The True Six Flags St.Louis!

Hey, im new here and i do live in St.Louis only about 20 min. from SFSTL. I get a season pass there every year and i go about 10 times each summer and about 2 times durring the Fright Fest. This is the only Six Flags park that i have been to and from what i see is probably one of the most BEST and UNIQUE Six Flags there is. It may not be the biggest or have the most rides or rollercoasters but it really does have everything that any theme park should have, which ALOT don't. As you all know that SF Over Mid-America a.k.a. SFSTL was the 3rd Six Flags park and it was the last actual built park from scrap by the Six Flags or Premier Parks company. I know that the park doesn't get much paid attention too than other parks but all that i ask is WHY? I am almost 15 years old and i have been going to SFSTL for the past 12 years and i enjoyed all 12 of them too. Im gonna try to make people realize that SFSTL is better than they think and something that they should get a chance to experience.

Parking Lot - The parking lot is fairly big and usually never gets filled all the way up durring the summer. The first thing that you will notice before you enter the parking lot is that there is a nice little park with a lake on the side of the parking lot which is a nice place to have a picnic if you leave the park to eat for lunch or dinner. This Six Flags park is one of the few parks that actually don't have any ride or coaster in it's parking lot. = )

Entrence - After getting out of your car there really is no far-distance to the park entrence. You will most definetely walk past the water park a.k.a. Hurricane Harbor. The thing that will catch your eye is the huge towering volcano that actually has smoke coming from the top, (sometimes) from inside the water park a waterfall comes down the volcano into the wave pool. (i guess the water circulates) Well b4 u enter the park u have to get through metal detectors which can have a HUGE line at times. Off to the side is a nice big fountain with flowers around it which adds a nice atmosphere and scenery. Right when you walk into the park you can tell that you;re going to enjoy everything. It reminds me of Mainstreet U.S.A. at DisneyWorld but instead of going straight forward in splits off to the right and left sides and you get to choose. In the middle is a fountain and there are fake buildings with shops inside of them. And i would like to say that the Entrence is always clean, there is never any trash on the ground at all.

1904 World's Fair - This theme fits perfect since it took place in St.Louis and it has the largest Ferris Wheel that i have ever seen and been on. (nice way to take areial pics. of the park and coasters) The only letdown there is, is that the Caroseul should be located here instead of in Brittania. The atmosphere is so pretty and touching and does relate back to the early 1900's. *Colossus - A freakin 18-story Ferris Wheel! Damn, it's HUGE! Nice way to see what lines are long and which ones are not.

DC Comics Plaza - This is one of my favorite parts of the park. It has a coaster named after a villain, a dark-ride named after a famous cartoon, a log flume named after bottled water, and a scrambler ride named Shazam. It even has a restaurant (mexican food) themed to Villains named Villain's Cafe and a little shop that has everything about Superheros.

Mr.Freeze - OMG is all i have to say. Ever since they added the new lap-bar restraints, this coaster has got to really be "The Coolest Coaster on the Planet" just as the tagline says. This is sooooo smooth and u can now actually rise your hands up but the forces will pull them down going backwards. TOPHAT = BEST INVERSION EVER (forwards and backwards) It also has nice themeing, the station is supposed to be Snowy's Ice Cream Factory and you get a tour but that's when Mr.Freeze takes over. If you look up towards the ceiling at the back of the station inside, you'll notice a mechanical Mr.Freeze controlling your cars. Quite COOL! I just wish they still had the on-ride photo still right after the launch!

Scooby-Doo! GhostBlasters - One of the funnest dark/interactive rides you flow on water. You can't beat that! My highest score was like 800,000 points or sumthing. The line takes forever and it isn't because of the ride ops either. But even the line has ALOT of scenery and even a statue that spits water at you and the builing is AWESOME. It's supposed to look like a cartoonish haunted mansion. I don't get why they have an on-ride photo thing here cause it's kinda useless, they need to move it to Mr.Freeze again!

Britannia - WOW! Great themeing was done for this area and i mean major time. You know your in Britannia when you see the statue of Robin Hood shooting an arrow and Xcalibur greets you too looming over all of the trees. Britannia has a Robin Hood/ Medivel theme to it. All of the shields and swords everywhere make it look even better along with all of the trees. Man, it's like a mini forest. A theater is located here called The Sherwood Forest Theater a.k.a from Robin Hood. Alot of mid-way games are located here, a dizzying Xtreme flat, another smaller flat, a nice Caroseul, a sky coaster, and the most BAD BOY woodie ever.

