Roller Coaster Tycoon World...Hmmmm

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Busy Plotting How To Hit 20 Theme Parks In 7 Days Since Everyone Is Going Back To School,

I wish we knew more or could see more but this might be interesting...looks like a mix of old school and new school:


Nice, finally a new PC RCT game. Hopefully they get it right.

I have little hope. But we will see. I think I will wait for a few of you guys to review it first.

My hopes are high and expectations are low.

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At the very least, it looks like they won't charge extra to make it suck more with additional content. I don't play any of the games that require that.

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Jeff said:

At the very least, it looks like they won't charge extra to make it suck more

Wow, what street corner are you frequenting?

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This looks much better than RCT4. Good thing this won't be a Free to Play with microtransactions. I'm OKwith full DLC expansion packs, but not microtransactions which are mostly used as shortcuts in free to play games.

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Forget realistic game play... how about more carnage?

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Just about any game looks good compared to that. Yikes!

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I must get ScreamRide. Badass.

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ScreamRide looks like an Intamin research facility.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

The RCT4 trailer looks intriguing, but I'll stick with my outdated isometric graphics of RCT1 & 2. These games are over a decade old, but still great and enjoyable. They came from an era when gameplay was more important than graphics.

Astroworld.....Gone But Not Forgotten

The game is being developed by Pipeworks, a studio whose previous games seem to be limited to those crappy adaptions that come with every single new movie and TV show. Not encouraging.

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Pete said:

ScreamRide looks like an Intamin research facility.

I vote this to be the funniest CoasterBuzz post of the decade!

Here's some more information and some more pics of the game...With some actual information on how it plays:

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A much closer look from a fan. Some interesting speculation in here:

2:20 - Sit Down Restaurants
3:10 - Mascots & Mascot Theming/Branding
4:14 - Monorails & Mutliplayer, Multiple Plots/Parks
6:03 - New Coaster Editor
6:53 - Distribution
7:15 - VR
7:40 - Queues
8:10 - Peeps
8:44 - Dude totally loses me mentioning he loved RCT3
8:47 - Wishlist Items (that don't all totally suck - a couple of good ones in there)

Games. Absolutely, and I've never understood why RCT didn't include them. It would be simple to have a menu of stupid looking stalls, peeps could step up and play, and move along. Just like they do when they buy things. It's a money maker.

I guess I'm amongst the few, but I thought RCT3 was the best. I liked the rides better, the coasters were more fun, and the scenery, while still strange and kind of crappy, was better at least. Maybe I should mention that I'm strictly a sandbox player and never cared at all for the game aspect at it. In the first two I did play with success, but got tired of it quickly. When the sandbox mode came along and I could sit and build for hours I was extremely happy.

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I am a sandbox player at this point (never got RCT3), just because the actual park running thing is really samey and has so much overhead. I just have no desire to manage my handymen's path areas or keep the peeps confined to the small area of the park which I actually maintain. The handyman thing isn't too bad, but it still feels like unnecessary overhead. I'd much rather be designing rides within a park setting and I do enjoy the financial aspect of things, but the tediousness of a few aspects of running a park is a non-starter for me at this point.

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Here's a new 4 min video showing off A LOT of stuff for ScreamRide (the destruction mode is a about half way into the video):

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I predict the novelty will wear off quickly. That said, I'm still going to have to pick it up for 360. I can't wait to destroy ****.

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