StR web cam captures Kinzel insanity

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(Pardon me for bringing this back on topic...)

I just watched a POV of the ride...looks good to me. And I saw plenty of theme elements (rock walls, faux town...looks good).

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I rode 3 times and was still unable to read all the signs.

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The POV looked LAME-O to me, Moohbag. ;)

But I'm still bitter that they didn't replace WWL with a log flume. :p

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^Remember the days when I used to think you were sexy? :)

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Absimilliard said:
Sure Typhoon Sea Coaster/Skull Mountain at SFA is a POS mechanically, but the second one they did for Blackpool is amazing. It has the backward drop and it can also do other stuff on the drops. Capacity is pretty good too. For claims and publicity, the only "backward flume" in North America sounds good, no?

Valhalla at Pleasure Beach is a mechanical mess and total operational nightmare. The ride was built with 20+ boats but shuts down if more than 10/12 boats are operational, meaning that the park now has a fleet of 14 servicable boats but is unable to run more than 10/12 boats in one session.


Nothing to see here. Move along.

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