Texas Giant testing video on Facebook

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Don't know how to link a video from Facebook, but there's a video of the Texas Giant testing with half a train. I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Some of those hops looks sweet and once a full train with riders gets going, I bet they will be even more intense.

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Looks pretty sweet!

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Looked pretty fast with only two cars. I bet its gonna rip once they have a full train.

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^I agree. Wow!

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Sweet Lord! That looks like so much fun!

I suspect that we are now looking at a new contender to knock Voyage and El Toro out of the top spot for best wooden coaster.

Unless, that is, The New Texas Giant is not considered wood anymore. ;)

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It's not wood. Didn't you get the memo?

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I honestly don't know how polls will categorize the new TG. Seems more like Gemini than CI Cyclone to me...wood supports, steel rails.

Disclaimer: In NO way am I saying it doesn't look fun - in fact it looks amazing. I am on the fence about classification though (and I'm one of those that thinks Toro is still a wooden coaster). ;)

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Can opened. Worms everywhere. lol

Based on traditional means of counting coasters, there's absolutely no way that the Texas Giant could possibly be considered a wood coaster. :)

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It looks and sounds more like a steel coaster to me, awful quiet for a wood coaster.

It does look like it will be fun with a full train though.

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Definitely Steel.

I thought it was a simple as what material the rails are made of?

Which is why Toro is wood. :)

Urethane wheels, solid steel track. Sorry, Not Wood but Id still ride it as it seems more similar to a Woodie than most steel configurations.

However I do not know what to make of say Tremors with its steel wheeled wooden track trains, running on steel capped wooden track, Seems to me that all that's changed is the rail it rides on in those sections.

Im so confused.

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How about 'steel tracked coaster with wooden structure'? That's not too far-fetched, is it?

But no... everything has to be categorized and in lists n stuff ;)

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Fast? No doubt it looks like a blast, but it looked pretty slow to me. ? I'm not drinking, I swear...especially at the end of the clip...that's full speed?

I think we can just call this "hybrid" and be done with it.

I hope Mean Streak gets this done.

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I'm happy to have began the debate, but seriously, I'm with Gonch. I believe that the ride is just like Gemini, which is steel. I just wanted to stir the crap a little.

TG looks amazing!

A new aerial video of the TX Giant was posted on YouTube yesterday:


Wow. It doesn't even look like the same ride. I knew they modified a lot of it, but I had no idea the layout had changed that drastically. I'm looking forward to hearing how it rides.


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It would be such a long trip for me, but the more I see of this coaster, the more I really am interested in going to SFoT soon to ride this awesome looking coaster. I just hope that there is a hotel near the park! ;)

If this redo of TG proves popular with the crowds this summer, which I am sure it will be, I can see this sort of track system being applied to Magic Mountain's Colossus in the future.

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