Xcalibur - A heavily themed flat that is very dizzying, fun, and goes to Xtreme heights. They even went to as far to putting little speakers in each gondola that plays music all the time right up to your ears. The best part is when your at the very top looking straight down at the ground WAY WAY below. The ride also creates a sense that makes it seem as if it's going to crash into the qeue-line. But only one worry is that always be on the lookout of peeps throwing up cause standing in line, you would be almost directly below the ride looking up at the peeps. One cool thing is that the ride looks like a giant catapault which looks awesum towards the park.

The Boss - Possibly the BEST woodie there is on earth. Needs to be more recgonized than it is now. Everything from the entrence to the line and the whole line going over the Go-Karts and past the double-helix finale which shakes the line adding a kool affect on peeps who have never ridden it. The seats are so comfortable, nothing to complain about. THE RIDE TRULY IS THE BOSS OVER ALL OTHER WOODIES!!! The first drop is great and STEEP going in2 the structure and then dropping agian. Headchoppers galore! And smile for the camera on the double-helix. = P The logo for the ride is also kool with the flames and all.

Illinois - This section is in the very back of the park and at the highest point too. It looms over the rest of the park. I don't really see how this section has anything to do with Illinois at all, but who cares it's still kool. It contains a mad-screamin' woodie, a nice bumper car building, a highly themed Falling Star ride, a drenching splash-down ride, and an awesum swing ride. There is also a nice game-area at the exit of The Screamin' Eagle.

Screamin' Eagle - a very under-rated woodie. This really is the gem to SFSTL, the classic. The logo is awesum and the coaster is just awesum itself. Who knew that the 3rd hill would be larger than the 1st one? What's really kool is that most of the woodie goes through the woods and is mostly hidden under trees. The white really stands out though. At the very top of the 1st hill if you look to your left you will see what i think is used for the Hayride durring Fright Fest. Nice place for a coaster next year *wink wink* There is so much airtime on this coaster and it makes a classic woodie sound too which i personally like. At the end the brakes don't slow you down until you get about maybe 10 feet from the coaster that's loading before you which gets me scared to death everytime thinking that it'll crash in2 the car in front of us. (nice addrenaline-rush) *** I think they should build a SuperMan coaster in this section cause it would fit perfectly with Illinois cause isn't Metropolis located in Illinois? I think so! *** = P

Gateway to the West - To get to Britannia and Illinois you are gonna have to go through Gateway to the West which streches from the left side of the park to the right side of the park. Nice themeing was done here and most of the buildings are made from or looks like logs, such as bathrooms and shops. Located here is a runaway mine-train ride, a soaking river adventure, a dizzying rotor ride, and one of the train stations.

Thunder River - This may be a short river-raft ride but it's freakin FUN! What's really cool it that Mr.Freeze is kind of on an island because Thunder goes totally around the island that Mr.Freeze is on and the river goes under the bridge for the Mr.Freeze qeue-line so peeps in line can see everyone get soakin wet. The ride starts out calm and then you get to a part where large rocks are everywhere then huge water spouts shoot out at you several times as your raft bangs against the rocks twisting it around, the the fun part comes. You go slightly downhill then you hit the BIG rapids which splash over you and into the raft then it all calm down as more rocks come your way as you bump into them then you get sucked into a large tunnel with major rapids then the most fun part, THE WATERFALL that no one wants to go under. YOU WILL BE DRENCHED WALKING OFF OF THIS RIDE!!!

River King Mine Train - A heavily themed family coaster. I still love to ride this all the time cause it's just so much FUN and you laught the whole way through. Many ground-hugging helixes and 3 lift-hills. The finale part is the best with the train plunging into a tunnel with a fairly large drop. Smile for the camera on one of the helixes and bewere of the ghost in the tunnel. (there is a moving,hanging ghost at the end of the tunnel to the left-kinda CREEPY) Not that fast but fast enough to please the whole family. = )

Chouteau's Market - This is like a little Indian village or sumthing with mostly shops and a restaurant, and a rock-wall climb. Very nice themeing was done here. Alot of scenery too. It's kinda cute though!

