Rare Classic Rides

Maybe we should stick to rides that, for whatever reason, can't be purchased in their "classic" form (like Bisch-Rocco Scooters)?

How about Kasper-Klaus Roto Jets and Strato Jets?

Idlewild does have a Paratrooper,it has the "mesh screen"tops instead of the fiberglass ones.

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Dorney has a Monster. Knoebels also has a Kiddie-Whip in addition to the full-sized model.

Speaking of old rides, anybody remember one called the "Hey-Dey?"

Enchanted Forest/Water Safari in Old Forge, NY has a Rock-O-Plane.

Schwarzkopf shuttle loops...The most possible fun in 36 seconds.

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Adventueland has a paratrooper, an old tilt-a-whirl, a Chance Trabant(?), and another old flat called The Lighthouse (can't remember the model name), in addition to the Crazy Dazy and Rotor.

BTW, Celebration City has a new set of Flyers (Larson I assume?).

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Ok, first, there is a Crazy Dazy at Funland in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware, which is about 1/2 north of Ocean City. Trimpers also has a Zipper which somebody else mentioned, as well as a very old Himalaya ride, but I don't know the manufacturer.

Second, the Flying Scooters(Eagles) at PKD was moved from PKI after the 2004 season to make way for IJST.

Third, according to RCDB there are 21 Arrow Custom Looping coasters operating, 12 Corkscrews operating, and 6 Loop and Corkscrews operating with 1 under construction at DelGrossos which was the Libertyland ride.

Fourth, no wait, there is no fourth.


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I thought the scooters that were at Kings Island went to Carowinds and the installation at Kings Dominion is from Larson.
There is a ring carrousel in San Diego next to the San Diego Zoo parking lot in Balboa Park. It has been there ever since I can remember. There is also a really nice miniature train ride right next to it.

I have a picture (from the front of an old school textbook of all things), of a Skydiver that actually has two arms - each holding a full size skydiver wheel using a single base. The wheels are not parallel to each other, one seems to be at about a 45 degree angle to the other. Possibly they swivel into place for a loading position.

I don't know a thing about where this was, nor had I ever even heard of such a thing. Wish I knew where this was, and if there were more of them. My guess is that it's a photo from somewhere in Europe - but I have nothing to back that up though. *** Edited 8/10/2006 8:04:57 PM UTC by bunchastuf***

Yeah, the Carowind Scooters came from PKI.

Can't believe I missed the carousel next to the San Diego Zoo. Damn.

Yes, my bad, I had the wrong Paramount park. The Scooters from PKI is at Carowinds. Sorry.

There is a Roto Jet at Knoebels, but the tilt mechanism doesn't work.

I just rode a rather unique Paratrooper at Funland in Rehobeth Beach, DE. It is the kind that is permanently in the UP position allowing for loading/unloading of two cars at a time, but this is the only Paratrooper I have ever been on that also went backwards.

I'm not sure if you can count Tilt-a-Whirls. Just about every park has one(an exaggeration, don't flame me) and the design of them has not changed in the decades that Sellner has been making them.

There are 3 different types of Monster/Octopus that I know of. The Eyerly one that is rare and has only 1 car at the end of each arm, the two cars at the end of each arm version such as the one at Waldameer, and the 4 cars at the end of each arm such as the one at Cedar Point.

There seems to be an abundance of Mangles Kiddie Whips, more than the adult version, and good amount of Kiddie Turtle/Tumblebugs for some reason.


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^ They had a paratrooper like that at the Fire Company block party in my hometown earlier this summer. It loaded almost like a ferris wheel; the op had a crate for folks to stand on to load and unload.

When he totally reloaded the ride, he'd ask the riders which direction they wanted to go. I only saw it go backwards twice. Apparently it was an either/or, he wouldn't do both directions for the same ride.

I wouldn't get into Tilt-A-Whirls or Scramblers because they are a dime a dozen and they are pretty much the same as they have always been. But I'm wondering if Sellner did eventually change the design of the Tilt-A-Whirl because Mariner's Landing in Wildwood has one that has no wheels under the cars- the entire car (or seashell, in this case) is supported by the center "pivot". I wish I had a picture but I don't. Next time I'll take a picture.

AFAIK, Eyerly had three versions of the Octopus- the Octopus, the Spider and the Monster. I believe the 4 cars at the end of the Monster's arms rotate on a wheel, much like a Scrambler.

Knoebels Roto Jet tilt mechanism doesn't work because it doesn't have one. I think you're confusing the Roto Jet with the Satellite Jet. Whalom Park had one of the latter, not sure where it is now.

Check out this site, it's really interesting reading, especially considering this conversation.

An Octopus has 8 straight arms with either 1 or 2 tubs at the end (8 or 16 total ride vehicles).

The Spider has 6 curved arms with two tubs on the end (12 total ride vehicles)

The Monster has 6 curved arms with a 4-arm rotating pod at the end, each one with a ride tub (24 total ride vehicles).

All three are from Eyerly, there are also some other variations made by Schwartzkopf and other European companies.

Tilts have changes in design over the years. The center pivot thing is a newer development, I believe. They've also gone from a cable drive system to a series of electric motors.

Scramblers are a dime a dozen but about Garbirck Merry Mixers? Bushkill and Knoebels have these (at least Bushkill did pre-flood).

And small ferris wheels, Eli wheels are common but what about Garbrick and Parker wheels (and others)? *** Edited 8/10/2006 8:40:37 PM UTC by millrace***

I don't think I have ever ridden a Monster. I guess that's one reason to go to Cedar Point?
Or you could just go to Lakemont for about $30 less. :)
But Lakemont doesn't have cool coasters like TTD and Mantis!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lakemont has a Monster? The only time I was there was Ridefest, when the park was pretty much disassembled except for the wood coasters.

Idlewild has a Spider if I remember correctly. No brass rings at CLP however.

Another ride that is becoming rarer is the Enterprise. Probably has to do with the problems at Huss. Kennywood, Lake Compounce, and Cedar Point have Enterprises but there probably some others around including some in traveling carnivals.

Some more rides to consider:

Flying Bobs (Chance) -- Delgrossos has one.

Tristar (Huss) -- Idlewild, I believe, had one that was SBNO last I heard

Bayern Kurve (Schwarzkopf) -- KW had one but it is currently out for an overhaul.

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Arthur Bahl

I'm pretty sure Great Adventure still has one. At least they've had one for years.
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Tahoe Amusement Park in South Lake Tahoe has a Roll-O-Plane.
Some more of others that are being rare...

Chance Yo-Yo,Trabant and Calypso.

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