Shift in Thread Trend?

I've been comming to this site for a while and have noticed something happening.

Now that Shappiro has taken over SF and CF acquired new properties and so on...

Something happened where alot of SF bashing has stopped and there is more complaints about CF.

Not making this into a vs. thread, but wonder what is causing the shift of love from one to the other.

Or am I the only one that has noticed this?

Thanks for another great season, VF!

I think its because the new management is actualy trying to make six flags better.

I just hope people realise that it will take more then one year.

Well, the rash of SF sales, to me, was a self-acknolwedgement that they were in over their head. So, they dialed back and seem to be trying to focus their attention on the remaining parks.

CF, on the other hand, has become a major player and like anywhere else...the bigger they are the better target they become.

That is my .02 cents.

I think a lot of it may have to do with CF taking ownership of the Paramount Parks. Even though those parks were already more successful than their own, they still instituted policy changes and introduced their cedar-fairisms.

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The biggest thing I've noticed "comming" to this site recently is the complete lack of grammar and punctuation!!
Your so smart, tigellinus. And witty. That was the funniest off-topic thing anyone has ever said, ever. You must be a super genius or something. You need a cookie for finding his mistake.

Anyways, even though I don't really want to acknowledge it, just maybe SF is straightening up a little. Rides have been run at capacity on a normal basis in recent TR's, among other improvements.

But I really don't see too much bad-mouthing CF. Maybe I just skip those replies. lol.

I'm not so sure the Paramount Parks were more successful than the Cedar Fair parks. I think that might be subjective.
I agree with Skipper...

Obviously, the larger an entity becomes the more flack it takes, whether in the form of envy or media bashing. I personally haven't seen too much bashing, just the usual "what is management thinking?!" and Maverick's problems earlier this year.

Six Flags has started to improve again, and that is credible stuff to talk about. Even the "ignorant" general public has noticed (aka my friends who go just to go, and could care less about Shapiro and coaster trims, or trash for that matter).

Cedar Fair is becoming huge, and really making its footprint in the industry. Of course with that power will come troubles, and I guess it's up to the handy critical parade known as us to analyze them.

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SF has stopped being bashed (for the most part) because they are at least TRYING make their parks better and they are trying to bring themselves up to being a well respected park chain amongst park-goers. Their parks are improving greatly over the last couple of seasons.

CF...I can't really put my finger on the reason they're being bashed, but I think that the generic themes, lack of trees and shade and the charm that many of the CF parks once had is being lost.

tigellinus said:
The biggest thing I've noticed "comming" to this site recently is the complete lack of grammar and punctuation!!

At least it was spelt wit an "o":P

Thanks for another great season, VF!

What I think it is, is Six Flags is improving and their biggest problem in my eyes is the Q Bot and Cedar Fair has not improved greatly as Six Flags has and Cedar Fair's food prices are sky high.

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My biggest comlaint is that Cedar Fair is trying to make all their parks as similar as possible. They've all got those boring logos and many of the parks are transitioning towards chain-wide unifoconcerned with the Cedar Fair image rather than how to rms for employees. They seem more best fulfill the potential in each individual park.

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I don't understand why people say that. Aside from some signage and choice seat belts, Kings Island still seemed like Kings Island to me.

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I think I have to agree with Audioslaved. I've heard much more positive things about SF since Shapiro took over, and I think all of this improvement is making people wonder why Cedar Fair isn't improving as much as SF has.

SF made a smart move. They killed the Magic Mountain v Cedar Point rivalry for now and made it a full SF v CF competition, and apparently, SF is finally winning.

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Personally, I think the shift is due to seeing 6Flags attempting to pull themselves out the death spiral that CF may be putting themselves into. Sure, it's pure speculation on my part.

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Honestly, I think people got tired of bashing Six Flags. It got to the point where there was nothing left to say because everything had already been said. Cedar Fair was the obvious target after that. The company was growing and it's no secret there's a lot of Cedar Fair love on this site so it makes sense that people decided to beat up on them instead of Six Flags.
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For me, they simply sold all of the parks they had near me. :) (Geauga Lake, Darien Lake and Wyandot Lake.)

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Similar idea to what happened to Jeff, I just stopped going.

I can't bash parks (as much) when I've only visited SF parks twice in the past 3 years. I have El Toro 3 hours away from me, and it still hasn't been enticing enough to get me back into SFGAdv yet.

wahoo skipper said:
I'm not so sure the Paramount Parks were more successful than the Cedar Fair parks. I think that might be subjective.

In the last few years PCW and PKI were two of the top seasonal parks in attendance. Both had more visitors than Cedar Point, the flagship of the CF chain.

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Higher attendance =/= more successful

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