"The Villan"-Demolition or Relocation

Since Big Dipper's eventual fate good or bad has been discussed I wonder what will happen to The Villian. While Im aware that many people dislike this ride back when Geauga Lake opened as Six Flags Ohio I rode this and immediately fell in love with this coaster. I rode it again in 2002 and while not as smooth as it used to be it was nowhere near as rough as "The Beast", "Mean Streak" "The Hurler" etc, etc. I would really love to see this ride gets relocated somewhere else even if it's not a Cedar Fair park. Or should it be demolished?
I always liked the ride, even in its bad years. I'd love to see it relocated.
I liked it as well.

Being an old Erector Set fanatic, I liked just looking at it. Though Time consuming, it should be an easy deconstruct/reconstruct.
Even the major transportation for it should be easy.

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I never understood how folks disliked it but love The Beast. Don't get me wrong I love The Beast but I love it because one, it's old, historical, frenetic in it's pacing and out of control experience but I don't want other wood coasters to be like that.
On consecutive weekends, I rode The Villain and The Beast.

Although it still needs trackwork and a better set of trains, Villain is a *much* better ride than The Beast. It does more, it is paced better, it runs faster, it's more interesting...all around, it's simply a better ride.

As a matter of fact, I think it's safe to say that all three of the wood coasters at Geauga Lake...Big Dipper, Raging Wolf Bobs, and Villain...are better than any of the four wood coasters at Kings Island, and are better than Mean Streak at Cedar Point. Oh, yeah, Villain and RWB both need some attention, but they're both actually pretty good rides. I want to see them all relocated or preserved.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

I always thought RWB was fairly boring.

The Villain has a great layout but needs some trackwork and I have never been a big fan of those G-trains.

The Big Dipper is such a gem.

Hopefully something can be made of these rides.


I love The Villian & Big Dipper but Raging Wolf Bobs never did anything for me. As a matter of fact personally it is the most boring rollercoaster I have riddento this date.
I never want to see a coaster torn down, ever!! I'd love to see Villain come to the east coast. Dorney or Knoebels. I'd be thrilled. I rode this coaster only few times back in the SFWOA days. I really enjoyed that park when it was SFWOA. Even though the staff sucked the park was super neat.

I wish I would have known it was closing for good as an amusement park, I would have made the 8 hour drive for 1 last visit.

Raging WOlf Bobs is a rough. But if fixed I'd love to Ride it again. SAVE THE DIPPER!


Sorry to say that if they demolished Raging Wolf Bobs, like Hercules, I will not miss it at all. Actually Im NOT sorry saying that! LOL!!
The Villain was my favorite woodie when it opened. It completely blew me away when I rode it. But, when I went back several years later, it sucked big time. So, I'd love to see it saved if it can be as good as it once was.
I'd like the station house.


Hmm... 2 years ago the RWB was running hot and fast. Granted, not much of a ride for airtime and hills, but it WAS fun... and I thought it was pretty smooth. Hate to see it go like anything else.

Villain... only coaster I can think of to inflict sheer pain to this rider. I mean pain that lasted for days. Thought I broke a rib or two. Doesn't mean I am glad it is DOA, though, there's something for everyone, and reading all these GL posts, there were Villain fans as well, and I can feel their pain (No pun intended)

The Dipper is a personal fave since childhood for me. It makes the same boo hoo list as the loss of WVP Dips, Racing Whippet, and Idora's Wildcat for me. (OK, Wildcat was my all time favorite).

The Dipper. Its a Miller, and historical. Great rides that is a good fit for family thrills. Not the best candidate to move. Very sad.

The Villian. Bad ass and agressive. lethal after a rain storm. It will find a home with new track and new trains. It will be a headliner again.

Raging Wolf Bobs. I love this ride. Its fast and relentless. It gave the push to Summers and Dinn to build more. Its had a bad rap lately with the piss-poor tracking and even worse trains. Its layout makes it a good mid-sized thriller that would transition young riders to bigger rides, like the Beast. Its on the fence on finding a home.

There were such changes in the last 20 years at GL. When the RWB opened, it pumped the park to 1 million for the first time. After they painted the ride, and gave it the top billing, they rebuilt the Dipper section by section for several years, yet left it with sub-standard trains. After Premier took the reigns, the RWB was given the back seat in leiu of the Boomerang and SLC.

Actually, that happened to the Predator, Twister 2, Revolution...hey, is there a pattern here?

Considering Villain is easily in my top five. I hope if finds a home. It is capable of three train ops if the Midcourse is installed. It would actually be a good fit for either dorney or wof,

Personally Id love to see it at KI but it will never happen, I see at least one woodie going bye bye at KI under CF.

Personally I agree that Villain is a great ride and deserves a new home somewhere. It has great pace, airtime, and speed. It would probably go good at just about any CF park except KI, MIA. They already have large wooden coasters that would be similar. The beauty of Vilain is that the layout is nice and compact and it can fit just about anywhere you can find a very long and narrow space.

I also think that Big Dipper deserves a new home somewhere, maybee not a CF park, but somewhere. RWB should see the wrecking ball.

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See, I've always thought RWB was a much, much more exciting ride than the Big Dipper.

I'm just not much of a "classic" out and back fan, I guess. Though, I do/did LOVE Screechin' Eagle. :(


The Villain is easily one of the more dismal wooden roller coasters I've ridden. It could have the potential to be a decent ride, I just think it's those horrible trains. It would make a good relocation if Cedar Fair decides to move it. Just get rid of those trains.
I rode Villain twice this year and both times it was very painful. If they do move it, the only way I would ride it again would be with a serious retracking and new trains. Even then, I would not really travel all that far to ride it. Big Dipper on the other hand I'd ride in a heartbeat if it was relocated.
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Villain's profile makes it a good candidate for Cedar Point's beach side/parking lot coaster. :)

I always thought RWB was a bore.

eightdotthree said:Villain's profile makes it a good candidate for Cedar Point's beach side/parking lot coaster. I always thought RWB was a bore.

With a retracking by GCII and MF trains, Well........................................................................


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