Six Flags Fiesta Texas announces single-rail Wonder Woman Golden Lasso roller coaster

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Six Flags announced today that Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster will open next spring at its Fiesta Texas location in San Antonio. Instead of riding a set of two rails like traditional coasters, its narrow trains would soar along one 15.5-inch-wide steel track. It will be the world's first single-rail coaster.

Read more and see video from USA Today.

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Eight seats and no midcourse block? Wat?

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Looks like it will be a thrilling ride with, in typical Six Flags fashion, hideous capacity.

8 passenger trains, horrible capacity. Add that to 6 Flags mediocre operations and slow moving lines due to Flash Passes.......Sounds like several dreadful hours waiting in the Texas heat OR an expensive Flash Pass to ride 1 time like Goliath in Chicago....

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So besides the obvious capacity limitations, I don't get this from a marketing perspective. Does the average park goer care about how many rails a coaster has? I suspect the only people who find this interesting from a design perspective are coaster enthusiasts. To everyone else, it's a coaster named after Wonder Woman.

I think this design is suffering from identity crisis.

Is it supposed to be a mid-size family coaster? Then why the single seating?

Is it supposed to be a major thrill ride? Then why the 8 passenger trains?

The only thing it is clearly good at is being a material efficient coaster.

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Agreed. The majority of the people who really care about it being the "world's first single rail coaster" are going to be the people who realize that this isn't even the world's first single rail coaster. Lol. I'm still excited to try out a new style of coaster and hope that more of these pop up at smaller parks soon. Bonus points that this is an RMC. I'll just be sure to arrive at park opening and head right over to the ride before the lines build up.

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Plus don't people generally want to ride rides beside the people they came with?

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If it's an RMC it can't be bad but why do the Texas Six Flags parks get RMC's before my home park (Great Adventure)? Destroying Rolling Thunder in lieu of commissioning an RMC makeover was bad enough but failing that, I've been hoping that the park would add a built from scratch RMC to the lineup. As to what super7* said, I fell into the trap of buying an expensive Flash Pass to ride Goliath at Great America once but b/c they didn't tell me I could ride it only once they cut me a break and let me ride it twice. Big deal.


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My God, you people complain a lot.

I for one can't wait to ride Wonder Woman.


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What a weird concept. I can't imagine that it will do that much more than a compact looper from anyone else could do, but I'll reserve judgement.
I will say that S:UF at SFDK, a Premier Sky Rocket II, runs a single 12 passenger train and manages to dispatch about every 1:15 to 1:30.

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I would also add that this is a first for RMC. So maybe future installations will have bigger trains? It looks like a cool coaster in my book.

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Fiesta Texas seems to have taken on the role of test park for the Six Flags chain. This is the second time in the last few years that it has received a new prototype coaster (the other being the Batman 4D free spin). If all goes well, I would expect that at least 2-3 more of these rides, likely themed the same way will go to other Six Flags parks.

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Screw flights, I've already booked my FastPass!

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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kpjb said:
My God, you people complain a lot.

Are you new here? ;)

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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Oh, the capacity!

While I don't think the average park goer visits a park wanting to stand in line, they do go expecting to do it and put far less thought into capacity than enthusiasts.

I guess no one on this site has ever ridden a wild mouse coaster because it only sits 4 people per car? Give me a break with the capacity crap, hopefully everyone feels like you people so there will be no line at all. Is Maverick at CP a 5min wait and they run 6 trains, when was the last time TTD was a walk on? The joker at SFNE has low capacity and that line moves pretty fast every time i have been there. How about the capacity on the new premier launch coasters like tempesto or phobia that run 1 train, or Lightning rod that only runs one train when its open which is about 20% of the time?

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I pictured these things going to much smaller parks than this (Michigan's Adventure, Fun Spot, Indiana Beach type of places). Seems like it will be a fun little ride, but a strange fit. Unless they can put two trains on the lift at the same time and load two at once or something crazy like that, the capacity won't be more than 480 an hour and that's probably if Cedar Point was running it. Probably will be lucky to be half that with Six Flags operations.


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Hey, you guys. I'm hearing some people think capacity might be an issue with these.

Well, that's interesting. And now that you mention it...

When the prototype showed up (what seems like) just the other day I thought those silly single seats were simply for trial runs. I mean surely the final plan (for '19 or beyond, right?) would have carriages developed to carry 2 or 4 riders across or maybe tandem style riding. With nice long trains. But I guess not.
We'll see what CF has in mind for California.

And maybe a Wild Mouse only holds 4 max, but it's a small speedy ride with several block sections. At least they crank em out.

I wonder if there will be a single rider line?

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