Studio Backlot - Very open section with some nice themeing and alot of palm trees add to the Hollywood look-alike atmosphere. Located here is a winged-hero retsaoc a.k.a coaster (mirrored), a Black-Belt coaster, a joking villain swinging ship, and some extra-fee attractions. Two restaurants are in this section along with some shops. Who knew that Six Flags food was actually good? It always was except for the McDonalds that they thankfully took out last year and added Moose Burger Lodge.

Batman:The Ride - This is the only mirrored Batman coaster there is which most likely makes it kinda better and diffrent than all the other Batman coasters. What's really awesome is that the qeue-line goes under the coaster and even though the qeue-line is long, it's heavily themed. The ride goes by really fast but it's soooo smooth and fun that it's worth it, you really don't get to catch your breath at all until it's over. This coaster is so much fun and one time i got stuck on it at the very top and they couldn't get me and my friends out cause we were in the front row and the front row was not on the platform thing anymore at the very top of the hill. It was kool though being stuck for about 2 hours looking at the park from above. (cranes got us down)

The Ninja - I know that alot of people hate this coaster or think it's painfull but I LOVE this ride...NEVER TEAR IT DOWN!!! It is a rare coaster. Out of like all 200 times riding this, i have never gotten off with a headache or anything hurting. I love everything about this coaster. The clanking sound that it makes when a car goes up the hill, the GREAT head-chopper effect from the lift-chain, the double corkscrews, and the final ground-hugger helix is what makes this coaster a CLASSIC!!! I LOVE THIS COASTER AND I ALWAYS WILL!!! The line is always so short and it's practically a walk-on coaster guereteed.

The Joker Inc. - A fun swinging ship ride highly themed to the villain, Joker. This ride is located right next to Batman:The Ride which goes good with it since they're arch enemies. Will you be the next victims on this goofy ride? Just maybe so.

Overall - This park is SOOOO clean and fresh that you can actually enjoy it. Plenty of shade everywhere and the park just leaves a good feeling on you that i cannot explain. The ride-ops are so nice (most of the time) and funny. They sometimes let guests repeat the procedures and they sometimes make me laugh, reminds me of the ones at DisneyWorld. The food is awesome here and the prices might be alittle high but the food is worth it entirely. I advise each and every one of you to come visit this park in Eureka, Missouri. Six Flags St.Louis should easily be called the BEST Six Flags there is. I hope i made some peeps change their minds about this park because believe me everything in this park will be way beyond your expectations and will blow you away. = D

***Six Flags St.Louis*** 20/10

It's Playtime!

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dud3, u need to visit mor3 parkz.

I suggest Worlds of Fun or Silver Dollar City.

And I get accused of writing to excess? That was about as long as 'It', went off on as many different side stories and couldn't hold my interest, just like the book:).

Steven King, however, has better grammar...

My homepark is Astroworld.

I had a chance to visit St Louis for the first time about 2 years ago.

I agree you have a very nice park.

Having Mr. freeze is a plus in anyones book, and the park was very clean.

Boss kicks a$$, and the staff is very nice as well. It was a SF's park I actually enjoyed eating in.

I understand your proud position, I would be too! As much as I hate to say it, I enjoyed the park much more than my home park. ( no cruel remarks needed) *** Edited 11/7/2004 7:06:28 AM UTC by Markieb***

Im just sayin that all the peeps that talk crap bout one park need to visit that park first b4 they make any comments on it. Just like don't judge a book by it's cover. Yeah i've been to alot of parks but just not any other Six Flags park. But what i can see from all these websites is that alot of these Six Flags parks are over-rated but as i said above i shouldn't judge the park without visiting it. But Six Flags St.Louis is the Six Flags that is original and that is less know just because it's a smaller park but just as great as Magic Mountain or Great Adv.


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Yeah, i kno that was kinda long! But i thought that maybe u peeps would like it longer. Oh well, enjoy it.

"Member of -- First Six Flags St. Louis Fansite"

Not a post to criticize as we personally agree with most of your post. Having visited 7 other SF parks as well as several non SF parks we have concluded in general for atmosphere, cleanliness and friendliness, SFSTL is hard to beat.

1 minor overlook on your part, though. Next time you visit the park look real hard at the parking lot and you will notice it is NOT rectangular, but has a large chunk missing in the north east corner. This used to be parking but is now HH. So your statement about no rides in the parking lot is not correct, although at least they did remove the asphalt and make it appear that it was never parking.

