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Do you guys have any thoughts on how Outlaw Run's going to end up? I'm thinking they have a pretty strong coaster that really does look like it delivers. The drop looks like has some intense airtime, and it has quite a few hills. I still have questions about the double barrel roll. They've really been marketing it and showing it off in their videos, but I don't know how it'll end up. I hope it packs some good lateral g's. What do you guys think?

I think it'll be pretty good. It looks like it'll be a too short of a ride, though.

I'm really looking forward to Outlaw Run, more than I have any ride for a long time. I think that Rocky Mountain will take the coaster world by storm, much like B&M did. The rides are innovative and unique and they're unafraid to take risks with elements and forces we haven't experienced before. They've made great strides coming out of nowhere with the New Texas Giant, then on to original rides like Outlaw Run and more remodels like Rattler. Say what you want about wood versus steel, I don't care, and can't wait to see what's next out of those guys.
I've decided that Outlaw Run will be a good ride, but looks scarier than it actually is going to be. Having been on Texas Giant I can say that some of those impossible looking stretches of track are probably quite smooth and comfortable. Rocky Mountain seems to have a good sense of heart line, and I predict the barrel rolls won't have any lateral G's at all. It'll feel like a smooth roll, with the riders body being at the center of the spin. The track heads uphill at that point, too, so it'll naturally lose some speed and the final twist will turn the trains perfectly onto the brake run. Looks like genius engineering to me.
While it was still cheap, I ordered a season pass for SDC which arrived just yesterday. I figure if I make it there for even just a few days over a couple trips it'll be worth it. I'm lucky to have the flexibility to choose weeks when the park traditionally isn't that busy.
I'm also lucky to live in Ohio where the other most highly anticipated coaster of the summer will debut. It's gonna be a good year. C'mon spring!

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I'm not sure what the big deal is. It's a steel coaster with wood support structure. You know, like Gemini, 35 years ago. Oddly enough, no one cared when they started building wood coasters with steel structures.

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I wasn't excited at all about NTG until I got on it. The air is unbelievable on that thing. Best coaster west of the Mississippi. Wood or steel or whatever material, if they can put another ride together with that level of awesomeness, I'm excited.

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If it is done safely and smoothly, I'm all for it and hope it is an excellent ride!

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Iron Rattler and New Texas Giant are steel coasters, sure:

However, Outlaw Run looks like wood to me:

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Not to change the subject, but the layout on Iron Rattler looks unbelievable! I never rode the original, so I don't know what all they changed, but it just looks insane!!

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I agree with you, Richard Bannister.
And I think the big deal is stunts like this.

And wood or steel with wood supports, we haven't seen the likes of it.

Bunky, I had the chance to ride the original Rattler, pre modifications, and I can say it's first drop is the one that somehow sticks in my mind as the best ever. The way it went out over the edge then twisted along the face of the cliff was amazing, and kinda perfect. The back half of the ride sucked, however. It looks like the iron horse treatment, while converting it from a wood to steel coaster, will fix that portion of the ride and also restore the first drop to as close to the original configuration as possible.

Gives me wood!


Outlaw Run is kind of weird, in that it has a track stack that is half wood and half steel. So which is it?

It's a little bit like Colossus (Magic Mountain), where much of the ride has conventional wood track, but instead of conventional steel rails, it has a very large piece of angle-iron that serves as both the top and inboard running surface.

It would be interesting to compare the ride through the inversion on Outlaw Run to the ride through the inversion on Hades.

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I hope outlaw run turns out better than S.O.B.

Oh, I'm sure we all have that same hope! I don't know how it can't!

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I've been on Giant and it rocked. I've been on Cyclone in GA after they put on topper track and it was much better than before. I have high hopes.

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Here's a POV:

I like how atypically quiet it is.

The double barrel roll ending the ride seems a little awkward in its placement, but other than that, this looks fantastic!

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I'm just keping my fingers crossed it's not going to be too rough.

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You have to be kidding. It will be butter smooth, blasterboy.

Is Outlaw Run plug n play like Toro?

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^No, it's not. Hey Travis, how do you know it's going to be smooth? I mean, you would expect the park to not make it too rough, but how do you know it's going to be that smooth. I couldn't really tell by the POVs on YouTube.

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