The Voyage *not* to get Rocky Mountain treatment

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Raven Maven said:
"The Voyage *not* changing name to Voyager in 2012"

HAHAHA, the people we were with at the park in August kept calling it that!

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The Voyage did *not* have sexual relations with that woman.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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What has *not* happened to CoasterBuzz?

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The stalker did *not* see Jeff in the last row of the yellow train of Millennium Force.

So Voyage to get Timerliners or *not*?

Lets hope yes....

The Voyage does *not* like waffles

-Brent Kneebush

Finally visited Holiday World for the very first time this year and I must say, Mike Tyson the ride is a more fitting name for Voyage. It looks like a really fun ride and I went in with an open mind because I wanted to love it, however this ride needs some serious help.
P.S enjoyed the rest of the park!

Tony, because of your 1st time experience, and description of Voyage, the title of this thread should be correctly named;

The Voyage *should* get the Rocky Mountain treatment.

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I did *not* check this thread for 2 days, and this happens?

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The Voyage is *not* Kozmo's friend.


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The Voyage *was* Cosmo's friend at one time, however.

edit: The Voyage does *not* have a hotel nearby?

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If the Voyage didn't *not* need a hotel, it already wouldn't have *not* had one.

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Double double-negative.

Well done.

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So, it's *not* terribly terrible?

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It is not, except.

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