The Voyage *not* to get Rocky Mountain treatment

That is hysterical...I love it. :)

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I do think it interesting that this is at least the third time I can think of (second time regarding the Voyage) that an upline supplier has spilled the beans on something prematurely. That has to be bad for park/supplier relations.

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I also think the title "The Voyage *almost* gets Rocky Mountain treatment" would work. :)

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Gonch should just delete this thread. He's good at that. ;) ;) ;)

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First ya get me all hot and bothered that Voyage will be getting updated, then I'm told it's not.. talk about being a coaster tease...

I'm offended by this.. where's my lawyer?!?!

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I have read rumors that Timberliners may be "at risk" for 2012 on the Voyage? Can anybody confirm?

I guess the new dueling ride in China was supposed to get the Timberliners, but now PTC is making the trains for it.

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Steve, There's still plenty of testing to be done (which is impossible to do during the season), so there is no updated information. It's still our intent to have Timberliner trains on Voyage in 2012.

Thanks, Paula

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Gonch - my hero! :)

This could be the start of a whole new slew of "Voyage not" threads for CB!

I'll start: "The Voyage *not* changing name to Voyager in 2012"



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The Voyage is not sinking into Lake Erie. :)

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The Voyage is *not* going to be replaced with animatronic dinosaurs for the 2012 season.

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The Voyage *not* to be candidate for Pepsi Refresh Project

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Nor Maverick.

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^ Love it.

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I can't top Andy's "Nor Maverick" comment, so I choose to regretfully refrain from the hilarity.


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Not -1, Andy.

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The Voyage is *not* the best wooden coaster out there.

But it is the second best ;-).

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The Voyage is *not* going to be upgraded with drive-thru, self-serve sun tan lotion and soft drink dispensers...

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What's up with Maverick? I must have been absent that day.


Voyage is *not* close enough to me.

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