Just a couple of G-Force junkies!

Oh, i never knew that hahah. I just meant like a roller coaster or sumthing cause alot of peeps said that they think that it's a bad idea for a coaster to be over a parking lot and not have scenery or grass and trees around it and below it. I also agree with that.

A coaster does become better with a better and great atmosphere around it. Alot of that is at SFSTL!

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Six flags St louis is one of my favorates. This summer. I went to 6 six flags parks. 3 in texas ,st louis, chicago, and kentucky. Kentucky was the only disappointment there wasnt much going on there. Chicago was my fav but it's drop tower sucked it had lots of coasters ,raging bull was really cool. Dallas was running a close second to chicago the titan was awsome and I don't think you can beat the texas giant for a wooden coaster. The best location was San antonio the drop tower was awesomeat to set a mental image your inside a old granate quary surronded by 100 foot cliff walls on 3 sides then shot like 200 to 250 feet in the air which is 100 to 150 feet above the cliff walls. It's really a trip, sea world was in the same city and the shlitterbaun was just a few more miles away! The fireworks at sf san antonio were really good to we had to stay a extra night so my 4 year old could see them again.

I'll still go to St Louis at least 6 times a year it's only like a 4 hour drive but i'd really like to see it get a hyper coaster or drop tower.

SFSTLsteven said:
Im just sayin that all the peeps that talk crap bout one park need to visit that park first b4 they make any comments on it.

Do you honestly believe that there are "peeps" "talking crap bout" or making up "sumthing" about the park without ever visiting it? Please...

I do applaud your enthusiasm, but it is still no excuse for the terrible spelling and grammar.

I personally liked his post and why is everyone so judgemental? We all have our favortite parks and sometimes rave about them once and a while, personally IMHO his post was very thorough and makes me think more about considering visiting the park. Its not like you couldnt read a word he posted ive seen far worse. If it would have been 1/8th of that lenthg and didnt go into any detail people would complain to saying "he didnt support his ideas". what is this english class?? And I sometimes wonder why I barely post at CB...

I compliment you on your well thought and thorough description of what seems to be a special park to you. Ive seen pics and heard people talk about it and agree it is underrated, mostly known for Mr Freeze.

I was at SFSTL this July. I really enjoyed my visit. My only complaint is the Batman crew. They had horrendous load times. They were constantly goofing off, bouncing basket balls across the platform, and other stuff.

Here's the really bad part. When I was standing in line for my third ride, someone behind me threw an empty water bottle on the train tracks. When the ride op saw her do it, he made her go on the train tracks to get it. I couldn't believe it.

sorry if u think my spellin is bad but this is how i write on the computer all the time. And evry1 i appreciate ur compliments too. This really is a great park to visit more than once. = D

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I live in KC dude. Dont come to WOF but yes, go to SDC and CC. Best parks in MO. Now get your facts straight is my only problem.

:There are three mirrored B:TR clones, B:TR at SFSL, Vampire at La Ronde, and I think Diavlo at Central Park.

:Ninja is the biggest piece of crap I've ever rode, it's number 46 on my coaster list, I've only rode 46 coasters.

:Eagle's third hill is not bigger than the first. It's not even close to being as tall. By at least 30 feet.

:Scooby Doo photo is very popular, I have a photo of me and my mom from the Scooby Doo at SFFT. It is good and yes, I would like to have a on ride photo of Freeze but I dont buy those photos often.

:Boss is great, but it's rougher than crap these days. I hope the rumor of the new trains on it would be awesome.


its in the woods.........
SFSTLsteven...I just want to correct you on one thing which is that B:TR at SFStL is not the only mirrored image layout of a Batman clone. There is also one at SFNO. In my opinion SFNO's has the one up over SFStL's because the drop there is over a lake. Still, it's a great ride and gets you pumped as you enter the admissions gate at SFStL. Also I have to say I don't like the Gerstlauer trains on The Boss, but to each his own I suppose. Put some nice trains on it, and it would move way up in my book.

