Roller Coaster Tycoon World...Hmmmm

On a side note. I've been pretty disappointed with the progress on Theme Park Studio, especially since they moved it to Steam. Still in beta and additions and content have been slow.

ScreamRide looks interesting.Not holding my breath on how RCT World comes out.

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I'm hoping for a good sequel for the RCT series. Huge fan of 1&2. 3 left a lot to be desired.

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Concept art for ride entrances under different themes.

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I hope that this one is as 'easy' to import custom scenery and rides as 3 (one of the only good things IMO about the game).

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What is that, a pay toilet?

Pete said:

ScreamRide looks like an Intamin research facility.

I think you're giving them too much credit Pete.

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And here's some themed stands:

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