Shanghai Disneyland will close in effort to contain coronavirus

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Shanghai Disneyland will close its gates on Saturday in an effort to stop the spread of a new SARS-like virus that has killed 26 people and sickened at least 881, primarily in China. It’s not known when the theme park may reopen.

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Anyone who has investments in FUN, DiS, movie theater chains, etc might keep a very close eye on developments

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You bet - buy more when they drop! Unless this kills off the world the stocks will all rebound.

Ocean park and HKDL now closed, and a case confirmed in Orange County California. The moment it comes out any infected person had visited Disneyland that stock drops like a rock

There’s a human crisis and you are oddly fixated on stock prices...

yes, yes I am. The markets will move whether you care to acknowledge it or not. As many people here do have investments in entertainment companies, and as they may be more emotionally attached to them than, say, holding a share of Microsoft, it bears pointing out that people need to be alert and make decisions.

But do carry-on.

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There are multiple human crises happening every day all over the globe; this one just happens to be in the news.

It's not "odd" for someone with stocks to pay attention to, you know...stocks.

I'll match one thought and one prayer for every like CreditWhore receives.

Promoter of fog.

Life on Earth is one giant human crisis after another. People will suffer whether or not other people trade their stock in ways that profit off of things they have no control over. It would be different if stock trading actually affected the outcome of the crisis or the people involved in any way but it doesn't. We're not talking about jacking the price of water up during a natural disaster and causing poor people to be thirsty here. It's just stock trading based on market conditions.

Just eyeballing DIS stock vs. the SP500 index, the overall shape of the curves over the past five days look pretty similar to me; no major divergence from the underlying market in general. Could it change? Maybe. But, I don't think most investors care that much about the two of the smaller theme park sites in the context of the behemoth that is Disney.

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I would point you to MGM, LVS, Wynn, Nike. Those are very much China (Mainland and Macau SAR) centric.

Both those “smaller” parks were closed tight over their busiest weekend of their calendar (Lunar New Year).

American Seasonal parks start opening in less than 90 days. Look at the curve of the corona virus in the last 14. Mock me all you want (I’ll eat those tots and pears thank you), but my point remains valid. This thing is going to have a major effect on the Chinese economy, and like it or not our economy is Intricately linked to theirs. Entertainment stock, especially could be majorly exposed (pardon the pun) if the News gloms on to a suspected case having done the L.A. or Las Vegas tourist circuit.

Both those “smaller” parks were closed tight over their busiest weekend of their calendar (Lunar New Year).

I know. So does everyone invested in DIS shares. But no one seems to have sold at faster rates than the overall market on the news.

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Fun down 5%, DIS down 5%, in slightly greater loss than overall market. airlines getting hammered today.

I would also point out the major cruise line Royal Caribbean, is down 30% since this thread started. Most of that is due to the Diamond Princess issue. How do you think outward reservations for DCL are holding up?

As I mentioned above, when that first case is located at Universal or WDW, those summer bookings will fall through the floor.

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I've got two DCL reservations, March (Bahamas) and June (Alaska). Not cancelling.

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i would posit that you are not the average DCL customer. :)

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I don't have a problem. 20 cruises in six years is totally normal. I can stop any time.

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CreditWh0re said:

As I mentioned above, when that first case is located at Universal or WDW, those summer bookings will fall through the floor.

I think you are spot on. We were planning a trip to Universal this summer but it's definitely on hold. If this thing goes to a full blown pandemic I will definitely be avoiding theme parks this summer.

And movie theaters, and busses and trains, and the grocery store, and...
What are we supposed to do? Cancel our lives as we know it, stay in our rooms and wash our hands like crazy? This is very concerning to me.

I've heard of stores in highly infected areas only allowing 50 customers in at a time.

Other stories I've heard from residents in Italy include them stockpiling food in expectation of not being able to leave their houses.

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So what we're saying is this summer could be a great time to book a trip to Orlando and skip the long lines?

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