StR web cam captures Kinzel insanity

This in addition to i305's continuing problems really makes me doubt Intamin's ability to deliver a solid product.

i305 has now been slowed from 94-95 mph to 79-84 mph, restraints have been changed from maverick-style to soft-straps because of neck pain complaints, and the wheels continue to melt at an epic pace despite water sprayers all the way down the brake run and station spraying mass amounts of water all over the wheel assembly....

$25 million buys you THAT. Broken restraints, broken wheels, and as a result you get trim brakes to drop you down 15 mph and lose your world record status as the fastest lift driven coaster on the east coast..... $25 MILLION. Intamin has failed clearly. (until they remove the trims, then Intamin has built the world's best and most intense coaster... seriously... if you didn't ride it I'm sorry)

StR problems seem small compared to that IMO but watching the webcam is really laughable. I love Intamin rides, they are intense, boundary-pushing, and are capable of delivering unmatched rides in certain situations. Original i305, MilF, TTD, and WT are specific examples that stand out in my mind.

The hard maverick restraints are terrible, the downtime is terrible, the trim brakes and support reinforcements are terrible, wheels melting is insanely terrible (with random reports of people being sprayed by molten wheel rubber flying off the ride), snapping launch cables are terrible (arguable liability vs. park maintenence), and delivering boats too big to fit in a damn flume ride is TERRIBLE.

Let me repeat, I love Intamin and how they push the boundaries. They are my favorite company. But quality and sane restraint design are NOT their strong-suit clearly!

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Carrie M. said:
I'm getting whiplash from the changing arguments. First it was the public is outraged because the ride didn't open with the park. Now it's no one wants to ride it today, so the ride is a failure.

That sound, my friends, is credibility dying.

Gosh Carrie, I'd hate to see the neck injuries you'd sustain after getting off I305 if this discussion is causing you whiplash ; )

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Don't you worry about me. That is, unless you're riding beside me bashing Kinzel the whole time. Though in that instance it would be more likely your neck would sustain injuries! ;)

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I'm really glad we're friends. We are friends, right?

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*glares with crazy eyes* I don't know, Jeff, are we?

(It was either respond with that or something about pancakes. ;) )

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

Carrie, the problem with your assessment is that it assumes there was any credibility present to begin with... :)

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Dave +1

(am I allowed to give +1's?)

Of course you are -- you've earned the credibility.

Unlike this thread :)

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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"Rik. 15 Credibility Street."



No, YOU put my address down!


I won't blame Kinzel for Intamin's foul ups but I bet he was more involved with how Cedar Point reacted to those foul ups than people think.

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I had NO idea the issues with I-305 till RollrCoastrCrazy listed all of them...that SUCKS! :(

By comparison how has Intimidator at Carowinds been? Any issues there??

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I have not heard of any issues with I-305 at carowinds.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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^It's I-232 at Carowinds....and it's pretty sweet (for a Beemer, it's quite forceful).

I-305 just seems like a perpetual comedy of errors - almost like Millie had never been learning took place in the past decade I guess...:)

Carrie M. said:
I'm getting whiplash from the changing arguments. First it was the public is outraged because the ride didn't open with the park. Now it's no one wants to ride it today, so the ride is a failure.

That sound, my friends, is credibility dying.

The outraged public are boycotting the park...and picketing at the front gates. The rest of the public saw their signs and just assumed the ride was closed. When they realize it is open they will flock to it in droves.

The true problem here is that Kinzel generates an anti-engineering wave field around himself. Cedar Point will likely never have another successful ride opening until he leaves the peninsula permanently. Unfortunately the condition appears to be contagious; but I'm not sure if they have determined if Kinzel caught it from Intamin or vice-versa. If Cedar Point has caught it from either of them it will be doomed for eternity.

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B&Mtimidator grows on me with each ride. It's weird for a B&M Hyper to be best in the front seat, but this one is. And I love the new train style.

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My problem with Carowinds' Intimidator is that I got insane rides on Apollo's Chariot (a coaster I previously didn't care one way or another about) just two days prior.

My take on Intimidator? Ridden any of the airtime B&M's from the last few years? Add a couple curvy spots and it's more of the same. That's not a bad thing - quite the opposite. I've just done it so many times in so many places that it's lost it's novelty.

Fun? Sure, why not? Special or outstanding in any way? No.

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^Once you've gotten past SFoG's, it is QUITE a dropoff to the next-best-thing. My first few rides were fairly standard B&M fare, but the last couple were significantly stronger in terms of airtime.

Of course, I'd take any RoS over any B&M hyper - including SFoG's. Funny how Intamin blew my ever-lovin' doors OFF with those chain-lift hypers....and we haven't seen one stateside since. They've since added so much to their catalog - none of it as good as the RoS line, and very little that was on-time and reliable.

My exact thought on Carowinds Intimidator was "Is this any better than Apollo's Chariot? Not sure." That being said very good for airtime especially in the back.

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I. Love. Apollo's Chariot. A few of the turns and drops surprised me every time, which is what made me rank it above Diamondback. I think Gonch hit the nail on the head, though. I imagine if it didn't have a similar name to a totally different coaster in Virginia, we wouldn't even be asking "how has Carowinds' Intimidator been?" :)

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