Nothing wrong with this post except the grammar. As my 10th grade English teacher always said, "The best writing is re-writing" other words proof reading. It will make your posts much more interesting to read. Other people do "Big Dipper Love" threads so why can't he do one for this park? I actually enjoyed reading this and agree SFStL is somewhat overlooked.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

SFSTLsteven said:
sorry if u think my spellin is bad but this is how i write on the computer all the time. And evry1 i appreciate ur compliments too. This really is a great park to visit more than once. = D

Helpful hint: If you want to get along here use grown-up spelling and grammar. It's not optional either (See the TOS)

Real Cbuzz quote of the day - "The classes i take in collage are so mor adcanced then u could imagen. Dont talk about my emglihs" - Adamforce
I agree with your description of SFSTL, after working there the entire summer and into the fall, I am really dissapointed that people do overlook the park way too much. I have to agree about Ninja, when I was a smaller kid, I used to hate it cause my head and ears would get bashed inbetween the restraints, but now that I have grown, my head sits above the restraints, and it feels quite smooth, aside from some sudden jerks, its quite a smooth and fun ride. Eagle is also one of the best ;)

One thing about ride ops and crews though, I definitly would not judge a park based on the ops, esspically since I am one, I know that one day there can be an excellent crew that reaches max capacity every hour. But on other days, you can have quite an unsafe crew that is barely getting anyone though. However, in my experience, SFSTL does hire quite good workers, sure there are a few lemons, but that has to be expected for every park IMO....

Oh yea, Area 2 ops are the best ;)

Six Flags St. Louis Screamin' Eagle Ride Op crew 2004 "Push down, pull up"
Welcome to the forums SFSTsteven.

As others have said, we appreciate your enthusiasm for the park. You do need to get rid of the shorthand as this isn't IM. At Coasterbuzz, it is important that you spell out words.

Now onto your park. I visited twice this year and I agree that the park is beautiful. Mr. Freeze is IMO the best shuttle coaster I have been on. The Scooby Doo ride is by far better than the one at PKI.

Your Batman:TR to me is a little sluggish and the rideops on that coaster leave alot to be desired.

I enjoyed The Boss but I can see where others wouldn't as it is a little on the violent side.

I am kind of surprised SFSTl only has 7 coasters. I would expect this park being near a major metropolitan area to have about 10 of them.

You really need to visit some other SF parks to find out what the chain is all about. Make the 6 hour drive up north to Chicago and visit SFGAm. Not only is the atmosphere great, but they have a whole lot more to offer. And with the new Hurricane Harbor coming in 2005, it's going to be a complete package.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I really enjoyed your post, SFSTLsteven. Even though I don't hear much about SFSTL, most is positive. I have been very curious and want to visit this Six Flags. Maybe I will include it on my HUGE coaster trip next summer.

I, as well, appreciate how enthusiastic your post was. 'Love the length also, and didn't find it at all boring.

Metroplis is not necessarily in Illinois. It is a fictional city in which it's location has never been revealed. I'm somewhat of a Superman fan.

About your grammer and spelling, I understood everything you said, but this IS Coasterbuzz. I've not only learned a lot obout coasters on this site, but a lot about spelling and grammer as well. So far buzzers here have been very nice to you. If I mis-spell ONE lousy word, there are sometimes three or four short posts afterwards of pointing and laughing. Sometimes I feel like some of these people read CB just to find and point out how stupid everyone else looks.

I buy new batteries for my Franklin Spelling Ace once a year.

Welcome to Coasterbuzz, and good luck.

Edit-Changed "is" to "are". *** Edited 11/10/2004 2:13:50 AM UTC by dexter***

To correct a couple of people,

On the Screamin Eagle the second hill is the tallest DROP on the ride at 91 feet but hill number one is the the tallest above ground at 110. The first drop is only 87 feet but number 2 drops into a revine allowing the longer drop.

As far as Boss is concerned guys, give it a rest. Half the people on here whine that every coaster is too rough or "violent", the other half whine back that wood coasters are supposed to be rough, if you want smooth, ride steel coasters. My answer is learn how to ride a moderately rough woodie. Treat it as if you are riding a four wheeler. Use the front hand holds like handle bars and shift your weight to match its movement and you would be supprised how rerideable the Boss becomes, with no bruises or headaches. If you want rough may I suggest Mean Streak or Texas Giant!

Just my 2 cents worth.

By the way, as an employee of the park, and a regular patron since 1974, I do think that SFSTL is the best park in the chain for scenery and atmosphere, but is no where near where the park was in the 70's and 80's. SFFT is a very close second with Great America not far behind. Granted we haven't visited every 6 flags in the US so this is based on those we have visited.

Just a couple of G-Force junkies!

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