The Voyage *not* to get Rocky Mountain treatment

The thing that interests me is the adjustable/moveable track tie that they mention. Anyone know more about that? Is that a major component, or just wording to make it sound more important than it really is?

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Regarding the relationship of RMGC to Silverwood: RMGC does a lot of work for the park. They dismantled relocated and reassembled Deja Vu for them. They pretty much built the entire water park, including the most recent water ride, Ricochet Rapids, which is my new all time favorite water ride. Very cool. I believe they also built the picnic pavilions. They have done other things around the park as well. I just can't remember what all they did. Obviously they have, at the very least, worked on both of the woodies as well. I'm not sure if they were the original builders. But, it wouldn't surprise me.

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I'm pretty sure CCI did all of their own building, at the very least with armies of subcontractors. That was part of the problem.

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Yes, well, guess who at least some of the soldiers were on the Silverwood projects. :)

What I wonder is if Rocky Mountain Coasters:Silverwood::NBGS:Schlitterbahn.

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RideMan said:
What I wonder is if Rocky Mountain Coasters:Silverwood::NBGS:Schlitterbahn.

LOL, that's exactly what I thought you were implying.... :)

At the very least, it was what I inferred from what you'd said.. ;)

P.S. Tremors, Rattler, SFNE Cyclone, Voyage. All of them have *some* topper track. In various sections. But not the entire length of the rides... Therefore, I believe I have come to identify the cause of this sudden "rash" of Topper Track rehabs. Clearly, what we have is a nationwide outbreak of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.. ;)

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^Don't quit your day job Gator. LOL

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After my few rides this season, Topper Track can ONLY HELP they poor Voyage. I still consider Voyage my top woodie, but it was definitely a pain to ride this year. If they can put this on the bottoms of the first 3 drops, along with some of the turns, that would help so much!

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-Joseph Campbell appears someone jumped the gun. That is not what we're planning to do. It was an option we decided against.

Thanks, Paula (starting to regret taking a few days off ... look what happens!)

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This has got to be the shortest lifespan, for a coaster to have to get this treatment. That's definitely not a good thing. Maybe, with this change Voyage will finally be good enough for me to give it another try.

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I have a feeling the Timberliners would take much of the spine-rattling and gut-punching out of the Voyage :)

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That's half the fun Billy!!

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Ehhhh... I can take being slammed around, darn-near changing seats, even bumping heads. But there is a certain type of vibration and motion that makes a difference between "good rough" to "bad rough."

Being slammed forward and down INTO a lap bar - bad rough.

Being slammed up and nearly out of the seat - good rough.

Being held tightly to your seat by lap bar or (any other type of painful restraint I will not mention) - bad rough. (Getting jabbed in the neck or about the head - bad rough.)

Slamming into your riding partner - good rough.


Hammond, Insert Foot into open mouth :) Feel bad for awhile and get over it :)

You weren't the only one as I seen in two ACE groups as it being OFFICIAL posted, now removed on FB.

This is why some little birdies at a coaster firm I know never tell me anything THE PARK they're designing for, hasn't ok'd them too!

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Raven Maven said: appears someone jumped the gun.

Sorry about that Paula. I was just repeating what RMGC had told us at the ACE Preservation Confrence in Idaho. :)

No hard feelings?

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Could we maybe get the title of this thread changed, Jason?


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Fixed that for you. :)

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LOL, the "wise and powerful" Gonch. ;)

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Pay no attention to the Gonch behind the curtain!

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Thanks Gonch. :-)

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Now the topic is funny, like Jason made a post to tell us nothing is happening. :)

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