Sheikra's New Trains

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Anybody know how they're going to have floorless trains if Sheikra already has an existing station?

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Since when is Sheikra getting new trains?

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Screamscape claims that BGA is going to switch Sheikra to floorless trains like those set to debut on Griffon.
If the source is Screamscape, I'll believe it when I see it! :)

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What I want to know is why they would make unnecessary modifications to a brand new ride. Unless the modifications are free, I really don't understand why they would spend money to fix one of their star attractions if it doesn't need to be fixed.
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Since Griffon was announced once it was announced they said Sheikra was also going to get floorless cars

Here's the article

sorry its on its side

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Bingo, Goliath Freak! Honestly....most BGA visitors wouldn't even notice, and it would carry little to no marketability/profit. *** Edited 12/21/2006 3:54:04 AM UTC by Peabody***

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Sorry dude...that article confirms nothing. Notice the question mark after the headline? The sentence also seems whomever was writing that was making an assumption, not reporting news from the park.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it, but I totally don't see it happening!

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Ya but if they both are floorless if sheikra needs a new train griffon can send an extra over

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It's happening. I tend to agree that it seems like an unnecessary change, so I'm guessing they're just retrofitting the old trains and not buying completely new ones. Either way, though, SheiKra will be running floorless trains by the end of 2007...probably by summer.


Here's whats on Wikipedia:

For the 2007 season, it is speculated that SheiKra's trains will be converted to floorless trains. [citation needed] These are the exact same trains that will be used on Griffon. The conversion will be complete by the end of Spring 2007, although seeing as Griffon has been announced as being the world's first floorless dive machine, SheiKra is most likely to open after Griffon opens at Busch Gardens Europe. The original plan was to have SheiKra originally built as a floorless, but Bolliger and Mabillard were not ready to attempt it, so the station was built so the floorless equipment could be installed later.

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Someone probably saw the posting on Screamscape and decided to post it on the Wiki. *** Edited 12/21/2006 5:03:26 AM UTC by PhantomTails***

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Here's whats on Coasterbuzzpedia:

For the 2007 season, no one will give a rat's ass what Wikipedia says.

haha...i like Fun's response:)

i agree with Peabody, changing the Sheikra trains to floorless is a complete waste of money. i see no reason why they would want to do that...Tampa and Williamsburg are several hundred miles apart, and there is absolutely no need to match what BGW is doing. trust me...the public LOVES Sheikra just the way it is.

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What exactly would constitute a station which can handle a floorless? Mainly space and equipment capabilities beneath the station I would imagine. Sheikra station is way up in the air, so I wouldn't be surprised if they have room underneath to install the mechanism which pulls the floor out after loading.

Edit: Also, if B&M went ahead and made sure the station was capable for floorless upgrade later, do you think they might have talked about getting a deal on the floorless trains when they did become available? Maybe as a bonus for building another dive machine at BGE?

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While Wikipedia is far from a reliable source (as shown by Stephen Colbert's Elephant manipulation), I HAVE seen similar information elsewhere.

Still doesn't make it TRUE, but in this case I think that's pretty much what's actually happening.

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The rumors going around about Sheikra's trains are completely wrong. I highly reliable insider source tells me that the new trains for Sheikra are more similar to the ones currently installed on Mantis.


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You weren't supposed to let anyone know about that, Richie.

And shouldn't you be up in the Wave Swinger, reading magazines? ;)

I think Shiekra is fine but if it is possible they should have both trains running and if you want to ride one go to the first thing of catwalks and if you want to ride the other go to the other one. If you havent been there the catwalk things are like bridges that connect the building where you wait in line with the one that you load on and off on. How can the trains be like the on mantis? Anyways I think Shiekra is almost floorless already except that there is a floor. that you cant reach while riding unless your 10 feet tall

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