Six Flags sends poor people to the back of the Bus (or coaster train)

It is being reported that six flags in texas is only seating flash pass users in front row.

Unless the ride has no flash pass users waiting. Well they said they wanted to be more like Disney . I have posted my veiw before that Disney excludes low income families by never discounting admission tickets (unless you spend a lot for on-site room)

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^To clarify, it's SFFT, not SFoT. Apparently this is the new policy on Goliath (the relocated namtaB). I don't believe it's working that way on any other rides in the park, or any other parks (yet!).

Can't imagine this is gonna go over well...the repercussions for SF will likely outweigh the additional FP money they'll bring in with this policy. Then again, maybe people will just learn to accept it, and pony up for FP or ride elsewhere. Myself, I generally prefer the back, esp. on B&M inverts - so this policy will help me by keeping the FPers out of my row. I'll be there while you all are headed out for HWN, so I'll check it out and see how the locals are dealing with it, or not...THEIR opinions mean more than anyone NOT living in San Antonio.... ;)

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To further clarify, you cannot wait for a certain row on Goliath either - they're assigned - so there was no guarantee that you'd get front row anyway.

They load the train back to front and if a FP user is there they get front row. If not, the next in line gets it.

If you ask me the sillier policy is assigning seats. :)

Also, as a FP user this would piss me off - I prefer riding the back of the train. Go figure.

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^Assigning seats *blows chunks*. Especially so when it happens on Antons (Scorpion, Laser).
So in the end they're just going to piss everybody off.

Well, this is Six Flags we're talking about... ;)

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I think they are overestimating the popularity of a ride of this type. Assigned seating generally doesn't work well, and is typically used only in a ride's rookie year. (well, 3rd time rookie year?)
I highly doubt that this policy will A. Succeed or B. Last longer than this season.

As for the low-income family comment, get real. If you are SUCH a low income family, isn't any money spent on amusement parks better spent on food or rent?

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

When low income families no longer have issues with access to health care, adequate education, food, housing--ya know, actual necessities? Maybe then we can work our way to the rolly coasters. Maybe.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Seriously. Does Disney owe you a discount?

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I also prefer the back on most of the inverts out there.

An occasional ride up front is nice but I usually put it off until some type of ERT event.

If I'm paying extra for a FP, why doesn't SF let me *choose* where I want to sit? Seems logical to me if I'm gonna pony up the extra cash, but what do I know?

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Ok, first, the policy seems dumb to me, and as general public or flash pass holders, (some) people on both sides will be upset which leads me to agree with Soggy and this won't last.

As for Disney discriminating against poor people... first, if people are that poor they shouldn't be taking a thousand dollar vacation anyways, regardless of what Disney charges which is pretty fair (although a little pricy) and second Disney doesn't actively charge high prices to keep poor people out, it's simple supply and demand and profit maximization, why would they take a hit on their profits to cater to specific group of people.

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On the subject of money, I just don't like the insinuation (in the topic title) that anyone who doesn't use FP is poor.

Seems like just a bit of a stretch. :)

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^ Either that or "Here is another reason to voice your hatered of Six Flags!" As if there isn't enough of that already...

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

***At Great Adventures they wait until they have enough ppl to fill at least half the train (of fp holders) and then let them have a train all to them selves...not a bad idea.

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This would be a bad policy IF they weren't assigning seats on Goliath, which they are. It's not like anyone's wait for the front row is increased by having to wait for Flash Pass customers, because no one's actually waiting for the front row (or any row). I can't remember how long SFGAm assigned seats for Batman, but it was at least three years before I ever rode in the front seat of that ride. Same for Iron Wolf when it was new.

The headline is nice troll bait, but in reality, it seems like they're doing this for convenience and, as a nice bonus, to add value to the Flash Pass. Plus, doing this in conjunction with a single-rider line should contribute to quicker lines all around.

If Six Flags starts roping off the front row of all rides to exclusively seat Flash Pass customers, I'll be the first to cry foul. But that's not what's happening here.
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CoastaPlaya said:When low income families no longer have issues with access to health care, adequate education, food, housing--ya know, actual necessities? Maybe then we can work our way to the rolly coasters. Maybe.

Lord Gonchar said:On the subject of money, I just don't like the insinuation (in the topic title) that anyone who doesn't use FP is poor.Seems like just a bit of a stretch.

Clearly, "the poor" have MUCH more pressing issues. This is merely a PR nightmare in the making...for middle-class people and above. "Poor" people aren't going to SF in the first place (or the doctor's, or a decent school, or to a nice home in the 'burbs).

But, as noted many times, this is a coaster board, and so the discussion really revolves around Fastpass users and those who are unwilling to use the system, for ANY reason.

After my ride on Vampire at La Ronde, I wouldn't mind paying extra for a guaranteed front seat!
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Maybe they can start offering 1001 different flavors of Flash Pass - kinda like the 1001 flavors of Disney tix.

"I'll take the Gold Flash Pass with Front Seat option, please." :)

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Lord Gonchar said:
that anyone who doesn't use FP is poor.

And while I'm more than willing to take the title as being partly facetious, I'd bet you anything it may just work the opposite way - many of the folks with money are too tight to shell out for a Flash Pass, and many are too tight to go to the park in the first place. :)

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