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Don't you know that they leave no margin for error when they engineer a coaster and its' components? Why would anybody spend the time and money to overengineer something for safety reasons? That's just plain silly. ;)

Yeah is Good!
Will it be operating Memorial Day Week because thats when Ill be there and I am excited to ride it. Floorless or not.
None of us work for the park. Try asking them.

But, it would likely be safe to assume it will be working.

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It might not, if you want I can tell my family member that lives there to keep an eye out.

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That would be nice if you'd like fanatic.

Peabody I did not think the park would release that info since they have not actually announced it yet themselves. As far as I'm concerned this will remain a rumor until they release info themselves. I just didn't know if there was any rumored time period to be working on it and how long.

I think it would be asinine for them to have it closed during that time of year.

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I'm going to try to get down there for MLK, Jr. Day in January. I'll do some reconnaisance... ;)

Thought is they likely won't be SAYING anything until we get close to Griffon's opening least that's how *I* would do it.

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I didn't think about that Gator good point.

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