of touch

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My top ten airtime roller coasters:

1. Magnum

2. Millennium Force

3. El Toro

4. It would be really boring if everyone did a top ten post like this...

If you want some real airtime, the S&S Swing Thing rides are fantastic. There is one at Cedar Point, one at Dollywood, and Busch Gardens built one this year. There are probably a few more that I am missing.

Dead site? What? Maybe you mean free of useless noise, in which case I’d have to agree, and gratefully.

This is a place where adult men and women meet to carry on real, meaningful discussions and share relevant opinions about current news and experiences. We also know how to type in complete sentences and use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Many of us are paid members, offering financial support to our preferred environment, and many of us visit on a daily basis. We also take weekends to travel, watch games, and mow our lawns. Stuff like that.

There are plenty of FB groups full of people who are eager to inquire about everyone’s top ten whatevers and to share their own. You should check around there for that sort of tedious, totally subjective, non-conversation type of exchange

Thanks for trying to save us from ourselves, though. Turns out we don’t really need that.

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MrX said: ellipses ...

Grammars is important :-) and "an ellipses' is not good grammar. Are you referring to one ellipse or multiple ellipses?

And yes, Cbuzz is a "tough room". Meet the challenge.

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MrX said:

Thats why you get like 2 comments a day now.

Well, no one really posts on the weekend, because this is more of a workplace distraction. Also, if no one ever posted anything again, the Google juice would keep me getting paid for years. The long-tail is real when you've got 40k pages indexed. I'm not interested in being popular. That hasn't worked out for most of the Internet.

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Lol..i really cant be mad at your reply honestly. Do you.

For someone who planned to “carry on somewhere else”, you sure are posting here quite a bit.

Im sick in bed nothing else to do. Looking for discussion. I havent posted in like 10 years. Probably be another 10 before i post again.

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