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Oh THAT other one. I forgot about the teddy bear. Topper track can't make a boring ride anything but more boring.

AV Matt
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LostKause said:
It would be the coolest thing in the universe if SOB got this, and the loop was replaced! ...In the universe!


Ehhh... the Mind Bender and Shockwave would still be LIGHT YEARS BETTER, as loopers :)

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Well, you are probably right, Billy. But I would still be very excited if this happened. I wouldn't be excited at all if they didn't add the loop back.

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^I would be excited too, Travis! It really was the best part of the ride... the Loop and the CREEPY steep and tall lift ;)

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Looks good - I would love to see this done to S.O.B. and have them put the loop back in too...

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Yeah, that'd be pretty cool.

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I'm certain at this point that I'm going to add a new entry to our database for this ride. It is clearly not the same ride it was before.

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I never thought I'd want anything other than its total demise for Mean Streak, but this video has changed my mind (for now).

Brandon | Facebook

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I dunno... you'd still have to radically change the profile of Mean Streak (as they did here) to make it interesting.

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Some steeper angles could go a long way.

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"Wachoo whaoo want wachoo wachoo want"...

Looks like the ride slowed down a little bit from when they added all the cars to the train. It'll probably get a little faster too, after it gets broken in a little.

Maybe we say it enough, Cedar Fair will get the idea - If this works out well, SOB should be next, and they should add the loop back to the ride.

...And Mean Streak too.

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Y'know, I wonder if maybe Son of Beast could use this treatment...and maybe have the loop added back in as well. I wonder if anyone, ever, has thought of that since this Texas Giant refurb began, because I haven't heard a soul mention it. Ever.

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Where's that winkie face, Vater?

But since you mentioned it, I agree, and they should add the loop in as well. ;)

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...And make the first drop steeper...and add a double up...and add some 90*banked and over banked turns...and...

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Take the entire rose bowl at 90 degrees.

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90 deg...? meh. 0-degrees would get my attention. ;)

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Tekwardo said:
...And make the first drop steeper...and add a double up...and add some 90*banked and over banked turns...and...



Can you imagine how fast SOB would go if they put this type of track on it with a steeper angle on the drop!? I mean 214 foot drop anywhere around 70 degress would be 80+ mph I would think.

Collin Aynes

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Steeper does not mean faster, per se. 214 feet is 214 feet. You could take 214 feet at 90 degrees, and 214 at 3 degrees, and while the steeper drop might achieve top speed first, they both will be going the same top speed at the bottom of their respective drops.

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