The 2015 announcement season has officially begun...

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Holiday World "jumped the gun" with their 2015 announcement of T-Bird.

HersheyPark's Laff Trakk,, is following up the 2015 "official announcement" parade.

Carowinds has certainly more than hinted at the big new ride coming in...from all indications, a B&M giga...

SFoT appears to be gearing up for a dark ride (might be the one moving from SFStL).

SFFT has been floating balloons *high* over the area of the antique car ride/Hustler location near Poltergeist's entrance.

Anything else I'm missing here...?

Steel cyclone to storm into new england for 2015,announcement coming august 28th.

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Idlewild announced "Daniel Tigers' Neighborhood" back in March or April.

Kennywood has car #15 from the old Turnpike (1966-2009) on display near the Sky Rocket. Rumor has it the #15 symbolizes its return in 2015.

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And of course, everyone is really excited about the announcement that Michigan's Adventure will be getting.... well, you know....

Silver Dollar City is announcing something tomorrow (8/13). A new fireman-themed area is what it appears to be.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg seems to be getting a Premier launched skyloop style ride.

Cedar Point has said they will cater to thrill seekers and teens in 2015. I suppose that statement alone doesn't necessarily mean new ride, but hey.

Knott's Berry Farm has gutted the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building. Could it become a new dark ride a la Wonder Mountain's Guardian?

Knoebels and Lagoon are building Impulse and Cannibal?, respectively.

We're still waiting on an announcement date for SF:MM (Iron Colossus)

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SFMM and SFNE are incomplete announcements IMO - I'd love to see more RMC work sans inversions...

The BGW ride ("like SFDK's") is in the winds...but not on paper.

The Knoebels ride is the other one "formally announced" and written in, river rock.

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Bill, did you not see the leaked plans for BGW?

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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^LOL, maybe "on paper" was a poor choice of words. It hasn't been formally announced (but yeah, we kinda know).

jml142, VERY happy with the return of Turnpike. For some reason, Kennywood seems a little incomplete without a car ride. Been way too long since I've been...maybe the season Ghostwood opened. Argh....

Lastly, can I start a petition to ask SFFT to relocate Hustler (Billiard Balls) instead of scrapping the ride? Maybe I can volley with them? Move Hustler, or fix *all* of the props and artwork on the quirky flume and the mine ride. I'm willing to SFFT! :~P

rollergator said:

SFMM and SFNE are incomplete announcements IMO - I'd love to see more RMC work sans inversions...

The only thing incomplete about cyclone is its layout. Its 100% RMC conversion.

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I don't know...

Is it just me, or do other people feel that the general public might hold off on a visit to a park for late summer because they might want to wait until "next year" so they can go on the "new and exciting" attraction that isn't here in now.

Sometimes I feel that these announcements might work better in the winter off-season to build excitement for the upcoming year. (Say a black-Friday promotion).

Any thoughts?

By the way...I like the plans the parks that have announced are making.

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They make them now that they're going I to the Haloween season when people will likely come anyways, and to capitalize on SP sales for the next year.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

silver dollar city announces Firemans landing for 2015.

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Wow. That looks really nice.

If they even get within the ballpark of the drawings, it'll be a neat area.

Looks like another solid addition to a wonderful park. Herschend seems to really get what makes great family attractions.

"Thank the Phoneticians!"

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Dear Parks:

Please stop announcing such great 2015 attractions. It's only August and I already have to hit Hershey, Santa Claus and Branson.

Fireman's Landing looks to be a lot of fun.

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Kings Island is likely to get a flat ride, maybe a fan-favorite that was removed many years ago with the installation of Stunt Track. ...Or so the rumor is right now. If true, a few CoasterBuzzers should be very excited about it.


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

If it's one of those barely acceptable Larson scooters, this fan won't be all that excited.

Tayto Park in Ireland is getting a Gravity Group woodie and a Zamperla Air Race...

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Let's see...

Kentucky Kingdom mentioned "something" in addition to the Rapids Ride and T3 returning

Waldameer mentioned they are planning a new Wavepool with other infrastructure improvements, but there has been no formal announcement yet.

Alabama Adventure has Rampage reopening in 2015, with perhaps a possible reopening this year, the trackwork is done, but the train and the chain is not back (as of 10 days ago). Maybe Labor Day? They want to rebuild the ride park back up, so we'll see what goes into that.

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