There's never been a hotel there BEFORE....

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Apparently, SFGAdv, home of thhe hotel-free park visit, might just be getting that hotel after all. And some said it couldn't be done...

"A plan to develop the open space around the amusement park outlines a $65,000,000 project which contains a 600 room resort hotel, a conference center and 30,000 square foot “Entertainment Village”....

Six hundred rooms? I thought there was no need for even ONE....LOL!

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There isn't. It'll never make it.

Sixth time's a charm.

ETA: I'd like to see a hotel there. I think it could work, but there's obviously something standing in the way. Its been brought up too many times before to make it a slam dunk. Whether its a permitting/code cost issue or a financial study issue, I don't know. Either way, I hope it works.

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Sounds like they need to update their plans with the mentioning of stations for gondolas at the safari

"“Jackson is home to Six Flags Great Adventure, Wild Safari Park, Hurricane Harbor Water Park as well as their newly themed area Plaza Del Carnaval. Combined, these are the four largest amusement parks in the Northeast."

Besides the Safari no longer it's own park, they are considering Plaza Del Carnaval it's own park?

Considering the fact that the nearest hotel is like 20 minutes away from the park, it would be great to see an onsite hotel!

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I'll fire up the grill and start prepping the crow, just in case.

If there was a need, it would have been there already.

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Where is Aamilj these days, anyway? I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since I came back.

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Wasn't it bill who was the "if it needed a hotel, it would already be there."

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Yeah, that was Bill. He's busy asking "questons" these days.

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Andy, you just had to go there, didn't you....

Are we being Punk'd? Where's Ashton?

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He's pretending to be Steve Jobs.

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Oh that's right...he's a "serious" actor now.

I don't know that the hotel thing is a bad idea. Great Adventure packs in crowds that rival Cedar Point at times. With outlets nearby, as well as its proximity to large cities and beaches, why not a hotel? At least in the summer, it would make good money.

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Hotel with indoor water park, say Kalahari would do fine there year round.


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iJobs looks like he worst thing ever. I read Steve's bio.

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Only 600 rooms? I guess that's a start.

You know, Because this could be the only hotel in the area, it might be extremely expensive. Supply and demand.


My companion paid $70+ for a room 25 minutes away...BEFORE Memorial Day Weekend.


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"Might" described extremely and not expensive, in my reply. If the rooms are just $100 0r $200 a night normally, I would consider that to be expensive to me, and anything over $200, to me, would be extremely expensive. YMMV!

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Mike, calling $70 expensive is pretty relative. You have to hit $150 a night before it meets my definition of expensive. I stay at Hamptons a lot and they run a little over $100 and I consider that extremely reasonable.

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